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OMO: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb~~~~! DAMN IT WON’T STOP! – [Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb MV Review]

I regret not reviewing Happiness last year so I am not missing this chance ever!

If you are still reading up to this point I can see that you are still not hooked with the title and you haven’t seen the MV yet, so come join the high watch the video below! NOW!

I unknowingly, subconsciously, followed the teasers for this MV and from the earlier snippets of it kind of already gave the vibe that ‘Dumb Dumb’ will alot be more experimental and crazier than any other SM-produced MVs out there. And it did stood up to that reputation.

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A/N: First of all, yes this is my first time doing an album review in this blog and I hope I am doing it right. I’m really clueless about this so forgive me if I commit some mistakes along the way. Yes, I think the blog is back with its regular programming and sorry if I the blog just returned after such a long time.


ODD is SHINee’s 4th studio album and unlike their previous albums, SHINee took a break from their usual ‘complextro’ and took on another step towards Pop-Dance this time. ODD is composed of eleven full-length tracks which were composed and written with the likes of Kenzie, The Jam Factory, The Underdogs even SHINee’s very own Kin Jonghyun and many more. So shall we start our track-by-track mini review? 🙂

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Hell yea let it be my EXODUS! (EXODUS Album Review)


EXO, now composed of ten members, came back with a stunningly made album “EXODUS”, showcasing each of the members’ improved skills in singing and rapping. It only goes to show that their group is totally moving forward to what happened in their last comeback. We welcome the new and improved faces of the group.

Stronger and Sexier. These are the two things that I saw in this album. More hip thrusts, flirtatious lines that will surely make the fangirls faint. From school boys who transformed into wolves, to sexy men in a cool sports car, let’s see and dig deeper to what has improved on each of the tracks on this album.

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OMO: Oppas Are Growing Up – [D&E’s Growing Pains MV Review]

Who waited for this to come out because they are intrigued?

*raises hand*


Yes. The previews tickled my inquisitive side because Why on Earth are they crying?!!! I was not disappointed on the answer. It is one hell of a storyline. I love it!

First things first; We all know that these Super Junior subunit-slash-duo does not do ‘serious’ and ’emotional’, right? I bet you all have seen both Oppa Oppa and Motorcycle, right? They are funky, playful, bright and groove worthy but they are Continue reading

OMO: Would You Gather Go CRAZY?! – [4Minute’s Crazy MV Review]


You just don’t know how psyched I am. You just don’t know how relieved I felt for this release. After a whole week of almost no release, KPop is rolling again. I am happy. I am super HAPPY! 😀

Okay, honestly, my first play with this MV didn’t make me swoon over it but I yes, this is one of those MVs that when you play again, well it sips you in. It’s definitely Crazy!

Although I am still not a firm believer of slow bridges on a Hip Hop song, I think they are successful in making me re-evaluate my views on that because man, that’s sexy! What am I thinking? I still wonder though why this still started with Hyuna but I am not complaining because her raspy voice definitely bring that mood up and it is really appropriate for a synth-ish chorus. It’s all cool and good.

It’s black and white. Yeah, black and white does it every single freaking time, isn’t it? It’s edgy, artistic and you can use it on a whole variety of genres. Being black and white shot the whole concept of cool off the roof, fiercer and definitely badass. It looks like a high-end thing, I am not denying that. It’s a whole new level of flawless in an MV. It’s definitely sleek! (Wow… I am exhausting my adjectives here… isn’t it?! It deserves the praise though)

AAAANNNDDDD…. We all have a “Hyuna Issue” whether we like to admit it or not, I am glad that each of the girls got a somehow equal amount of lines and screen times in this one. They all look great. The group sounds great!

4Minute has found their genre! I am so happy for them.

Although I am not sure how the choreography looks like, the MV compensated for the fact that they haven’t shown the dance routine. And from the looks of it, the chorus part has a rather easy to follow step and that’s good. I am not sure with the a bit sexy thing towards the end but the chorus is definitely had it going on, so no problems.

I know this a rather short review but let me tell you, just play that vid above and let’s all go CRAZYYYYY!!!

And as a conclusion let me tell you this; This is my most favorite 4Minute MV ever and this song rocks! So go play that!!!

credits: 4Minute Official YouTube Channel

OMO: One Fine Day All Tears Fell – [Jung Yong Hwa’s One Fine Day MV Review]

WARNING: If you have been dumped and you are currently experiencing a heart-wrenching break-up, please do not listen to this song. I don’t want you to be tormenting over it, all over again. Just please… Yeah, I’ll be trying to review a much lighter KPop MV later. Please… spare your self. Thank You.


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OMO: You and All The Things He Has Been Through – [G.Soul’s You MV Review]

It is quite a debut explosion these year so yes, we are with the second review for a debut this year and don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am actually having fun. This is really refreshing. It is nice.

There is one thing that I really really really wanted to tell the whole of KPop this whole time. And it is the fact that if you are looking for great voices, you should definitely turn to JYP’s direction. Their talents have amazing vocalization and they have quite amazing ranges. If there is an agency that takes vocal training seriously, I think it is JYP. Although the agency has been flying quite beneath other giants last year, I think they are plotting something and G. Soul is the start of their revenge.

I mean, if you trained for fifteen years and if you went through all the things that he had went through. Well, those experiences will definitely shape up quite a talent.

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OMO: Candy, Spies and Jellybeans and Gummy Bears and Everything Nice! – [Lovelyz’ Candy Jelly Love MV Review]

Note: Hi! This post will cover a little about Goodnight Like Yesterday and my over-all reaction to Lovelyz debut too! And Yep! Sorry if I haven’t posted and OMO for a very long time… Forgive me…

Lovelyz group

I am sure you have heard of Lovelyz but if you still have not, well, let’s do some quick introduction here. Lovelyz is the flagship girl group form the company that brought us INFINITE – Woolim! And yeah, it is safe to say that they are INFINITE’s little sister and I am sure being dubbed as “INFINITE’s little sister” comes with a lot of expectations for Lovelyz, so without further blabbering out of my main topic, let’s go to my review! Whoooosssh~!

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OMO: Take Me With You Sogyeokdong! – [Seo Taiji x IU’s SOGYEOKDONG MV Review]

Five words; Effervescent, Nostalgic, Magical, Breathtaking,  AMAZING!


KPop is into electro these past months and sometimes it does not easily work with your ears. We all have the impression that KPop is a bit of a mile away from your normal electropop and if KPop does release electro-related stuff, they  soften it a bit to suit the general KPop taste and this one is somehow on the soft side and I think Sogyeodong being on the synthpop side of the range is definitely helping the song to mold into the general KPop taste and that’s a good thing. Not all people will easily say that they like this electro track or that electro track. Electro is very specific when it comes into choosing its own audience but Sokgyeokdong being the synth it is, is not really that hard to love and get obssesed with.

The song really sounds breathtaking and you cannot help but be poetic on how you describe the song, so here I go. Here is my take on Sogyeokdong. The song reminds me of breeze washing over me while standing on a rooftop or a cliff. It somehow feels like freedom and peace and calmness but it fragile and it will easily be gone but you cannot get over it. That for me, what this song feels like. It’s refreshing too. For me, it is that song that I will play if I am just alone, laying lazily across my bed, reminiscing things from the past at three in the morning. It is that rejuvenating song after a day of crazy things.

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OMO: Ain’t Nobody’s Crazier Than This Girl – [HA:TFELT’s (Yenny) Ain’t Nobody MV Review]

I just happen to notice that I do not really review JYP music videos that much, so here is one and I happen to admire this MV so much.

Whether you admit it or not, you miss the Wonder Girls but the group is on an indefinite hiatus so for now, let’s enjoy their solo activities just like this one; HA:TFELT from Yenny.

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