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TCbS Reaction: SHINee’s Dream Girl Comeback Stage

Okay, at first I was really disappointed that they are going to perform Beautiful that (as my review post said) I don’t like it that much but now I think I know the purpose of that song. I therefore conclude that it’ll be a sort-of intro for Dream Girl. It makes a lot of sense now. It is the perfect prelude for Dream Girl (beat-wise).

The stage was good. I was expecting a bit more than this but it was good. The confetti scene for the Beautiful perf is amazing, it gives a ‘let’s celebrate ‘coz  we’re so back’ feel. The lip-sync part for Dream Girl did not work for me because (c’mon!) they have a mic (the real one), an unreal mic  and a mic stand. There’s just too much mic effort and they did not use them. I really agree that they would’ve not sound nice because of the powerful dance moves that was put in Dream Girl but they could’ve just  drop the real mic and the crystal-thingy on the unreal one and just use a real hand-held mic together with the mic stand. (Too much props sometimes makes you want to think)

The dance is really daebak by the way (because c’mon!). They’re SHINee people! we should not be surprised about them doing a great job on their dance moves.

Again, I really, honestly, understand the lyp-sync and I am very happy that they are around.

I should check their other stages and their comeback show.

Once again, This is a good comeback stage.

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TCbS Reaction (The Comeback Stage Reaction): SNSD’s I Got a Boy Comeback Stage

This is not the first time GG performed this on stage (They had a comeback show last January 1) but this is their first time they are performing it on a regular music program therefore, in my opinion, this is their first major comeback stage.

The song will remain disjointed; we cannot do anything about that now (Again, WTH SM!). I have to admit that I was hesitant at first but when the video was playing I was like: Wow! Now, I really think REDEMPTION is their middle name! You can feel the “we-can-skyrocket-this-thing” and “we-own-this-thing” vibe both from the girls and their loyal SOnes. SNSD did an amazing performance with this one that the moment they started to rap on stage, I did not even care that the song is quite unconnected(or tried to recall what the MV was like). The mere presence of the girls on that stage (and I guess their determination to really own this) came across the viewers both in that studio and the ones who are watching this performance on TV and, yes, YouTube.

There was a sudden erase of bad memories from their MV and the song per se. Their charm (or their X-Factor) just transcended whatever negative opinion you might have at that moment and those also made up for the things that might come lacking for this track. I just wish that swag is also included in this performance though (they sometimes come short on that).

I guess a single costume theme and a not-so-jumpy background scene (note: their comeback show also did that insert another and another and another scene thing) can do the trick for a better (non-confusing) perception for this track.

To sum it up, this is a great stage (not their best stage ever, but it is great) and I guess their ship will not come sinking at this moment guys! (Sorry to disappoint the antis).

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