Hell yea let it be my EXODUS! (EXODUS Album Review)


EXO, now composed of ten members, came back with a stunningly made album “EXODUS”, showcasing each of the members’ improved skills in singing and rapping. It only goes to show that their group is totally moving forward to what happened in their last comeback. We welcome the new and improved faces of the group.

Stronger and Sexier. These are the two things that I saw in this album. More hip thrusts, flirtatious lines that will surely make the fangirls faint. From school boys who transformed into wolves, to sexy men in a cool sports car, let’s see and dig deeper to what has improved on each of the tracks on this album.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Here are the following tracks arranged in order:

  1. Call Me Baby
  2. Transformer (Stereotypes and Kenzie)
  3. What If (The Underdogs)
  4. Playboy (SHINee’s Jonghyun)
  5. My Answer
  6. Exodus
  7. El Dorado
  8. Beautiful
  9. Hurt
  10. Lady Luck


[Track 1] Call Me Baby

The title track expresses the deep feelings of a man to a girl who never left her behind. The song says that whenever the world changes, all the girl needs to do is to hold his hand and be his baby.

Just like what we are used to, the melody of this song, in my point of view, is a mix of modern synth and a retro- ish kind of beat. What I loved about this song is the ususal cool and strong feeling that EXO unfailingly shows on their comebacks. One minor downside for me is that I feel oddly exhausted after hearing this everytime. Do you feel that? Maybe it’s how the EXO feels work, if you know what I mean ;). Kudos for the title track, it’s just fits the group right.

One thing I noticed about the lyrics of this song is that it somehow, IN MY OPINION, “targets” someone. It feels kind of intriguing to hear the following lines in the song:

CHORUS: “There are many who shine but look at what’s real among them…”

D.O.’s Part: “Baby girl, even among all the greed and all the words

You showed that you believe in me

Even if everyone changes and leaves me, you are my lady…”

Chanyeol and Sehun: “I’ll hold you and face those who left me…”

I don’t mean to interpret this in a way and put meanings, but, as a fan myself, it gets there (EXO-L’s know this, but I don’t know, it’s just my opinion though). To be clean, I won’t bring this issue up again. Let’s all love one another! [Even if they left :’’(  kidding!] Nevertheless, this song talks about love’s survival amongst all the hardships and dilemmas.

*RATING: 4/5*


[Track 2] Transformer

Hell yea what song is this! It’s ravin’ good! When I first heard this I was just constantly moving up to the beat and there comes the Last Song Syndrome for the day: “Tick, tick, boom, boom, ‘bout to blow!”. Man, this song is utterly enjoyable. Enjoyable in the gangsta way, I mean. ‘Cuz we be the badass rappers.


The lyrics of this song is about someone who is incomprehensible. And in this song explains what happens to the boy when he’s with her. It says that it’s electrifying, dazzling, and hard to explain. Suddenly, his love becomes his master. And of course, she, as his slave (Dang Fifty Shades kind of feel here).

What I thought about this song is that the rappers of EXO are given much more recognition in this album that they were not only the fill- ins of the vocally lead song, but they, themselves, are the leads. Skills of Chanyeol, Sehun, Kai, and Tao are undoubtedly off the charts. Do you feel them? “Or are you gonna transform?”

*RATING: 3.5/5*


[Track 3] WHAT IF… (시선 , 시선 하나)

Well, what do we have here? A song wayward to what is felt on the aforementioned tracks. And I must say, the feels directly hit my ‘kokoro’. What do you know about eyes? Well, #relatable, this song talks about what to do with them after a very sad love story.

The melody of this song reminds of Moonlight, which actually has pretty identical melody. In my opinion, the two songs are tied together as a story, first, as an untouchable angel in pain (Moonlight), to the outcome of the couple’s dilemma, the girl ending up into another man, while a man, just an onlooker, feeling the pain that, he thought, he have brought with their past relationship. As what the title says, it tackles to what could have happened if he never failed to be her man. Woah, what a sad story. A gallon of ice cream should probably treat the heartache in this one.


“The two eyes looking at each other

The one remaining pair of eyes, the lost eyes

The two eyes, tightly shut

The eyes that are too late, the eyes that lost you

I’m becoming more and more sorry, looking at you with these kinds of feelings

Eyes looking at each other

One pair of remaining eyes, eyes that have lost its way…”

The song is just too sad I can’t think of anything else to say! If only that other pair of eyes would be up for auction. EXO-L’s line up! This wonderful pair of eyes is up for grabs!

*RATING: 3.75/5*


[Track 4] My Answer

Do you think that the sad songs are over? Well, you’re definitely wrong. This addition takes your sad vibe to another level as the song proves how love can tear you into pieces. EXO: the soul sirens.

This song showed the regrets of a person after he lost his lover. The melody of this has a fall kind of feel to it that it perfectly fits a time between afternoon and night and you are just sitting on an outdoor bench watching falling leaves that make you reminisce those wonderful days with your loved one.

As melodious as it sounds, EXO is finally hitting it, showcasing their blend of voices that soothes ears so fine. Don’t be fooled by the calmness of the song, for it contains deep emotions that when revealed, it’ll burst your heart to fine tiny pieces. Poetic and harmonious, it surely is a way to go!



[Track 5] Exodus

This song somewhat reminds me of the song Overdose, whereas the two songs bear the same concept: a man being addicted to a girl that, in the case of the man, it feels as if he’s under a dangerous spell. EXO’s strong melody and smooth rhythm leave you with the words dangerous and exodus constantly pouring all over your mouth for a day or two. Honestly speaking, I, myself had it, and I’m glad that I had overcome the EXO fever!

But for some reason, this song kind of reminds me of Jonghyun’s previously released song “Guilty Pleasure” from the album BASE. Maybe it is because of the ponderable piano rhythms that the two songs had in resemblance. But nevertheless, it’s one of the strong points of this album that surely made them rise on another level this year. Be careful, for EXO’s too dangerous!

*RATING: 4/5*


[Track 6] El Dorado

EXO- L’s may already know this, but, for the sake of the others who don’t know the story of this song, I’ll just reiterate it for better information. You’re welcome =)

So, the melody was first out even before the MAMA era, it is one of the first few melodies released on the teaser vids, and this melody appeared on Chanyeol’s teaser video (Teaser no. 20, the one in shot in a shed). Together with other songs such as ‘Black Pearl’, ‘Let Out The Beast’, ‘Machine’, ‘Beautiful’ and more that are yet to be released, these songs are all tied up in a single story. Yes, you heard it right. SM’s killin’ it with their creative advantages. Sources say that “El Dorado (the name of the song played in the teaser) is an imagined legend— a land of gold, a much sought-after Holy Grail. In the world of EXO, “El Dorado” to Chanyeol is a land of the unknown future, which he searches after…” 

The song itself talks about the members’ journey to the so-called Holy Grail named as ‘El Dorado’ that, no matter what happens, even at the strongest storms and at the high waves, they will always stick to one purpose:

“Let’s look for paradise

Sail sail sail, gotta gotta go go,

gotta find the El Dorado El Dorado do

Sail sail sail, gotta gotta go go,

gotta find the El Dorado El Dorado”


I never expected a song like this would be intensely poetic and deep. Damn, SM has a bag full of creativity! And the vocals are hittin’ it! Its strong melody even takes you to another world. Cheers to them, EXO is getting closer to El Dorado!

 *RATING: 5/5*



[Track 7] Playboy

‘Playboy’ is a song originally composed by Jonghyun of SHINee. And as always, it never fails to bring emotions. The song mainly talks about being in love at a wrong time because one of the lovers is already into another person. But the man says it might lead them into something she won’t expect. Thus, the name of the song.

I’m not really used to this kind of song but even so, styles change, right? And we mustr be open to what will EXO have next. The melody just sounds fine for the song’s concept. And I love the way how it ended with the vocal play. Will you pull yourself for playboys like them? Well, here are two words for you: WHO WON’T?

*RATING: 3/5*


[Track 8] Lady Luck

I have a few things to say for this song. I liked the melody and all, but man, those moans bother me very much! I know that the theme of this song perfectly fits the musical composition, but the moaning lady here.. Uhm, really. I don’t know. I felt that it went overboard, in my opinion.

All in all Ioved the song as a whole. Vocals work perfectly just fine. Even Chanyeol and the other rap guys sang in this song. And the melody break is very good. Maybe others loved this song. But for me, I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not used to these kinds, especially the girl, if you know what I mean.

*RATING: 3/5*


[Track 9] Hurt

Once again, EXO’s hitting it with their one of a kind song that we can only see in SME. SM has been known with their eccentric but good melodies that becomes a click to audiences. And for me, Hurt, with its unusual combinations of synth, made it one of my favourite songs of this album.

The song basically expresses the deep feeling we encounter with pain. What stood out for me in this song is how the melody perfectly expressed pain by its electronic music that I never knew would be possible. It sounds really cool especially to the climax. EXO never fails to express.

*RATING: 5/5*


[Track 10] Beautiful

EXO, in this song, expressed their affection to a girl poetically by making reference to nature. The sound is a refreshing kind that helps you recover the good vibe you had after the songs about despair. It feels cool and calming upon hearing this song. It makes you feel how to be loved wholly.

Mind you that it was also released even before the start of the MAMA era. I loved how SM release each songs from the teser vids piece by piece.

*RATING: 5/5*


[BONUS] First Love

I put this one so that I could justify my verdict on this song, and it’s a very nice song! It was released as a gift by EXO to the fans who actively participated on the teaser releases, where everyone has to guess what is the answer to each of the members’ clues, and when your answer is correct, TADA! A comeback photo is hereby shown for you. It’s a nerve- wracking experience for me actually [the pathcode].

For the song, EXO tickles fans with the flirtatious lines expressed by lyrics. And the melody hits just right into each of the fans’ heart. The light melody and the piano gives the perfect harmony for the song. Conclusion: EXO = LOVE MASTERS.

*RATING: 5/5*



I have been expecting a lie low phase of EXO since their last comeback, but surprisingly, they never failed to surpass my expectations. This group still has the guts just like what they had from their emergence to the KPop spotlight. It feels like no one left. Really. And from my observation, there was a major adjustment according to who sings and raps, particularly in EXO-M, now with only four members left. I don’t know what happens to the sub- units, but, let’s look forward to what will happen in the coming comebacks. All in all, EXO never fails to impress us all! EXO jjang~!





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