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OMO: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb~~~~! DAMN IT WON’T STOP! – [Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb MV Review]

I regret not reviewing Happiness last year so I am not missing this chance ever!

If you are still reading up to this point I can see that you are still not hooked with the title and you haven’t seen the MV yet, so come join the high watch the video below! NOW!

I unknowingly, subconsciously, followed the teasers for this MV and from the earlier snippets of it kind of already gave the vibe that ‘Dumb Dumb’ will alot be more experimental and crazier than any other SM-produced MVs out there. And it did stood up to that reputation.

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OMO: Oppas Are Growing Up – [D&E’s Growing Pains MV Review]

Who waited for this to come out because they are intrigued?

*raises hand*


Yes. The previews tickled my inquisitive side because Why on Earth are they crying?!!! I was not disappointed on the answer. It is one hell of a storyline. I love it!

First things first; We all know that these Super Junior subunit-slash-duo does not do ‘serious’ and ’emotional’, right? I bet you all have seen both Oppa Oppa and Motorcycle, right? They are funky, playful, bright and groove worthy but they are Continue reading

ToBeRS: SHINEE’s Jonghyun To Make a Solo Debut

SM is opening 2015 with a delightful suprise!


Today, SHINee’s Jonghyun has announced his solo debut through a music video teaser and image teaser on SMTown’s website and official YouTube Channel.

Witihin a mysterious tagline: “There are reasons to be attracted to Danger” Jonghyun will be releasing his solo mini album on January 12th entitled “BASE”. So make sure to watch out for more teasers!

credits: www.jonghyun.smtown.com & SMTown’s YouTube channel

KPop Releases: SM’s BeatBurger Project

SM through their official YouTube channel has just announced their artists’ collaborative project with BeatBurger and first to be up is none other than *drumroll please*, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk!

The collaboration resulted in a almost jazzy urban Hip hop track matched with an equally sleek Eunhyuk dance moves.

So click the play button below to check it out.


And be sure to be on the look out for the next collaborating artist.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

The Girls ARE BACK!

After Bringing the Boys out and finally Getting THE BOY and after more than a year of absence, Girls Generation is finally coming back with a much daring and bedazzling concept in “Mr. Mr.” (Mister Mister)

Yes, SOnes, ladies and gentlemen! These girls are in for another round of surprises so stay tune as we monitor how these teasers will go ’cause that psychedelic hospital concept is tingling our imaginations too.

According to SMTown’s official YouTube channel, Mr. Mr. will be released on February 19 and the album will be out on February 27!

and please check out the cool intro of SNSD’s SMTown site: http://girlsgeneration.smtown.com/Intro

credits: SMTown YouTube channel

NEWS: SM launches SM Rookies

Today, SM Entertainment via their facebook page SMTown announced the launching of SM Rookies. According to SM Rookies facebook page: SMTown launced SM Rookies so that you can meet SM Ent.’s upcoming star’s and pre-debut artists beforehand.


First off the list is Seul Gi (Yes, the one Kyuhyun, Crystal & Sulli mentioned in a show), followed by Jeno (who really looks like SuJu’s Donghae) & Taeyong (who kind of looks like Jaejong) whose pictures were uploaded via SMTown’s facebook page, please check out his photo below!



Tae Yong

Tae Yong

And they are uploading more pictures by the minute, so please tune in in this article for more updates!

UPDATE Number 1!

Here is a snippet of Seul Gi singing Christmas Carol and Sweet Cake, a song composed by SuJu’s Donghae

credits: SMTown facebook page, SMRookies facebook page

OMO: Everybody(, They Are Back Again!) – [SHINee’s Everybody MV Review]

It’s their third time to return to the stage this year and yes, that’s the most amount of comebacks I’ve seen from a SM Ent. group in my whole stay in KPop and add that this is their fourth time to release an album (I know, this is a “mini”-album but still, it is an album). It looks like it is SHINee’s year this time and SHAWols are none the less happy about it.


Before releasing their MV for their title track, they have teased us with Symptoms which I have to briefly commend because it did showcase how powerful the vocals of this team. Their rappers can sing too. That surprised me.

Everybody is more electro than what I previously thought this is going to be. It is electro with a mix of a lot of dubstep, since the beginning of the song, and everything, thus, they’ve said in a press release that this is “complextro”. It is not as electro as f(x)’s electro nor as electro as Lucifer but they are nearing it again because of the dubstep that is thrown all over the whole track specially the chorus. It is nothing like Dream Girl, which they’ve released earlier this year, this one has the avant-garde concept and this is way stronger as oppose to the light and colorful ensemble they’ve had with Dream Girl. Maybe to add variation to balance what they have released earlier.

We first heard this song at their comeback special which had a live-stream on YouTube (Note: the stream was very lag-y!) and my first impression was quite good and the chorus part together with the synth/ dubstep it has in between it attracts you and you will find singing to it and, yes, even copying synth sounds after you’ve watch the stream (again, it was lag-y. Yes. I can’t get over the fact that it was lagging the whole time even if YouTube had disabled the comment box. It was crazy!).


As to the story-line of the music video; There was masked child at the start who “plugged” them which lead to their “activation” and it looks like the whole world became masked people who look like each other (I really didn’t get why there was an angry scorpion at the start and why was the plug bigger than the child) but then after that I did not know what was the story anymore. Maybe if you are a bit of curious and you really wanted to know the whole truth about the song and music video, you’ve probably researched a little about what the lyrics mean (yes, I did that) but just like what the lazy version of myself whispers to me I wanted a more obvious story just like that mysterious girl they put on to Dream Girl and Alice in Wonderland-like jumping around falling into a dizzying maze house kind of thing which was a concrete story until the end or you can stick with your own version of the storyline, yes, the one you concocted in your head.


You did not doubt them ever for any of their choreographies right? ‘coz, sure! SHInee’s dancing was never a question and I bet that they suit every dance there is. I even think that no matter how awkward the choreography is if you give that choreography to SHINee it will look one thousand times better. The whole dance routine looks really cool I can’t choose my favorite part but I think that part where Minho is kind of reviving the other members and the other members kind of shake when they are “revived” and the air running thing are all cool ideas.


The ever reliable box set is the setting for this MV and yes, we’ve last seen it on SNSD’s Galaxy Supernova and SHINee’s very own Dream Girl MV. The reflective floor never loses its charm and magnificence, isn’t it? I just wish SM could do something else with the setting of their music videos. They’re love for their reflective floor box set is equivalent to YG’s love for their great white set (although YG is venturing on bringing their MVs out on “the real world” now which SM should take consideration of).

I won’t really be surprised of this single does better than Dream Girl because, for my taste, I like this more. Honestly, the whole dark concept suits them. They all look great (Yes, I wish Key will keep the black hair color for the rest of the year and Jong Hyun looks really hot on the teaser images!) but with the surge of comebacks the whole KPop has for this month let’s see how will this SHINee comeback will par with the rest of them.


Mini Album (Mini) Reaction Part:

  • The first thing that I realized upon hearing the whole album was that the tracks are arranged in decreasing order from the song with the strongest vibe to the softest.
  • I did not like Queen of New York upon the first time of hearing it but it kind of grows on you on the second try
  • One Minute has a Hip Hop-ish RNB feel to it
  • I know that it is really weird of me but I like Close the Door best because I think it is pretty unusual for SHINee to have a soft relaxed ballad track and, surprisingly, it actually works!
  • Colorful is your typical pop.
  • Although I like Everybody more than Dream Girl but I think Misconceptions of Me has a more cohesive collection of tracks than Everybody. The songs in this mini album are meant to stand on their own.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube Channel

ToBeRS: SHINee’s Everybody Album Medley

UPDATE: Where to livestream SHINee’s Comeback Special you say? HERE’s the link => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oAXyu24TdQ

Before making their first performance of “Everybody” tomorrow at Gangnam Hanryu Festival and after releasing their “Symptoms” lyric video yesterday, they continue on teasing us on their upcoming 5th mini-album with a highlight medley! Check it out above!


The highlight medley video starts with a minute of their Symptoms lyric video (which will make you think that you are watching the lyric video that was released yesterday, but No! You are wrong!) then followed by snippets of their other songs from the album. It also features some photos which are not released through the teasers.

Again, catch them tomorrow at Gangnam Hanryu Festival where they will first unvail their title song “Everybody” and if you cannot be physically be at the festival you can stream it live via YouTube.

Their 5th mini-album “Everybody” will be released on the 14th and their comeback stage will be on the 10th at M! Countdown so watch out for that.

credits: smtown.com 

ToBeRS: SHINee’s Group Teaser + Lyric Video Released

As we are all waiting for the release of their 5th mini-album that is due on the 14th. SHINee revealed the lyric video for their track “Symptoms” today (the lyrics are in Korean, of course)

“Symptoms” features the powerful vocals of the group and it is produced the production team The Underdogs, who are known to have worked with Beyonce, R. Kelly, The Pitch Perfect soundtrack album and Dreamgirls Soundtrack album. The lyrics for “Symptoms” is written by one of the members of SHINee, Jong Hyun, who also wrote the Lyrics for their 2009 hit song “Juliette”.

Earlier this day, the group also revealed a couple of their group teaser images. Check them out below!





As reported earlier, their title song “Everybody” will be performed first on Gangnman Hanryu Festival on the 6th which you can watch live on YouTube.

Their comeback stage for “Evrybody” will be on the 10th on M!Countdown and again, Their mini-album “Everybody” will be available physically and for download on the 14th.

credits: SHiNee’s YouTube channel, smtown.com

ToBeRS: Onew Teaser Images Released

Following Taemin’s image teasers yesterday and after announcing that he has gone blonde, SM unveiled Onew’s teaser images for “Everybody”.


The title song “Everybody” is said to posses a tune that anybody could easily hum to with a funky rhythm and it falls into the Complextro genre.


SHINee’s 5th mini-album “Everybody” is set to hit online and physical record stores on October 14th.

credits: smtown.com