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OMO: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb~~~~! DAMN IT WON’T STOP! – [Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb MV Review]

I regret not reviewing Happiness last year so I am not missing this chance ever!

If you are still reading up to this point I can see that you are still not hooked with the title and you haven’t seen the MV yet, so come join the high watch the video below! NOW!

I unknowingly, subconsciously, followed the teasers for this MV and from the earlier snippets of it kind of already gave the vibe that ‘Dumb Dumb’ will alot be more experimental and crazier than any other SM-produced MVs out there. And it did stood up to that reputation.

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OMO: Oppas Are Growing Up – [D&E’s Growing Pains MV Review]

Who waited for this to come out because they are intrigued?

*raises hand*


Yes. The previews tickled my inquisitive side because Why on Earth are they crying?!!! I was not disappointed on the answer. It is one hell of a storyline. I love it!

First things first; We all know that these Super Junior subunit-slash-duo does not do ‘serious’ and ’emotional’, right? I bet you all have seen both Oppa Oppa and Motorcycle, right? They are funky, playful, bright and groove worthy but they are Continue reading

OMO: Obsession (Over A Blown Up Girl) – Boyfriend’s Obsession MV Review

Boyfriend Obsession


Shall we call this as “The Month They All Abandoned Cute Concepts”?! Okay here’s the trend, you shed all the traces of cuteness in you and you go for the dark bad boy range concept. This is the hype. I don’t even know if I should like it or not.

I witnessed how cute and bright Boyfriend was when they were rookies and now that they have decided to be somewhat manly and bad boy-ish let’s see how I think about it.



It’s no secret that they are SISTAR’s little brothers and there seems to be no problem with concept shifts in Starship. I mean SISTAR ranges from cute (Shady Girl) to cabaret (Give It To Me) so I thought maybe they can pull off an equivalent stint like that for Boyfriend. Sadly, like what happened to Janus uhmmm… they kind of fall short on parts and they still exude that cute image they used to have. I don’t know if it is because of their looks or because we are totally used to Boyfriend being cute but this cuts really short. But I think maybe this has to do with the lack of angst on Boyfriend’s attitude in the whole MV or maybe this is about that bookshelf.




They lack the What’s-up-man-I-am-Thug attitude that I am not really convinced that they are indeed bad boys. They still have not absorbed it completely but that takes time, I think. But I kind of wish they are as thug as they were on that teaser that they have released.

The song is a bit different from all the material that have previously released. This the first time they are releasing Dance Hip Hop and this do catch you at some point especially the opening rhythm because rap. AAAANNNDD Rap and Boyfriend does not really equate with each other but unlike other Dance Hip Hop songs, Obsession can also loses you at some points. It is not that memorable and this kind of just blends with all other songs out there. I wish they have released a song that would stand out from the rest to match up with the boys’ transformation

With all honesty, choreography-wise, I think the dance was pretty good but I also wanted a standing ovation worthy dance for them too just like what the company does for SISTAR. Like c’mon! We probably know the dance to every SISTAR song out there and they should do that too with Boyfriend, don’t you think so?

…..aaaaand the plot. Please don’t kill me with my next paragraph.


What on Earth was that?! I am so frustrated by how illogical that one scene was that my brain is ranting a lot of things and I can’t keep up with it. It started at 2:11 then a dance break and a fluffy scene later, the girl ended up being held “hostage” by an unknown green suit wearing man, so they went on to saving the girl and they made a bomb. Lo-and-behold! They miraculously have found the girl but the man in suit appears again shoving the bomb they made in the hands of the girl and for some freakin’ unknown reason she just holds unto it and no one really saved her until she blew up! THE GIRL FREAKIN’ BLEW UP! The gore was not portrayed, thankfully! BUT SHE FREAKIN’ BLEW UP! Why do she have to blow upppppppp?! WHHHHYYYYYYYY????!!!!(please wait a moment since the writer is whining on the floor almost like a five year old on a tantrum. Okay… she’s recovering now, we think… okay… uhmm… yeah, wait a little longer… okay! Back to regular programming…)



I appreciate the transformation. Hell! They look all good. Have you noticed the twins and Minwoo? Man! The manly thing is on girl! But I wished they also did well with the MV because I was really expecting a lot! They could have just dropped the bright scenes and they don’t really need the girl in MV. They could have made the scenes more dark or they could have just stick with the “gang hang-out place” and ditched the whole cool hexagon bookcase (yep! Just donate that bookshelf to me please… =D ).

It’s really nice seeing Boyfriend try out different genres and I just wish that next time, the plot would be well thought of and the “darkness and manliness” are more coherent.

credits: 1theK

OMO: If 100% is Good Then What is 200%? – [Akdong Musician’s 200% MV Review]

Okay, at first when the news about Akdong Musician singing with YG Ent. broke out I was not really sure how to react on it. The styles of Akdong and YGEnt. is just complete different from each other like the opposite poles different. So did my perception of that changed after a year?Akdong1

Let’s discover that together!
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OMO: Is Love Really That Delicious? – [ToHeart’s Delicious MV Review]

I have to confess before anything else, that I am one of those people who got literally happy (Yup! With jumping all around the house and those things) the minute SM announced that they are really indeed making this sub-unit happen. For real.

woohyun + key

SM never get to collaborate with other companies, if you haven’t noticed it yet and I guess this is not a collaboration too, you know? I mean, SM C&C acquired Woollim Ent’s distribution rights last year but let’s make this count with that. I mean, SMEnt and Woollim are two separate division in that umbrella thing. So yeah, it won’t hurt right? But I think SM should definitely have to collaborate more.

What makes this whole sub-unit nail-bitingly exciting is they’re putting two best of friends (as they have mentioned in Ryeowook’s Sukira) together then add that to the fact that INFINITE & SHINee are the two groups out there who can actually literally dance so well. Who on Earth would have imagined this to really happen right?! Then here are Woo Hyun & Key blatantly melting your hearts with just their stares. Okay, that’s too much for a little fangirl’s heart, isn’t it? It did not ended there though, they have naughtily decided to entitle their debut single “Delicious” too. Just when you thought you could survive this debut, nope. There’s no escaping. They are not letting you, you could not possibly survive this cutie-pocalypse.

Surprisingly though, they went for dance pop. Particularly, jazz dance pop for their title track Delicious. Although at first, based on their first “Prologue”, I was guessing that they are going for the party-synth-ish genre because that prologue’s background music can actually possibly kill all that’s out there at the moment. But no, they kind of stick to what sounds like what TVXQ’s genre at the moment. I don’t really know what’s in SM’s mind for deciding like that but hey, I think it is working though.


I am not totally digging the “Love is Nutritious” part of the lyrics though. Yep, “nutritious” probably and definitely rhymes with “delicious” but I don’t why would you put it in a jazzy song like this. It kind of made me think of a cereal advertisement for a minute. I mean where would you see “delicious” & “nutritious” in the same line? But considering that they are on to convince you and tease you on love. Let’s just let them go ahead with that sweet, delicious & nutritious combination that they have got going in the song.

Dance-wise though, I am slightly disappointed with what they have come up with. I mean, Woo Hyun came from INFINITE which is the most in-synch dancers in the whole KPop and Key is from SHINee who always pulls off extremely difficult routines every time. So what’s up with the simple routine? They could manage to insert quite a handful of tosses or dramatic heart-stopping moves there but they didn’t. Maybe they all wanted to just keep it clean, simple & cute? I don’t know but I was expecting more to the choreography for this one. Again, it’s SHINee & INFINITE collaborating at the first place.


Yes. I have saved my opinions for the storyline & for the whole MV thing for last. First, let’s express our gratitude to those cute flipbooks that added a lot of points to the overall cuteness points of the entire MV. The childhood friends battling for a girl is kind adorable but that storyline kind of faded towards the end of the music video. Seriously, I think my following confession might put me on your most hated list, sorry. Okay here is my final ultimate confession: for the first time in my entire existence, this time I am really certain that SM is probably secretly spying on fanfics for this one. I have checked my friends’ reaction (INFINITE & SHINee fans alike) after watching this particular MV. One actually flustered about maybe she’s just overdosed herself with a lot of yaoi for the entire week and maybe that’s the reason why she has that opinion in mind for the MV and one is actually jealous over Woo Hyun. Whatever sorcery SM is trying on all of us here, this ship is sailing more than any other! I am not implying anything, it’s just Woo Hyun & Key has this hard-to-explain onscreen chemistry. Maybe it’s because they are genuinely close friends in real life? And that may actually explain why this music video is so much fun as it is (making me forget that I was expecting a party song for this sub-unit).


I can’t really point out how well and how they have managed to mix this two different personalities together, I mean obviously, Key is really outgoing type and Woo Hyun looks like a little reserved but maybe that’s the charm of the duo and their friendship in general. You have to be contrasting to work.

At the end of the day, their charisma and chemistry is all that matters and all that worked for you to be convinced that, yes, this song and MV is working for you. It is actually good. It’s so adorably genuinely cute without that cheesiness that girl groups might rub on cuteness. This is cuteness in its purest form (and yeah, those scenes at towards the end might kill you with it).


Making this to win the charts has a really thin possibility at the moment (or maybe not, I mean we have two fandoms for this) because there are two giant girl bands battling their hearts out at the moment. But I am really glad that this sub-unit happened (and maybe I’m sailing with the ship too, =) )

credits: SMTown YouTube channel

OMO: They are Finally Home! – [2NE1’s Come Back Home MV Review]

After falling short last year, I think they are back to their own and original element and they are now out with vengeance! 2NE1’s comeback last year, taking into consideration CL’s Gizibe, their summer comeback singles & their ballad last December comes out really lacking on some aspects and now I think I know why.


Come Back Home has two versions in 2NE1’s CRUSH album; the regular one (with synth and everything) and the unplugged version (the more acoustic one). Honestly, I like the unplugged version more. It is more true to the element of the meaning of the song. The emotions are more contained in the unplugged version rather than the party atmosphere that the original version is suggesting. The unplugged version is more laid back with tinge reggae and you do get that vibe of travelling (“going back home”) is there.

The idea of mashing up the two versions for the MV is the most brilliant thing YG has come up with so far. The shift from party and acoustic is masked strategically with each scene of the MV shifting from digital graphic induced scenes for the original version and going back to the unplugged version during emotional ones.

The “delay due to digital graphic problems” did not disappoint us. I guess when they said that they are having a hard time due to the graphics; they actually meant that they are going all out on it.

According to THE YG himself, the storyline of the MV revolves around humanity in the not-so-distant future having lost all the sense of a genuine human interaction due to technology holding humanity captive in its obsessive power. I actually have a different interpretation of the storyline.



So here’s my version of the storyline of the MV: 2NE1 is having a revolution against the system, the system being somehow like virus that infected all of the citizens of this future earth and 2NE1 are the part of the ones who are not infected with the “virus” yet. Thus, the scene where Bom & Minzy look like they are formulating a “cure” for this spreading “virus” and they are initially trying to save Dara’s boyfriend (at least in the MV) but it was too late so Dara had to pull out the plug from her boyfriend to prevent more suffering in the boyfriend’s part and that death of her boyfriend ignited that full-blown revolution that the uninfected ones have been planning for a long time.



The scenes towards the end where CL spray painted & threw flames towards stoic people who are having a banquet& Dara flipped a table in that same banquet, actually, the scenes where the girls literally ruined a boring party is the start of the said revolution that will save the humanity from this virus (which makes people like white and eat in large banquets which serves grapes in beads or something like that). And people of the internet, that’s my interpretation of the MV.

Seriously, I don’t know if it’s just the result of me drawn into dystopian movies & novels but this MV shouts “Rebellion Against The Popular System” to me. You be the judge about that, we all have different interpretation anyways but whatever your interpretation will be, it’s actually good to know that there are actually meaningful stories in KPop MVs these days which the fans can have intelligent conversations about.


Overall, this MV is the current epitome of a well-prepared & well thought of comeback as of this day. The song, the graphics, the story and even the costumes and emotions are well executed. This is the thing to beat for the upcoming comebacks and I don’t even know if they will be able to beat this MV or this comeback, ‘cause this comeback is the bomb – The bomb that will meet your expectations and make them shatter into great pieces because you just have been mind-blown. That’s how great this comeback is.

The play towards the top of the charts for this song is really up to the hands of the ever loyal fans, so please do well on that. Whatever awards this track, album, comeback of 2NE1 will ever receive on the year-end awards, they deserve it. They really truly deserve it. The album is great, the MV is superb.


This only proves one thing actually; you can always outdo yourself a hundred times and comeback with a wild vengeance!

Congratulations to 2NE1 and to the Blackjacks out there: GO VOTE!!! FIGHTING! Goodluck Blackjacks!

And for more 2NE1, Check out our CRUSH Album review here.

credits: 2NE1’s YouTube channel

OMO: Happy (Shalalala!) – [2NE1’s Happy MV Review]

Writer’s Note: This is the first part of a two-part OMO for 2NE1 since they have released two music vids and because I have decided to review both MVs! Yey! =)


This is probably the brightest among 2NE1’s music videos in the past 4 years and I am not complaining. It is very refreshing to see them walking on the sunny streets of LA. It’s a cool diversion from their usual dark but flashy box sets. I think YG is investing on shooting their vids outdoors (across another country) now which is really good. The other thing that you can immediately notice from the video is the playful words popping out everywhere throughout the video which is designed by none other than, the “professional doodler”, MINA KWON. It adds a lot of fun and color to the whole video, not that LA graffiti and sidewalks lack color that can already stand on its own, but the “doodles” adds that pop that made the whole video stand out. Although colors are actually splashing all throughout the entire MV, it looks pretty tame and still not overly decorated. It is actually cute with a slight pinch of swag which is really ironic in a very cool way.

Decora, Gyaru and some Goth are evident in Jeremy Scott’s choices in the girls’ outfits in this particular MV which made them appear more animated and lively. I have also learned that the cute car featured in this one is a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible and we all now want one, don’t we? I know I want one! =)

If you consider this lines from the lyrics: “If I was too much of a burden, If was too much of a load for you to carry, I should’ve left you earlier, I’m sorry. Was it hard for you because of me? Were you comfortable? Like a fool, I didn’t even notice those things…. Without you, I am not happy but I hope you are happy” Kind lines from a broken heart ei?  This song is almost a song about an unrequited love and we all know how painful that is. Well, at least for the most part and thanks to those lines above and to those other heart wrenching songs about this unreciprocated love but lo-and-behold, 2NE1’s Happy is a total 360 from all of those tear jerking mess ‘cause yeah, it’s almost sarcastic and as if it wants to bother the conscience of the non-reciprocating party. Just when you thought that this video was all happy huh?


I like the badass girl attitude this song has.  “Oh No I didn’t cry, cry, cry…. I thought we had it together but… well” is the most honest thing as it gets. The song’s lyrics is a bit on the fairytale side but at least it also acknowledges the reality that, yes, there are relationships that does not really click.

If you are looking for a break-up song that will stir up te conscience of your previous significant other with a consolation that will make him or her sure that you are actually alright with it, this is that song! And if you are looking for a sad song but not really, there are time like you like songs that just in between being sad and happy but you want it to be bright, this is that song! This song is really unique. It’s a song that is in the middle; Hurt but not really, sad but not really, happy but not quite and most of all bright on the outside but it needs to be deciphered to be understood fully.

Honestly, this is my second favorite song from CRUSH and I am really happy that the MV turns out to be this fun and light. Although it is revealed that this was shot 2 years ago, it’s still IN the trend. It’s an explosion of bright colors when you really need one. I hope YG would continue to release more this kind of stuff in the future. This is light but the badass-ary of it being a “middle song” is really cool.


credits: 2NE1’s YouTube channel

Year- End OMO: 25 KPop Music Videos I Should Have Reviewed This Year

Christmas has passed and what do we know?! This year is apparently ending in a couple of days and we are all going to face another year! Wee~! Yeah, yeah. Spare me the rants on how slow I review music videos most of the time. I have my own reasons but, yeah, I should have done my duty and do my work anyway. So here I am, regretting all the excuses I had and I am reviewing 25 of MVs that I think I should have done a review this year.

25 KPop MVs I Should Have OMO-ed 2013

(a) It was not that I was just feeling too lazy doing OMOs. Actually, it was either I thought about reviewing the MV but I was very busy doing another thing or (most of the time) I have a draft of the review but I end up not publishing it.
(b) To make sure that I will not be straying out of topic and I will be going to be somehow straightforward (and to prevent you, readers, from being bored), the reviews for each MV all are limited to ONE Paragraph. Yes, that’s my self-imposed challenge.
(c) This will and will look like a TL;DR but if you want to know what are my insights on these MVs. I think, this is worth reading
(d) Most importantly, before we start, the following MVs are not arranged according to my preference. They are ordered according to the month of their release.

(e) Let’s now start! Shall we? Okay.



25. Lee Hi’s Rose

Suspended Roses – are the two words that will hit my mind every time someone reminds me of this MV. The music video is beautiful and it has a slight taste of effervescence in it. Lee Hi is one of the youngest and most talented vocalists out there at the moment. Though I still love It’s Over more than this, I think YG stayed true to what Lee Hi’s image is soulful yet strong. Her voice in this particular track pierces through the headphones and her voice will definitely leave a mark on your brain that once you hear this timbre of voice, it is definitely Lee Hi.



24. Jay Park’s JOAH

We all think he’s cute. I mean, he’s really cute. Admit it. The guy just put up his entertainment agency this year. Kudos to that! This song is one of those feel good music that you will definitely play while driving out of town which your friends will like whether they are into KPop or not. I don’t know if this music video was the one which made “walking on streets” a trend this year but this is definitely the first one with that. This does remind me of One Less Lonely Girl for some reason, maybe because Jay is also following a lady in this video?



23. Juniel’s Pretty Boy

Yes, this is one of those typical cutesy music videos that you will encounter almost every single time although I think that KPop has toned down a bit on being cute this year. Juniel has all the reasons to have a cute concept; she has a cute adorable voice in the first place. I like the way that she does play the guitar on every single stage for the promotions of this song. And c’mon! I think idols also know the little dance step in this song. It’s a pretty MV but I wish Juniel would also do something else besides playing the guitar sometimes just for a little flavor.



22. 4Minute’s What’s Your Name

I still don’t have any idea why there are zombies in this music video. Someone enlighten me on that. Somebody give Brave Sound a “best composer for addicting songs” award. I swear that all of his songs can manage to stick in your head for a week! I don’t know why the music video is trying to be Hip Hop-ish when the song is somehow electric. Being disjointed is somehow a trend in KPop this year, so, yeah… If you happen to hear the sudden change in the first bridge of the song, yes, that was what I am talking about. The song is really catchy but what’s with the sudden zombie apocalypse?! I don’t get it.



21. T-ara N4’s Countryside Life

What is my main problem with T-ara videos, in general? They are one of those groups who have production people who are industrious enough to make a Drama version and a Dance version for each of their MVs but like what I’ve stated before, let’s opt for the drama version. Whether you like this song or not, one thing is for sure, this is groovy. Reviving their shuffling and adding quirky dance steps, you will surely know how to dance with this once it starts playing on the radio. I have to agree that this sounds like a euphemism to their detractors but I while being entertained with the song, the humor and the music video, honestly, you will not think of that stuff anymore.



20. Hello Venus’ Do You Want Some Tea

This is one of those creepy music videos where all the members are dating the same guy and they all want the guy to fall in love with all of them, without them knowing of course. In real life, the guy will be considered as a jerk by then but, oh well, we are not in real life so yeah. The song and music video are charming. If there is one song that would let me identify Hello Venus from the rest of the crowd at this very moment, this song will be it.



19. B1A4’s What’s Happening

This is the male equivalent of Hello Venus’ Do You Want Some Tea! I love the peculiar dollhouse theme that this MV has but the scary part was having your doll girlfriend to cheat on you with a doll boyfriend. That would make sense because they are both dolls but yeah, that was not the point. What made this song win on stages is definitely not the video. I believe that what people love about this B1A4 track is the fun that the boys are having every time they all stand on stage and perform this song. The energy they have is really contagious.



18. 2PM’s A.D.T.O.Y (All Day Thinking of You)

You would love to have them to think about you all day, that’s for sure. I will even bet the whole my savings on that, if I have one. This video is hot that the first time I watched it, I thought it should be somehow age-restricted. Damn, those girls were lucky right? Slightly risqué with men swaying their hips is probably one of the weird combinations there is and men swaying hips are somewhat really disturbing but what the hell! They are hot. All I can say is that, this is hot and I wish they did follow-up promotions ‘cause we are lacking JYP artists this year.



17. Nine Muses’ Wild

Speaking of hot, I think Nine Muses is one of the hot underdogs that the whole KPop community somehow manages to skip every now and then. Yes, they are sexy (c’mon some of them are real models, beat that!). If grayscale and rouge red is not sexy for you, I don’t know what is. Song wise, this reminds me of Be Mine of Infinite and an anime ending song. This is one of their best songs and I wish we let them have their chance to shine.



16. SHINHWA’s This Love

I don’t know what happened in May that men are suddenly dancing to girl group-like dance steps but yes, for your second installment on that. Here is Shinhwa with This Love and their Vogue dance step. You know what’s the most amazing thing of all? These men pulled it of and they all mean it. Their “manly-ness” was not even affected by their Vogue dance. The song is a sleek party music and whotold told you that men in their 30s are less hot than men in their 20s?



15. EXO’s Wolf

We have to admit that this is not the best song in the world and yes, I am also a fan. Is that the reason that I did not review this? Partially yes and the other half of the reason was I was waiting for the drama version that took forever to be released! But let us also accept that this song does not have the easiest choreography in the world. Trust me, try it and know for yourself. It’s a total body work-out! About the drama version, hmmm…. A little more acting practice and they’ll get there but nice Parkour-ing! …and, also, I really want to gather people and try the tree thing!



14. MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl

That posh luxury party MV. Yep, that is how I characterize this music video. This kind of stands out from the rest due to the fact that there are not a lot of KPop party songs out there and yeah, they look good alright especially in those black and those white suits. I don’t know about everyone but for me this is a bit of a boring song but of course, the way that the line “Smoky Girl, smoky girl, smoky girl” repeats itseld through the whole song will definitely have it glues in your brain for days. But, yeah, this is not their best song.



13. SISTAR’s Give It To Me

I have a draft for a full-length OMO for this and I don’t know why I didn’t publish it. Cabaret sexy, who would not fall for that?! They all have the voice. How they manage to transform a somehow heartbreak song to this sexy outcome is good. You know what’s even sexier than that? They are not stick-thin unlike most girl groups. The confidence that they have onstage passes through the audience and that’s also sexy.



12. XIA Junsu’s 11am

Junsu + Acapella + Calm outdoor set with chirping birds in the background, does that need explanation still? If you haven’t seen this MV nor heard this song; YOU MUST PLAY IT NOW! And let Junsu melt your heart with his voice and his handsomeness. I am serious with the melting your heart part and the handsomeness, SO GO! PLAY THIS!



11. f(x)’s Rum Pum Pum Pum

This is like the least marketed SM song for this year. f(x) released a full-length album and what did SM do? They made Rum Pum Pum Pum their feature song. It’s not that I hate this song but if you listen to the album, there are better songs than First Wisdom tooth…aish! Okay too much for my rants! This song is the typical f(x), electro-pop and somehow cutesy with splash of techno. The music video looks like a re-styled Pinocchio set but I love the revolving camera sets. I really wish that they just promoted Airplane or Step instead, it was summer when they came back for a point. I like the 8-bit and literal pink tape for the album but I just hope that these girls will get more exposure and releases this coing year. Like, what the hell SM?! They are talented too! Showcase them more!



10. EXO’s Growl

This is the most marketed SM song of the year. I am not kidding! Although I am a true-blue EXO fan, you cannot help but notice that SM really made an effort to market this and right now, I really think that Growl is EXO’s signature song as “Sorry Sorry” to Super Junoir and “Gee” to Girls’ Generation. This song and MV made these boys the EXO you know today. The selling point of the whole thing (MV and the song) is that all of the aspect of it is just simply “cool”; you know the angst-y song and the angst-y dance moves. The blinking lights on an empty warehouse and boys who look like they have a secret fraternity. That makes girls crazy. I don’t blame them, I don’t blame SM too. I like the whole stuff! I still don’t get the gist of the drama version though! Haha!



9. Seungri’s Gotta Talk To You

I have to point out the rated 19 teaser of the album. That’s the first time that YouTube asked for my age and e-mail for a KPop MV. What the heck! …and boom! I was shocked and out of words the moment the teaser started playing. He really wants to talk about love, doesn’t he? Gotta Talk To You – if you ask me to describe it in 2 words it would be Psychedelic and Sleek and I really love the sleek part to it. It will somehow hint that “hey! I am a dance song” at the beginning but the song being a full blast party song towards the ending gives that “wow! this is a unique thing” kind of vibe. You know YG, unpredictable and we all love it.



8. TEEN TOP’s Rocking

These guys can dance! I mean, I know they are great dancers but yeah, their dance sequence here is ill (Ill meaning good not Ill meaning bad you know?!) Although I did not really know why they are trashing each other by throwing punches in the middle of the MV and it is a box-set MV (and somewhere it kinda look like a Block B set) it still manage to pull a cool guy MV. I didn’t even know that TEEN TOP have an excessive number of caps. They have a cap collection, haven’t they? ‘cause yeah, Teen Top they gonna rock it, drop it, top it. Don’t stop it, Pop it!



7. Kara’s Damaged Lady

We are all waiting for the return of this group for like an eternity already. I was so used to having them all the time around KPop as well as the other second generation idols. When I first played this song the thought that immediately cross my mind was “Oh! It sounds like an anime ending song!” It does right? The MV is not really that outstanding or anything but I kind of hope that you can do those things that the girls did on their jerk ex-boyfriends in this MV. Don’t wish the same? I like how this girls progress from Mister to Lupin and to Damaged Lady. The song’s lyrics has this message about self-worth to it that it was meaningful and I just wish they really could stay 5 forever. Yep, just saying.



6. G-Dragon’s Crooked

This MV made a certain trend among the other MVs that was released this year; I call it “Lonely, Street Walking Syndrome”. This song is full hate just look at how the song was delivered but nonetheless we can relate to it. Who wants to be proper when all you feel is hate (I don’t want to sound cheesy but it’s inevitable) and regret. The flow of the song was right, at first, you feel brave about shouting your hate but as it goes you will feel how vulnerable you are and you just want to have self-pity. I like how they portray this MV and how he runs and parties across the streets of London and hell yeah! A true graffiti wall!!! Yey for YG! I like how they transformed the peace sign into GD too.



5. IU’s Red Shoes

If you want an MV with a story, this is it! 1920’s has never been this this red (with a shoe that is). The Great Gatsby-ish theme is really impressive considering that IU is breaking away from her cutesy image and she is tap-dancing away from it. The MV was fun to watch, though I am not really sure why all her friends were guys. Her plot and setting for this MV is really refreshing to watch and it feels like a break from all the KPop MVs that we are all used to. The big band sound is also one of the unique aspects of IU this year. She really wants to prove that she is now a woman and she is trying her best to be a good one.



4. Kim Jaejoong’s Just Another Girl

Yes, that MV with falling furniture and musical instruments! Though we can all agree that indeed Jaejoong + rock song will remaim hot forever. This has less angst than his previous single. Nevertheless, it still stands out through the rest of the releases this year because we have to admit that there are just few KPop acts that venture on rock. Although I think that JYJ should release another track with all three of them in it (and where on Earth is Yoochun this year?), these solo releases from both Junsu & Jaejoong this year is still better than none, right? Let’s all hope for a better next year for all of them (I intend that last line to be vague… yep! I hope you all get what I mean)



3. Miss A’s Hush

Harry Potter leaking water scene! Yep. I saw all that water and The Chamber of Secrets comes to my mind. I am crazy, I know! I am not gonna lie when I say I felt kind of “meh” at the start of the song but towards the acoustic chorus things got better. The lines in that chorus sticks like a tacky glue in your head for quite a while. What I like about Miss A’s kind of sexy is that their sexy is not the draggy sexy just like what Jia explained on the YTMA’s countdown show this is the “healthy kind of sexy”.



2. Hyorin’s Lonely

Thus, walking alone in London indeed became a thing (thanks to GD!). Although this is less destructive and more crazy you cannot get away with the fact that she is indeed in London doing the “Lonely, Street Walking Syndrome”. Whatever it is with London and Street walking let us just leave it to the experts (a.k.a KPop talent agencies). The quaintness of using of appearing and disappearing random words out of nowhere is the charm of this whole MV. The ballad is already expected from Hyorin though, nevertheless, it was a good song to listen to on your rainy (snowy) alone days.



1. 2AM’s Regret

There’s nothing much on the MV of this track but a very desert-y place. They are literally walking on a sandy place and out of nowhere there was an ocean where you can drown into. Seriously though, I like how the cinematography of the MV where everything is just gray (yep. The regret-ish color) but the sky remained blue and the clouds were all white. Ballad and 2AM will always remain a perfect fit, there’s no question on that.


So, that’s it! Those were the MVs that I thought I should have OMO-ed but I somehow managed to fail in doing so. Do you agree on my opinions and insights? No? Yes? Somehow? Let us know! Just leave your comments below….

And I really truly and sincerely promise to be better at OMO-ing this coming year! I mean that.

I would like to take the opportunity in this post to thank you guys (our beloved readers) for sticking with us this year and without you, I am sure none of this wonderful feelings are possible. Let’s all continue to be together for many, many, many more years to come! FIGHTING! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!

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