OMO: Candy, Spies and Jellybeans and Gummy Bears and Everything Nice! – [Lovelyz’ Candy Jelly Love MV Review]

Note: Hi! This post will cover a little about Goodnight Like Yesterday and my over-all reaction to Lovelyz debut too! And Yep! Sorry if I haven’t posted and OMO for a very long time… Forgive me…

Lovelyz group

I am sure you have heard of Lovelyz but if you still have not, well, let’s do some quick introduction here. Lovelyz is the flagship girl group form the company that brought us INFINITE – Woolim! And yeah, it is safe to say that they are INFINITE’s little sister and I am sure being dubbed as “INFINITE’s little sister” comes with a lot of expectations for Lovelyz, so without further blabbering out of my main topic, let’s go to my review! Whoooosssh~!

Lovelyz have pre-released Goodnight Like Yesterday (you can watch the MV by clicking this highlighted phrase)  a week ago and my initial reaction was, it was good. Good in a way that it did not overwhelm nor underwhelmed me with the song and the music video. It was a good production, considering that they are rookies. The innocence is evident and the coldness of leaving was there. Although I would rather want to feel hurt or pain than coldness from the song but coldness is an okay substitute for it and I know that they are going with the “cold and left” concept because yeah, it’s fall going unto winter. So that’s fairly understandable. But let me say this balantly, with Sunggyu or without Sunggyu, the MV will still have the ambiance that the song has intended to. I don’t hate Sunggyu (duh! I adore INFINITE) but the “okay-they-are-rookies-and-we-need-someone-known-for-this-debut-MV” thing needs to stop. Let’s make the debutant to stand out. I hope the companies get that. To conclude this short review for Lovelyz’ pre-released MV, I am fond of the MV and the song. It’s a perfect song for the lonely weather. Good pre-release song.

Then their official debut song came out today at midnight. I have not watched any of their debut stages yet but I somehow have an idea what this song would sound like due to a news clip that I have saw taken during their debut showcase last week. Honestly, I think Candy Jelly Love as a song is an anticlimactic take for their debut. Goodnight Like Yesterday had already caught us and we were waiting for more. And when I say more, I mean MORE. I want the hype to get heightened further. Goodnight Like Yesterday did showcase their ability in the catch-ability department and they have already proved that they can sing. Although, Candy Jelly Love is really light and it is an easy going song, I wish they have reinvented light and easy in a very different way. I want Candy Jelly Love to leave an imprint in my brain but it has failed to do that. Candy Jelly Love is a bit non-LSS worthy and if you ask me if I can recall this song in three months’ time, I doubt that I can point out the lyrics for you other than it naturally have the words “candy jelly love” in it.

MV-wise, I think the MV has managed to salvaged what the song is. True to its title “Candy Jelly Love”, indeed the MV has candies, jellies and other forms of sweets in it. I would be really be pissed off if the MV failed to feature any form of sweets in it. It it visually enticing. I like the lightness, the brightness and the sudden splash of colors in this particular MV. It is cute and it is sweet. It is innocent and it’s refreshing giving consideration to other MV concepts that has been sprouting these days. Although I think this MV is the one which needs a good storyline, I am happy to see that Lovelyz’ debut MV only features the girls.

All about the sweets

The easy-to-follow choreography has also been met and this is not the deceiving kind of easy-to-follow too (I know you know those dances that will make you think that wow! I can dance to this and after a few treis on their easy to follow steps BAM! You’re already dead tired. Well, we all tried hard… right?). Although choreography wise, I thought they will blow our minds too with a dance track like what their big brothers did when they debuted. I thought Woolim will be coming up with a thoroughly choreographed strong girl group persona but oh well! Maybe Woolim’s cards should be played a bit more demure and feminine this time around.

But the main question is; Did the expectation and the actual debut of Lovelyz met the standards of the hype? See, weeks ago. We were all intrigued with the announcement that Woolim will finally be releasing a girl group of their own and due to the success of INFINITE, the anticipation grew and grew because whether we want to admit it or not, 2014 is that year where the big companies gave birth to a new generation of idol groups. And Woolim bringing out their own version of a girl group throws a statement that Yes! We are ready to be battling head-on with the biggest companies in KPop! So did it satiated the hype?


I don’t know about you but, I think Woolim released Lovelyz in the safest way possible. Woolim opted for the cute, sweet, schoolgirl concept which is the general concept for debuting a girl group. Yep. I still think that the generic concept still works for us, the KPop audience but as I have mentioned earlier, I was expecting them to be the girl counterpart of their big brothers. I genuinely thought that Woolim would be courageous enough to release a girl group with a different flavor. I thought they will be releasing a synchronized girl group, a very dynamic one at least, but I think that is far-fetched enough in KPop, isn’t it?

Over all, I will still wait for this group to grow. It is still very early to say if they are a success or otherwise. Lovelyz is still on the early stages of their career and there are still things they are lacking on and I hope that they do get a more distinct identity other than “Being From Woolim, Making Them INFINITE’s Little Sisters”. I also hope they will be more creative in terms of shedding their cuteness in the future  (*whispers* Please don’t do raunchy sexy concepts… Please….)

brushFor now, Lovelyz is the new girl group with pure, sweet and innocent voice. 🙂

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credits: Woolim Entertainment’s YouTube channel


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