OMO: Take Me With You Sogyeokdong! – [Seo Taiji x IU’s SOGYEOKDONG MV Review]

Five words; Effervescent, Nostalgic, Magical, Breathtaking,  AMAZING!


KPop is into electro these past months and sometimes it does not easily work with your ears. We all have the impression that KPop is a bit of a mile away from your normal electropop and if KPop does release electro-related stuff, they  soften it a bit to suit the general KPop taste and this one is somehow on the soft side and I think Sogyeodong being on the synthpop side of the range is definitely helping the song to mold into the general KPop taste and that’s a good thing. Not all people will easily say that they like this electro track or that electro track. Electro is very specific when it comes into choosing its own audience but Sokgyeokdong being the synth it is, is not really that hard to love and get obssesed with.

The song really sounds breathtaking and you cannot help but be poetic on how you describe the song, so here I go. Here is my take on Sogyeokdong. The song reminds me of breeze washing over me while standing on a rooftop or a cliff. It somehow feels like freedom and peace and calmness but it fragile and it will easily be gone but you cannot get over it. That for me, what this song feels like. It’s refreshing too. For me, it is that song that I will play if I am just alone, laying lazily across my bed, reminiscing things from the past at three in the morning. It is that rejuvenating song after a day of crazy things.

The story line is as amazing as the song. I like how they make the girl so mysterious and magical. The little love story they have for this is so innocent, you cannot help but love it. But the mystery is what draws me in, where did the girl came from? Why did they took same Taxi? Does the girl have parents? Well, where are their parents? At least we know that the boy has a decent home and he goes to school. But why are their siren noises in the middle of the evening? Why does the lights have to go out? Where is the little girl now?


They say that Sogyeokdong does have a part 2 and probably then all our questions will be cleared.

The effect of IU’s vocals plus the synth plus the storytelling plus the lyrics is so cohesive it will soften your stone of a heart and it will be melting it and it will have you thinking and not just purely feeling it. Plus the story is not mushy at all, it is actually a bit of vague, as seen from my many questions about the characters above,  the atmosphere it gives is somehow like somwhting that can be easily dissolve but you don’t want it to end just like what the lyrics said about being afraid of blinking ang closing your eyes. It is some sort of unreal but the air around the MV  is amazing so you will definitely replay it again and again and you will listen and watch it all over again.

The one that probably thug our heartstrings for this particular song and MV, aside from it looking and sounding really like a visual and auditory nostalgia, is probably the fact that it is related to a place. Yes, Sogyeok-dong is an actual place. It is actually part of Samcheong-dong where the traditional Hanok (Korean traditional houses) are found. So you can somehow say that it somehow stood a bit in time. The song pulls our emotions and we can also somehow relate to it because we all tend to base all our memories into something tangible during a time in a place and you always wanted to go to that exact place sometimes because it will magically bring back all the nice and fuzzy feelings you all once had in that particular place. And that my friends, it what I am pointing out when I said that I will listen to this at three in the morning.


Have I already told you how effective the light bulbs and the keyboards and the beat pads are at the beginning of the video? No? Well, I like how it sets the mood and it signals that the intro that this MV will definitely take you on a story once upon a time. And have you noticed the pinwheel and the smoke (coming from another car), They’re pretty cool huh?

This song and music video is like gem when the whole jewelry box is lacking one. Yes, KPop is big and it is more recognized now than it was three years or five years ago but with the greatness comes the great demand for songs and sometimes the quality and the proper story telling gets lost along the way. We all demand to have a new material every week that it almost always tend to all sound too similar already. KPop jumps from random things now and that is both good and bad. They go with the trend, a very good example will be all the KPop-EDM fusion that are happening at the moment but it gets mistranslated at times and electro does not even have a story most of the time and that is the worst probable case out there.


So maybe Sogyeokdong is the answer to our aching longing for stories, for the quality against quantity. It is the story that we are all missing all these time. Sogyeokdong is not the answer for the seemingly noisy but emotionless sounds but Sogyeokdong is the restart of a storytelling that all KPop once had but lost and I wish it all gets back on telling us stories about puppy love, how heart beats, how we are all lost and how we are all going to get back again or just stories about anything under the sun really.

And yes, Sogyeokdong is a really great one of a kind single and MV that will make you listen, feel, think and relate to it all at the same time and that’s the magic we all love to have. Kudos to THE SEO TAIJI  and to IU for this super great collaboration!

credits: 1theK on YouTube


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