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Hell yea let it be my EXODUS! (EXODUS Album Review)


EXO, now composed of ten members, came back with a stunningly made album “EXODUS”, showcasing each of the members’ improved skills in singing and rapping. It only goes to show that their group is totally moving forward to what happened in their last comeback. We welcome the new and improved faces of the group.

Stronger and Sexier. These are the two things that I saw in this album. More hip thrusts, flirtatious lines that will surely make the fangirls faint. From school boys who transformed into wolves, to sexy men in a cool sports car, let’s see and dig deeper to what has improved on each of the tracks on this album.

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KPop Releases: EXO’s Here and the Wolves are Out!

Are you an EXO stan? Are you waiting for EXO’s comeback? As it been a year (or more than a year)?

Are you still waiting?
Uhmmm…. where have you been lately?! Were you asleep for the whole day yesterday?

I hate to break it to you but….

They’re actually back! (for reals!).

Yesterday, at about 6:30pm (KST) the official Music Video of WOLF has been realeased! They also performed their comeback stage at M!Countdown and were guessed at Ryeowook’s Sukira Kiss The Radio.

exo chinese version



exo korean version


credits: SM Town’s official YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/SMTOWN)

Uncategorized (sort of surprise, we guess): EXO’s Wolf – [EXO is working with Tony Testa for their Comeback?]

EXO fans (some call themselves EXOtics, we don’t really know if that fandom name is official though) are some of the people in KPop who are on the verge of breakdown waiting for EXO’s comeback. It has been a year, isn’t it?

Well, there have been some good CIA-like netizens out there who have discovered this:


This is from Tony Testa’s MSA Agency Profile. Well, if you don’t know Tony Testa (as stated above on the pic), he’s the choreographer of SHINee’s Sherlock and Dream Girl (which MV Review we shall post in a while. Sorry we’re sort of late.)

Comeback is near guys. I think we should just have to wait a little more.

Apparently, the song is called ‘Wolf’. Is it the title track? From the looks of this profile, we have to assume that, yes maybe it is and I never heard that Tony Testa doing a choreophy for a none title track. C’mon! He already worked with THE Micheal Jackson, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta and many many many more big names and big companies.

EXOtics, we’ll see you really  soon then. Can’t wait for teasers and the MV. =)

credits: Tony Testa’s profile on MSA Agency (http://www.msaagency.com/tonytesta)