OMO: One Fine Day All Tears Fell – [Jung Yong Hwa’s One Fine Day MV Review]

WARNING: If you have been dumped and you are currently experiencing a heart-wrenching break-up, please do not listen to this song. I don’t want you to be tormenting over it, all over again. Just please… Yeah, I’ll be trying to review a much lighter KPop MV later. Please… spare your self. Thank You.


This is THE torture song for a wintry heartbroken person. You can even call the plot as “a fairytale gone wrong”. As I have mentioned on my warning, the MV is heartbreaking and this next to the very epitome of slight!angst. They did not end up together. That is super sad. Like really, really, really sad.

Although we cannot change nor deny the fact that Yong Hwa is really handsome even though he is quite disappointed to sad looking during the entire span of the MV, he has the voice. The voice that will melt you into goo and would want you to jump in the MV and save him from all the heartbreak and be that leading lady, changing the entire story of the music video.

Or maybe… that’s the thing that I both love and hate about the MV. I freaking hate and love the fact that it is on point. It was shoved right into your kokoro (t/n: heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings cr. wikipedia) resulting in an overflow of feels (t/n: A wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained cr. urbandictionary) which will later make you explain and review the MV in a ray of internet slangs. The storyline is so solid and (spoiler alert!) that plot twist is quite expected but I swear this a draft of a K-Drama!


Another thing that you will not fail to notice is the fact that Jung Yong Hwa, the vocalist of CNBlue slash latest FNC solo artist, is also a good actor. The guy is overflowing of talents and how would you deal with that? Although I know that I am freaking fangirling here right now, I know that you cannot deny that you can also see that.


The song is the ultimate tear-jerker even if you are not going through a very sad event in your life. You will eventually feel sympathy to whoever wrote this song because apparently, he is dying a little inside. The description and lines of the lyrics are a bit cheesy for a break up but you know, a break up and sadness is still sadness no matter how many times you have heard those stories already. They are all equally sad. It does not even help that it is the middle of winter right now.

The vibe of the song and the over all cold weather these days complements each other. If you do not even have felt a bit of slight!angst here, I am judging you.


I know 500+ words seems not to be enough to review this MV but I hope I have made your day lighter with the wording I used throughout the entire review because I thought Why not? The song is already heavy as it is. So yeah. Although this song is extremely sad and all. I know we will find our selves playing this song again and again even just while reading angst!.

credits: CNBlue on YouTube



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