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OMO: Would You Gather Go CRAZY?! – [4Minute’s Crazy MV Review]


You just don’t know how psyched I am. You just don’t know how relieved I felt for this release. After a whole week of almost no release, KPop is rolling again. I am happy. I am super HAPPY! 😀

Okay, honestly, my first play with this MV didn’t make me swoon over it but I yes, this is one of those MVs that when you play again, well it sips you in. It’s definitely Crazy!

Although I am still not a firm believer of slow bridges on a Hip Hop song, I think they are successful in making me re-evaluate my views on that because man, that’s sexy! What am I thinking? I still wonder though why this still started with Hyuna but I am not complaining because her raspy voice definitely bring that mood up and it is really appropriate for a synth-ish chorus. It’s all cool and good.

It’s black and white. Yeah, black and white does it every single freaking time, isn’t it? It’s edgy, artistic and you can use it on a whole variety of genres. Being black and white shot the whole concept of cool off the roof, fiercer and definitely badass. It looks like a high-end thing, I am not denying that. It’s a whole new level of flawless in an MV. It’s definitely sleek! (Wow… I am exhausting my adjectives here… isn’t it?! It deserves the praise though)

AAAANNNDDDD…. We all have a “Hyuna Issue” whether we like to admit it or not, I am glad that each of the girls got a somehow equal amount of lines and screen times in this one. They all look great. The group sounds great!

4Minute has found their genre! I am so happy for them.

Although I am not sure how the choreography looks like, the MV compensated for the fact that they haven’t shown the dance routine. And from the looks of it, the chorus part has a rather easy to follow step and that’s good. I am not sure with the a bit sexy thing towards the end but the chorus is definitely had it going on, so no problems.

I know this a rather short review but let me tell you, just play that vid above and let’s all go CRAZYYYYY!!!

And as a conclusion let me tell you this; This is my most favorite 4Minute MV ever and this song rocks! So go play that!!!

credits: 4Minute Official YouTube Channel


NEWS: 4Minute’s Comeback

When you see the notice above there’s no doubt, it’s a 4Minute comeback announcement!!!!

Yup! The girls of 4Minute is reminding you that they are up for a comeback and it’s really earlier in the year this time. Their 5th mini-album – 4Minute World will be out by March 17.

Stay tuned for that!

28th Golden Disk Awards + List of Winners

Golden Disk Awards 2014 happened on January 16 at Grand Peace Palace, Kyunghee University in Seoul. Among the artists that graced the occassion were EXO, PSY, 2NE1, INFINITE and many others. The event was hosted by Choi Minho, Jung Yonghwa, Yoon Doo-joon, Oh Sang-jin and SNSD’s Tiffany and Taeyeon.

GDA logo

The list of awards and winners are as follows:

Ceci Asia Icon Award – SHINee & SISTAR
Goodwill Star Awards – 

Popularity Award
Girl’s Generation
Roy Kim

Newcomer Award
Roy Kim
Lim Kim
Crayon Pop

Disk Bonsang
Cho Yong Pil
Girl’s Generation

Digital Bonsang
A Pink
Lee Seung Chul

Digital Daesang – Grand Prize
PSY – Gentleman

Disk Daesang – Grand Prize


Congratulations to this year’s winners!

NEWS: KPop Awards Season is Fast Approaching

Late last month, Mnet announced that Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013 (one of the biggest KPop Awards Event every year) is going to be held in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena on November 22.

Today, Melon announced  the 2013 Melon Music Awards nominees through a video teaser which includes Sistar, Psy, 4Minute, Roy Kim, f(x), SNSD, SHINee, GD, Dynamic Duo, Lee Hyori, B2St, EXO . The 2013 Melon Music Awards   will be held on November 14 at Seoul Olympic Gymnastic sHall and it will be broadcasted live on LOEN Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

credits: Mnet’s YouTube channel, Melon Music Awards’ YouTube channel

OMO: Feel Free to Listen to this for 24/7 [2Yoon’s 24/7 Review]

Before we start, (and before you start wondering) they are one of 4minute’s subgroup (the other being just HyunA, err.), 2Yoon which is composed of Ga Yoon (long haired) and Ji Yoon (short haired) and based on my research, they are the two twenty-two year olds of 4Minute. Quick recall, the entire 4Minute is made up of HyunA, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon, So Hyun and Ji Hyun.

So we are off for the song. The song is country-pop, not Taylor Swift-ish, it is, in fact, a dance track. It should go well for square dances if you may like and this song (specially the chorus part) reminds me of “Hoedown Throwdown”, a Hana Montana OST. The song is catchy and it might linger in your head for quite a while (boom clap bo-boom clap boom boom clap… hehehe!).

The music video is so-so. Yah, I just haven’t seen a subunit video that has spent a lot of money yet. Yes, the BtoB members acted cute in the background and such but I just like to point out that they should’ve not done that. I just want Ji Yoon and Ga Yoon to have their share on the spot light (HyunA is always alone on her MVs, right?!).


To wrap things up: Why is their album called “Harvest Moon”?! That is a title of a computer game; why not think of something else? (I don’t know if it is just me or something) But in their MV, I really think the close-ups of these members are not working on me, it feels like they are not enthusiastic or something, there’s just something wrong with their expressionless faces on close-ups (are they tired?!) yet they look cheerful on non-close up footages. It is just weird. They should be genuinely cheerful next time, I guess. I have to confess that I do not watch a lot of 4Minute but this time, I think Ji Yoon dances really well. 24/7 is an OKAY SONG but I don’t think it will dominate charts or things like that (I mean, let us be realistic guys, this song has to go head on with Jae Jong and CNBlue.) but it does feel good to see that 4Minute is not just about HyunA (or is there something fishy around here Cube Ent.? hmm….Think Thank…).

credits: 4minuteofficial’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/4minuteofficial)