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UPDATE: EXO The Lost Planet Additional Concert Date

It looks like EXO is on a roll!


As you might have heard earlier, EXO will be holding their very first concert in Seoul later this month and earlier today, SM just updated that they are adding another concert date for The Lost Planet. Instead of only seeing the boys on the 24th & the 25th, it seems like SM wants to see the concert a little earlier by moving the first concert day on the 23rd.

So your chances of attending the said concert just increased guys…. So “From EXO Planet – The Lost Planet in Seoul” will be held on May 23, 24 & 25 at Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium.

…and don’t forget to also catch the first stage of Overdose at M!Countdown at 6pm KST today & xoxo EXO tomorrow, May 9 at 10:10pm KST.

UPDATE: xoxo EXO’s Newest Teaser

It looks like EXO is not done overdosing you yet!

After all the delays and all the waiting, finally, here’s the latest teaser for EXO’s xoxo EXO!

Yes! Mnet is finally airing xoxo EXO’s first episode on May 9 at 10:10pm KST.

So make sure that you won’t miss that out!

credits: Mnet’s YouTube channel

NEWS: Akdong Musician To Release Give Love MV!

Hi Everybody!

So, do you still remember that little cute love story Akdong Musician has for 200%? Well, from the looks of it, there’s going to be a continuation for that!

AKMU-Give Love MV Counter

Tonight, YG has released through yg-life the MV counter for the release of Akdong Musician’s Give Love Music Video!

According to the counter, YG will release Give Love MV, tomorrow, May 2 at 9pm KST!

Don’t forget to check that out and anticipate on what’s going to happen with this soooooo cute love story!


NEWS: EXO Welcomes You to the Lost Planet

EXO have just had their Comeback Show last night but it looks like the boys of EXO are on a run as SM launched the first teaser for EXO’s first ever concert – The Lost Planet in Seoul!



EXO’s “The Lost Planet” will be held on May 24 & 25 at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Hall!

Check out EXO’s teaser video for this concert below!

credits: SMTown channel on YouTube

UPDATE: EXO-K & EXO-M’s 2nd Mini-Album Highlight Medley!

EXO’s Comeback Show will be tomorrow, the Music Video for Overdose will be released tomorrow BUT before all of that happens; EXO wants you to take this moment to hear the snippets of the tracks in EXO-K & EXO-M’s 2nd mini-album.

Please play the following videos for the highlight medley:



…and as we have mentioned earlier, “EXO Comeback Show” will be tomorrow, April 15 at Jamsil Stadium & it is sponsored by Samsung Music which means, yes, subscribers of Samsung Music gets the chance to livestream the event online!

Let’s all anticipate EXO’s 2nd mini-album & this entire comeback!

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

NEWS: Akdong Musician’s Melted MV Counter + 3rd Title Track!

AKMU Melted MV Countdown

As if their uniqueness has not amazed you yet, YG is put up a countdown timer on their website for the release of Akdong Musician’s Melted MV. Melted is their 2nd title track from their current full-length album PLAY. The Music Video will be released today, April 14 at 6:00pm KST!

AKMU Give Love.jpg
……and it does not end there! Just last night, YG has announced that this sibling duo will be having a THIRD title track and it will be (drum roll please!) their fun track – Give Love! So watch out for that!


UPDATE: xoxo EXO EXO-K Teaser!

As the airing of “xoxo EXO’ is fast approaching, Mnet seems really up on teasing us about this new EXO reality show!

Last night we have seen the boys of EXO-M and this time, here comes EXO-K!

Check out  EXO-K’s teaser below!

Be sure to check xoxo EXO on April 18 on Mnet!

credits: Mnet’s YouTube channel

UPDATE: xoxo EXO 2nd Teaser!

You already know that EXO will be having a reality show on Mnet starting on April 18, right?

Well today, they’ve released the 2nd teaser for “xoxo EXO” which feature EXO-M!

Let’s all continue to watch out for EXO’s  other teasers for this reality show and make sure to watch “xoxo EXO” on Mnet starting on April 18 at 10:10pm KST!

credits: Mnet’s YouTube channel