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  1. Agatha Christie L. Ferrer

    I’m having this dilemma. well my class dismissal for june 21 saturday is 4:30pm obviously i don’t know if i can make it. The end if the audition is 7pm i know there will be a disadvantages for coming late /passing the form late but i still want to ask if that would be possible i mean, if it’s still okay to do it?
    I really want to join for the superstar k and having an open audition here in the philippines is a big opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. But my subjects for saturday class is really important too since i’m a 4th yr student bs medtech and having an evaluation exams T3T

    • seanne shoewalker

      Hi Agatha! I actually understand you with the college thing and all the laboratory work and internships and the practicals and the hard quizzes and the hard exams that pre-med related students do. Trust me, I was once there too (and when I mean practicals, we were making prefilled syringes… ugh… those days.. hehehe!). Toxic! First, we actually don’t have first hand experiences with KPop auditions like this one since this is the first time that the Philippines is visited by such but if your school is just an LRT train away or if you can take a taxi and be transported immediately to MOA I think you can still make it and besides, I think traffic congestion in Manila is a little lighter especially on Saturdays.

      You should definitely go!
      Of course it is still okay to go!
      The auditions will not conclude until 7pm, so go!
      This is a once in a blue moon event!

      There is still a couple of weeks before June 21 and I suggest that you manage your time wisely. You should prepare well. Practice singing and review well for the exams too. I see that these are both important things to you and to accomplish both, you should do a lot of wise time management. Aaaaaaand… since I have read that it’s an “evaluation exams”, try not to be overly anxious about the auditions while you’re taking the test. Just prepare well. Because when you know that you really have prepared well, there’s nothing to worry about, right?

      Believe that you can do it and you can do it!

      I hope we have helped you with your dilemma…
      Good Luck on your auditions & to your exams!


      • seanne shoewalker

        I think it is not that necessary because based on the things I’ve seen from the show, there are a lot of contestants that don’t speak Korean but they eventually got in, there are translators. So don’t worry about that.

        Good Luck on your audition!

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