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LEAKED! : (Yah, it’s audio this time) EXO’s Wolf?

You can access the ‘leaked’ version of Wolf here:

It really sounds like EXO-K but whatever comeback single the boys of EXO will be releasing (and no matter how long they will take to have this comeback) we should really advice all of you to: (yep, this is becoming a cliche too)

wo okay

We didn’t like the howling part and the falsettos too but I think that SM Ent. (even though I do not like like their attitude towards somethings sometimes) will never abandon these talented (and good-looking) boys so let’s just all patiently wait and now, that this thing is leaked, we hypothesize that they wouldn’t want it in the album and we really think they already resorted to change of plans. (add the fact that Tony Testa’s online resume deleted Wolf in it).

Let’s all wait and we hope ‘soon’ will not be that long.

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