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Hell yea let it be my EXODUS! (EXODUS Album Review)


EXO, now composed of ten members, came back with a stunningly made album “EXODUS”, showcasing each of the members’ improved skills in singing and rapping. It only goes to show that their group is totally moving forward to what happened in their last comeback. We welcome the new and improved faces of the group.

Stronger and Sexier. These are the two things that I saw in this album. More hip thrusts, flirtatious lines that will surely make the fangirls faint. From school boys who transformed into wolves, to sexy men in a cool sports car, let’s see and dig deeper to what has improved on each of the tracks on this album.

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NEWS: Winners From MAMA 2014!

It is the third year that the Mnet Asian Music Awards was held in Hong Kong and we must say, this year did not disappoint. With attendance from the biggest KPop idols to Korea’s most popular actors and actresses. You cannot expect less.

MAMA 2014

This year’s awards ceremony was full of amazing collaborations which started with a stunning number from Girl’s Day and Ailee which proseeded to an absolute epic stage from Epik High, John Legend belting out his famous song Green Light and All of Me, a Live Performance of Sokgyeokdong from IU and Seo Taiji, a stunner performance and comeback announcement from EXO  and  a very great performance from G-Dragon and Taeyang, you cannot help but adore this year’s awards show.

But as a requirement for all award shows, you need the awards and the winners.

So without further blabbering, here’s the list of this year’s MAMA 2014 winners!

Grand Prize
Artist of the Year – EXO
Song of the Year – Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang)
Album of the Year – Overdose (EXO)

Singer Awards
Best New Artist – WINNER
Best Male Artist – Taeyang
Best Female Artist – IU
Best Male Group – EXO
Best Female Group – SISTAR

Genre Awards
Best Dance Performance Male Group – INFINITE
Best Dance Performance Female Group – Girl’s Day
Best Dance Performance Solo – Sunmi (Full Moon)
Best Collaboration – SoYou x JungGigo (Some)
Best Vocal Performance Male – Taeyang
Best Vocal Performance Female – Ailee
Best Band Performance – CNBlue
Best Rap Performance – Epik High

Special Prizes
Best Music Video – 2PM (Go Crazy)
Best OST – LYn (My Destiny – You Who Came From the Stars)
Most Popular Vocalist – IU

Best Asian Style (voted via Twitter during the Red Carpet Event) – EXO
New Style in Music – Jun Joon Young
Favorite International Artist – John Legend
Favorite Music in China – Chopstick Brothers
KPop Fans’ Choice Male Award – INFINITE
KPop Fans’ Choice Female Award – TTS
For an award ceremony that everyone expects at the end of each and every year, MAMA is still one of the biggest and most anticipated and yes, I know we all had fun!

The ceremonies was held at Hong Kong’s Asia World Arena on December 3rd and it is hosted by actor Song Seung Hoon.

NEWS: Melon Music Awards 2014 WINNERS!

It’s already November and when you are in KPop, I know that you know what that means. The awards season is once again unfolding and the hardships of both the fans and the idols are once again reciprocated. So to start the KPop Awards Season, here rolls the Melon Music Awards 2014!


Melon Music Awards takes to account the winners based on both digital sales and online votes.

MMA 2014 also featured live performances from Girl’s Day, SISTAR, IU, AKMU, WINNER and Taeyang and a very special tribute to the Korean rock legend Shin Hae Chul and a special award was awarded to Ladies’ Code.

And this year’s winners are:

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The title says it all!

Please play the video below… =)

As reported earlier, SM addeed a concert date on the 23rd and to make this more exciting, based on the video above, this concert is directed by nontheless Tony Testa! So if ever you’re in Seoul and you are absolutely an EXO fan; Please don’t forget to watch EXO’s very first conert ever at Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium on May 23, 24 & 25!

credits: SMTown on YouTube

UPDATE: EXO The Lost Planet Additional Concert Date

It looks like EXO is on a roll!


As you might have heard earlier, EXO will be holding their very first concert in Seoul later this month and earlier today, SM just updated that they are adding another concert date for The Lost Planet. Instead of only seeing the boys on the 24th & the 25th, it seems like SM wants to see the concert a little earlier by moving the first concert day on the 23rd.

So your chances of attending the said concert just increased guys…. So “From EXO Planet – The Lost Planet in Seoul” will be held on May 23, 24 & 25 at Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium.

…and don’t forget to also catch the first stage of Overdose at M!Countdown at 6pm KST today & xoxo EXO tomorrow, May 9 at 10:10pm KST.

UPDATE: xoxo EXO’s Newest Teaser

It looks like EXO is not done overdosing you yet!

After all the delays and all the waiting, finally, here’s the latest teaser for EXO’s xoxo EXO!

Yes! Mnet is finally airing xoxo EXO’s first episode on May 9 at 10:10pm KST.

So make sure that you won’t miss that out!

credits: Mnet’s YouTube channel


After dozens of website crashes, re- uploads from the Comeback Showcase, highlight medleys, multiple leaks, and a very long delay, here is EXO with their cool-slash-sexy MVs!

Check out their Music Videos below!











SMTOWN’s YouTube Channel


– The Key

NEWS: EXO Overdose on May 7th!

Mark your calendar guys! This time, it is for real!

EXO Overdosed

After waiting for a long, EXO is finally making their comeback this May 7th! As stated by SM Entertainment on a press release this afternoon: “We thank the fans who have waited for EXO’s mini-album Overdose. EXO’s mini-album Overdose, which release schedule was temporarily delayed upon hearing the news regarding the Sewol Ferry Tragedy to pay respect to the incident, will be released on May 7th. SM Entertainment & EXO will do our best and we hope to be sources of strength and comfort.

So let’s get ready to be Overdosed and anticipate this much awaited comeback of EXO!

…and be sure to also check out the boys’ concert on the 24th and 25th!

NEWS: EXO’s Luhan & Baekhyun Casted!

With all these rumors flying around regarding Luhan & Baekhyun vying for roles, finally, SM has confirmed both!

Luhan & Baekhyun

Luhan is casted for the Chinese remake of the Korean movie “Miss Granny” which has the title “Back to 20” and he is said to portray the role of the grandson of the lead role. Back to 20 is said to start filming on May 20.

On the other hand, Baekhyun has been casted as the lead role, Don Lockwood for the Korean production of the musical “Singing in the Rain”. He has been casted alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun & SHINee’s Onew. Singing in the Rain will be playing starting June 5 up until August 4 at Chungmoo Arts Hall.

Congratulations & Good Luck to both Luhan & Baekhyun!

NEWS: EXO Welcomes You to the Lost Planet

EXO have just had their Comeback Show last night but it looks like the boys of EXO are on a run as SM launched the first teaser for EXO’s first ever concert – The Lost Planet in Seoul!



EXO’s “The Lost Planet” will be held on May 24 & 25 at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Hall!

Check out EXO’s teaser video for this concert below!

credits: SMTown channel on YouTube