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OMO: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb~~~~! DAMN IT WON’T STOP! – [Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb MV Review]

I regret not reviewing Happiness last year so I am not missing this chance ever!

If you are still reading up to this point I can see that you are still not hooked with the title and you haven’t seen the MV yet, so come join the high watch the video below! NOW!

I unknowingly, subconsciously, followed the teasers for this MV and from the earlier snippets of it kind of already gave the vibe that ‘Dumb Dumb’ will alot be more experimental and crazier than any other SM-produced MVs out there. And it did stood up to that reputation.

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A/N: First of all, yes this is my first time doing an album review in this blog and I hope I am doing it right. I’m really clueless about this so forgive me if I commit some mistakes along the way. Yes, I think the blog is back with its regular programming and sorry if I the blog just returned after such a long time.


ODD is SHINee’s 4th studio album and unlike their previous albums, SHINee took a break from their usual ‘complextro’ and took on another step towards Pop-Dance this time. ODD is composed of eleven full-length tracks which were composed and written with the likes of Kenzie, The Jam Factory, The Underdogs even SHINee’s very own Kin Jonghyun and many more. So shall we start our track-by-track mini review? 🙂

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KPop Releases: SM’s BeatBurger Project

SM through their official YouTube channel has just announced their artists’ collaborative project with BeatBurger and first to be up is none other than *drumroll please*, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk!

The collaboration resulted in a almost jazzy urban Hip hop track matched with an equally sleek Eunhyuk dance moves.

So click the play button below to check it out.


And be sure to be on the look out for the next collaborating artist.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

NEWS: Hi There EXO-L!

For two years now EXO fans have been waiting to get their share of an official fandom name and it looks like today is that day!

SM has officially named the fandom as “EXO-L”!

And to have an official announcement regarding their official fandom name, please watch EXO on the video below.

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NEWS: SM’s New Girl Group!

SM did confirm last week that they are indeed preparing to debut a girl group after a long time but who would have guessed that they are doing it after a week?!

Red Velvet!

It looks like they are debuting with a song entitled “Happiness” although their exact debut date and their MV release date is yet been confirmed.

Please anticipate more from this newest addition to SM’s idol group line up and please check their official website: redvelvet.smtown.com

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

OMO: Re-e-e-e-ed Light! – [f(x)’s Red Light Review]

I anticipated a lot for this f(x) comeback after I realized that they were treated really underrated last year because I felt Pink Tape deserved more than what they have got from last year. So when their ghostly-anime-fugitive-party-girl teasers came out. That expectation just shot up somewhere outside our visible universe. Then the previews happened and that group pic with “WARNING! Five cats will have a surprise attack at 00:00AM” happened and the highlight medley happened and I just can’t help but to expect for the best. So July 3, 2014 finally happened and I played f(x)’s Red Light MV.




So when the phone rang and the beat started then Krystal sang that “Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Wait A Minute!” and Sulli followed after, The song got my attention but when the drop of beat was made, I knew that there was something wrong and it was just like IGAB once again. I was like “NOOOOOOOOO!!! SM you just didn’t do that again! Not to f(x)! Damn it!”

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ToBeRS: f(x)’s Red Light MV Teaser

We hope you got their warning.

Here is f(x)’s Music Video Teaser

f(x)’s 3rd full-length album – Red Light will be officially be released on July 7 and Red Light’s MV release and f(x)’s comeback stage will be happening on July 3!

So stay excited!

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

NEWS: f(x) 5th Set of Teaser Photos + MILK Preview + Group Teaser Photo & WARNING

I know you are intrigued, so here comes Amber!




Last night, f(x) released a preview for their single “MILK”, an urban r&B track,  which is included in their upcoming album Red Light. Another preview is set to be released  for their single entitlted “All Night”.



AND of course! Here are the rest of Amber’s teaser photos!























Just when you thought that that is the end of their teaser…. uhmmm… NO!
Here’s f(x)’s Group Teaser Photo!


and in case you haven’t heard their warning…

f(x) warning


credits: f(x)’s official website & SM IDOL’s YouTube channel 

NEWS: f(x) 4th Set of Teaser Photos + Info about Song Previews!

It seem the moon will be shining its Red Light, Luna’s teasers are rolling in today!








SM announced today that they are going to preview 2 songs from f(x)’s Red Light! The first one will be previewed today on f(x)’s official website followed by another tomorrow. f(x) is set to comeback with a electrohouse track with full intensity and melody. f(x)’s comeback stage will be on M!Countdown on July 3.

On the other hand, f(x)’s 3rd full-length album Red Light will be released on July 7!

So who’s excited?!
(I know we are!)


AND as always, please stay tuned for more of Luna’s teaser photos that are coming in every single hour!














credits: f(x)’s official website & XSportsNews

NEWS: f(x) 3rd Set of Teaser Photos!

Make way for the leader!

It’s Victoria’s day today!

Following the teaser photos for Krystal & Sulli, today f(x) unveiled Victoria’s set of photos for f(x)’s latest album – Red Light!







f(x) is set to fascinate their fans with their distinctive and creative concept for Red Light.

The comeback stage for f(x) will be on M! Countdown on the 3rd followed by Music Bank, Show! Music Core and Inkigayo on the 4th, 5th and 6th of July.

…and make sure to make yourselves bask on f(x)’s “Red Light”, their 3rd full-length album, which is set to be released on the 7th of July!

As we get used to it by now, please scroll down for more of Victoria’s teaser photos!






















credits: f(x) official website