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OMO: Oppas Are Growing Up – [D&E’s Growing Pains MV Review]

Who waited for this to come out because they are intrigued?

*raises hand*


Yes. The previews tickled my inquisitive side because Why on Earth are they crying?!!! I was not disappointed on the answer. It is one hell of a storyline. I love it!

First things first; We all know that these Super Junior subunit-slash-duo does not do ‘serious’ and ’emotional’, right? I bet you all have seen both Oppa Oppa and Motorcycle, right? They are funky, playful, bright and groove worthy but they are Continue reading


AUGUST KPOP WRAP- UP! (Which of them stood out the most?)

This August  the comebacks of many K-Pop artists arrived to compete for the crown, which is kind of interesting and exciting since they all targeted for the same month. Some of which even had the same name. It also marked the rise of new K-Pop groups that, surprisingly, got the most attention in their debut song. But there are some downfalls to some groups that were involved in some issues that may affect their careers.  In chronological order (not really), we list the things which, for us, stood up the most this August!


This August had the most amazing debuts I have seen thus far for their huge popularity on their first song!

KWrUp 1st segment pic 1


The two newly debuted groups, Red Velvet (SMEnt) and Winner (YG), showed their unique and charismatic styles that really swept the charts. Red Velvet’s surprising debut of “Happiness” showcased the colors and quirkiness that will surely make us happy for. They also showcased their singing that will completely amaze us all. And in terms of the MV, it’s a perfect one to meet all our expectations, even surpassing them. It’s a nice strategy for SM Entertainment to surprise us with a new girl group that has a big potential, especially to the K-Pop scene.

Next is the awaited debut of WINNER with their two songs “Color Ring” and “EMPTY”. One thing that made them stood amongst other K-Pop groups is the vibe they set for their album. And their gloomy-slash-heartbroken feels to their music is a ‘perfecto’.

KWrUp 1st segment pic 2

Both showed their amazing skill in the scene that will surely set another standard.


Speaking of standards, other K-Pop groups are also in line with others for their new releases that will make their fans go spazzin’.

KWrUp 2nd segment pic 1

Starting off with Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat”.  The melody was kind of weird for me at first, and as it builds up, the cuteness adds up to the vibe of the song. And their interactive MV made me pause the video to see what is missing from both sides. Undeniably, K-Pop girl groups are not complete without their sexiness. (But seriously, I STILL  CAN’T FIND THEM FROM A LARGE CROWD OF PEOPLE DANCING!)

Talking about sexiness, let the sexiness begin with Hyuna’s “Red”, and Sistar’s “I Swear”.

Hyuna’s “Red” never failed to describe “sexy” with the twerking and the melody that is a- maze. Beauty and passion is a plus for her too. Another will make you feel good about summer like never before with Sistar’s “I Swear”.

KWrUp 2nd segment pic 2

Did someone say SUMMER? For Sistar perfected the elements of summer with the song “I Swear”! Swimming? Check. Swimming Outfits? Check. Parties? Check! The video is a blast! And the song is upbeat, yet it hadn’t lost its sexy and summer factor that surely satisfies us all. “I Swear” is a good follow- up from last month’s “Touch My Body”, not missing all the fun and excitement while summer hasn’t ended yet. Sistar is a sweet danger this month.

KWrUp 2nd Segment pic 3


Speaking of danger (hell yea I love segues!), this month is the battle of “DANGER” by Taemin and BTS. Taemin went for a Michael Jackson type bad boy and danced smoothly as what we all can expect. Meanwhile, BTS also had theirs, but down the subway, with the crashing and punching and some cool dance moves as well. I won’t talk about this for long, either way; they both had their amazing performances (Let’s love everyone!).

Last but not the least, Super Junior went ‘ayaya!’ for their new song “MAMACITA”. The rhythm and the lyrics are not really that hard, that’s why it’s a plus for them so they can make people go ‘ayaya!’ as well. Cheers to everyone who worked very hard for August! (A review by the head writer will discuss this further)


We all know the things Dispatch has been releasing around the internet, and it’s SM that, we think, is the main target of the buzzes this month. Starting off with Sulli-Choiza issue.

The dating rumors have ended when SME, together with Amoeba Culture, confirmed about each other’s mutual feelings for each other! Both parties said that they started with a hoobae- sunbae relationship then developed to what they are now. Meanwhile some rumors about Sulli leaving her group f(x) are still left unanswered by her entertainment agency.

Buzzing, you say? For a rookie group member Kemy from A.KOR buzzed the whole world released a diss track talking about Bom of 2NE1 and the rumors about her using prescription drugs for medication. DOO Republic, the said rookie’s entertainment agency spoke up about this controversy and explained that “it was only a submission for a rap competition”.


Now let’s go see some positivity from last month!

KWrUp last segment

EXOTICS? EXO- Stan? EXO- Global? IT’S EXO- L! Coming from the middle of the letter K (EXO- K) and M (EXO- M), EXO- L stands for “EXO- LOVE” and will be used by EXO fans all around the world. After the announcement of the fandom name was the release of the site where you can register as a fan! EXO- L, come check it out before it ends!

More from EXO is their new show, EXO 90:2014 where they gather to interview some of the groups that were famous from 90’s K-Pop scene. Each member are tasked for a music video for a certain group. SM Rookies also show their potential by dancing some of the 90’s hits in Korea. Can’t wait for the next debut!

Lastly, the new show Apink Showtime! Apink emerged greatly on the -Pop scene that we are also about to experience how it feels like to be them on their reality show where they show their true characters each day. On the coming days are some other episodes that will make us feel all things! Fighting Apink!

But truly, K-Pop will never run out of surprises and colors as they continue to shine all over the world, making their music globally competitive. Who wants to see more of them?! I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO, YES PLEASE!!!!


**To catch up from last month’s affairs at K-Pop I decided to make something like this Wrap- Up. I hope you enjoyed last month as well!**

KPop Releases: SM’s BeatBurger Project

SM through their official YouTube channel has just announced their artists’ collaborative project with BeatBurger and first to be up is none other than *drumroll please*, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk!

The collaboration resulted in a almost jazzy urban Hip hop track matched with an equally sleek Eunhyuk dance moves.

So click the play button below to check it out.


And be sure to be on the look out for the next collaborating artist.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

NEWS: EXO’s Luhan & Baekhyun Casted!

With all these rumors flying around regarding Luhan & Baekhyun vying for roles, finally, SM has confirmed both!

Luhan & Baekhyun

Luhan is casted for the Chinese remake of the Korean movie “Miss Granny” which has the title “Back to 20” and he is said to portray the role of the grandson of the lead role. Back to 20 is said to start filming on May 20.

On the other hand, Baekhyun has been casted as the lead role, Don Lockwood for the Korean production of the musical “Singing in the Rain”. He has been casted alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun & SHINee’s Onew. Singing in the Rain will be playing starting June 5 up until August 4 at Chungmoo Arts Hall.

Congratulations & Good Luck to both Luhan & Baekhyun!



I was tasked (I volunteered, actually) to make an album review for SM the Ballad’s “BREATH”. I got very excited and today, I am much honored to be the second ‘guest author’ in this blog (Yes, I am a guest author). So, I will save the introduction for later :)) .


Breath Album Cover



So, last February 13, 2014, SM Entertainment released the most awaited album, entitled “BREATH”. With the gathering of the new line- up of artists to sing for the album, it surely is interesting to see another concept that defies love in an instance. It consists of 10 tracks, including three versions (Korean, Japanese and Chinese) of the songs ‘Breath’ and ‘Blind’.

The day I watched the teaser for the full album, I concluded that it is a compilation of BREAK- UP songs.  The album is a story that is being unfolded at each of the tracks, and it created a very successful portrayal of “Heart Break”. Cheers to SM! Anyway, let’s get right through the tracks, shall we?

Note: The following plot is made from the writer’s weird imagination. Some parts of the plot came from the lyrics, others are just for internet humor.


Breath Plot

**A melody starts off. The clouds are not in good terms with the reader’s feelings. There goes thunder and rain, a story is about to be seen, DEAR**


1. DEAR…

This one is a good starting point before hearing the full album itself. I consider this one- minute audio as the ‘mood setter’. With the sound of the rainfall, to the slow piano melody and to the mixing of orchestral sadness, this gradually made my very jolly day into a very sad one. A very effective start for the upcoming BREAK- UP songs.


** Both people are holding their phones and they are waiting for each other’s calls. Both are reminiscing good memories and keep letting out a sigh while tears fall to their faces. Each of them shows that they regret their parting to each other, and that they still both love each other the same way as before. They both want to achieve one thing, which is to at least hear each other’s BREATH (Award- Winning Plotline Level:  SM)**




2. BREATH (sung by Taeyeon (SNSD) and Jonghyun (SHINee) in Korean, f (Krystal) and Changmin/Max (TVXQ!) in Japanese and Chen (EXO) and Zhang Li Yin in Chinese)

This is the best BREAK- UP song I have heard so far. This is the ballad that continues the melody of the first track ‘Dear…’ For what I have seen, it is has a very lonely tune that has a feeling of ‘REGRET’ to it.  The lyrics of the song jive to the feeling of the melody itself, making it my frequently played song on this album.  Also, even when you watch the music video of this song, it creates the most intense gloom. A complete package for a BREAK- UP song. Since it has three versions, the version which struck me the most? I’ll leave it up to you people. (Those three versions are freaking good I can’t even choose which is better!)


** In the aftermath, a man had a great loss for his love. He blamed himself for being too into her that it made her tired. The crucial time where he realized that ‘love’ is already gone, ‘greed’ came on a rise instead. He was too BLIND to see it at first. The man tries to forget the past but finds it very hard to do for his love still remains for her.**


3. BLIND (sung by Yesung (Super Junior) in Korean and Japanese, and Zhoumi (Super Junior-M) in Chinese)

This song is the best representation of how can love gets to a point that it is too CRAZY to continue. In the lyrics it literally described HEART- BREAK as VERY CRAZY THAT IT LEFT A VERY CRAZY DEEP SCAR (soo crazy). This song created a good feeling that the listeners can relate and follow through until the end of the song. It taught me a great lesson: BEWARE, OVERFLOWING LOVE KILLS. LOVE MODERATELY. I can say it is a hell of a good story. (fan-fic worthy, everyone!)


**The boy thinks it’s too easy for her to forget their love, but it was the same instance for her. She tries to put those good memories on a blur but it gets clearer after. She kept on shedding tears. Therefore she shouted…**




4. SET ME FREE (sung by Taeyeon of SNSD)

                I love this song as well. I think it is the girl version of the song Blind, looking like it is the response of the girl to what the man is feeling right now. For what I have experienced, the lyrics are so remarkable that everyone can follow through unlike other songs that do not repeat the same lines.
Looking at the plot, you can feel the way the woman tries so hard to forget those past memories of them, resembled to the song as her precious stones to him. The heartfelt melody gradually puts you into sadness that the song should give. Nice Job Taeyeon.

**After some time, the man has moved on, and he disregards what his love would be thinking on what he does before. He is now thinking only for himself. But he still remembers those good days, feeling like he already had no reason for his doings to be hated nor loved. (The writer stops his too heartfelt plot and goes on shopping. He sees Chen of EXO, got excited for some time. Being an EXO-stan, he gets back to typing his album review and tries not to be too biased about his review for “A DAY WITHOUT YOU”)**





5. A DAY WITHOUT YOU (sung by Jonghyun of SHINee Chen of EXO)

(I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I SO. LOVE. IT!! CHEAN IS SINGING THEN.. oops, sorry XD) *coughs. Let’s get straight to the point.
The slow beat in this song slightly gets rid of all the sadness in the earlier songs, since it changes from very sad to moderately-sad-to-happy state. It’s simply exceptional to see how the flow of the tracks in this album gradually changes your mood. (When I hear this song I feel like shopping, which is my unique compliment.) In the song, it was described that he feels free after his break- up with his love, but he is still longing for her.
It’s a good duet by Jonghyun and Chen. I also like the part where they said, “I can’t believe, yes it’s true…” in English. Their extraordinary vocal ranges always give me goosebumps, a good blend of singers in a nice song.
**Both stated: “WHEN I WAS with you, WHEN YOU WERE with me, we used to have those good times. I keep on recalling them. But today, I think it’s time to really let go of that feeling. Like what they say, there will come a time where we will change. I hope you will be happy. Goodbye.” And thus ended their wonderful love to each other… *END**


6. WHEN I WAS… WHEN U WERE…(sung by f (Krystal) and Chen of EXO)

This song is so meaningful it made my mind appreciate love and acceptance. Each line of the lyrics is closely related to each other, signifying love and its deep connection to the seasons. It’s also fun to read in the lines of the song in which it recalls the good things that happened with his/her love, and they look at it positively than before. As what the song says, ‘seasons endlessly change’, and therefore the same as through with love: it endlessly changes until we find the right kind of meaning to it, with the right one at your side.


A scene from ‘Flower Boy Next Door’

The melody of the guitar and more feels like it came from Flower Boy Next Door OST. It fits in the part where they look afar from each other through their glass walls and windows. It’s a good HEART BREAK song that keeps its melody moderately up. The part where the long ‘ooohs’ occur gives me a relaxing feeling. It’s a nice song, my favorite song in the album as well.


                All in all I liked all the songs in the Album ‘BREATH’ . A nice way to see SM Entertainment do some artist collaborations to keep making and developing wonderful voices, as to what is present, showcasing their balladeers. Even though I used the word ‘HEART BREAK’ six times and made a plot for this album, I hope to see another volume of SM the Ballad that did a great job this year. Congratulations SME!


By the way, thank you very much to Try A Little Kpop for this opportunity.


SM the Ballad’s Breath? We got this Pen Sealed! (My blog: http://pensealed.wordpress.com/ )

-The Key









NEWS: Eunhyuk, Kris and Taecyeon MCs for 2013 Asia Song Festival

Super Junior’s Eunhuk, EXO’s Kris and 2PM’s Taecyeon are announced to be the MCs for this year’s Asia Song Festival that will be held on Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium on October 9th.


2PM, EXO, Girls Day, Z:EA, Crayon Pop, Block B, Dynamic Duo and No Brain are set to perform and 7ICONS (Thailand), MYMP (Philippines), Thelma Aoyama (Japan) are set to represent their respective countries.

Asia Song Festival 2013

Marking its 10th year, Asia Song Festival 2013’s main purpose is “to enable cultural exchange through activation and the promotion of the interests of each country to contribute to the field of popular music”.

credits: newsen.com , visitkorea.or.kr

Random Thoughts: Yesung Enlisting Next Month, The PRE-Sequel of T-ara’s Controversy & Psy’s Gentleman

So yep. Yesung (Super Junior) will be enlisting on May 6th as previously reported by all of the KPop sites that we are all reading.  He is definitely spending his time left with his family these days. We all wish him good luck in his stay in the army!

credits for this photo: as watermarked

credits for this photo: as watermarked

T-ara is coming up with a sub-unit. After their controversy (Hwayoung bullying issue) they seem to be unstoppable on trying to move on but a few days ago, they are being criticized on an Op-Ed  because of ‘not having designated a proper amount of time to contemplate on things that they have done’ due to  the ‘disturbance’ that have caused during the Hwayoung controversy.

I don’t know if I have any T-ara fan (Queen’s) readers but I am not such a fan of this group. I mean, I have danced to Rolly Polly a lot because it is definitely addicting dance music but I think I am not just into their concepts and such and I really don’t know about CCM (Core Contents Media) artists but they seem not to gain any attention from me (or, maybe, the company’s marketing strategy is not working on me). Sure, I know Eunjung, Qri (because she’s the cute one) and Jiyeon but the rest of the girls are a bit blurry in my memory. I didn’t even know Hwayoung until her bullying incident! (Yah, I bit unforgivable, right?)


This ‘Hwayoung issue’ pre-sequel is a bit foreign to me because of the questioned ‘contemplating time’. I don’t know about other country’s customs on sins, contemplating and forgiveness but if we try to recall on things: CCM and T-ara are not even sorry if ever T-ara did or did not bullied their ex-member. (How about that?! They’re a bit s****y on that one) In the end, they actually expelled Hwayoung right?


I don’t know the whole story on this but I will just try to remind you people: No one will progress if they continually step down on other people. (And where the hell did their ‘new member’ Dani went? Remember, Dani? The one that was casted in School 2013? No? Yes? I don’t blame you.)

Let’s have a positive outlook on things! Shall we?

In case you’ve been sent to outer space this weekend: Psy’s New Song has just been released last Friday on 12am (your country’s time, yep, New Zealand got to listen to the song first)and the MV was released, the next day, Saturday. By Sunday morning (we’re talking about KST), it already got 6M views, by lunch it got 10M views and by the end of that day a whooping 20M views was recorded. Whoa! moment, right? The MVs YouTube hits is rising as I write this and it’s rising fast (and I am not doing any macros about the hits anymore, ‘cause it’s not stopping to rise)

I will be doing a review on Gentleman so I’m not going to say a lot about it on this post but yah: “MOTHER FATHER GENTLEMAN!”