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OMO: You and All The Things He Has Been Through – [G.Soul’s You MV Review]

It is quite a debut explosion these year so yes, we are with the second review for a debut this year and don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am actually having fun. This is really refreshing. It is nice.

There is one thing that I really really really wanted to tell the whole of KPop this whole time. And it is the fact that if you are looking for great voices, you should definitely turn to JYP’s direction. Their talents have amazing vocalization and they have quite amazing ranges. If there is an agency that takes vocal training seriously, I think it is JYP. Although the agency has been flying quite beneath other giants last year, I think they are plotting something and G. Soul is the start of their revenge.

I mean, if you trained for fifteen years and if you went through all the things that he had went through. Well, those experiences will definitely shape up quite a talent.

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OMO: Ain’t Nobody’s Crazier Than This Girl – [HA:TFELT’s (Yenny) Ain’t Nobody MV Review]

I just happen to notice that I do not really review JYP music videos that much, so here is one and I happen to admire this MV so much.

Whether you admit it or not, you miss the Wonder Girls but the group is on an indefinite hiatus so for now, let’s enjoy their solo activities just like this one; HA:TFELT from Yenny.

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OMO: O-OMONA! Girls Girls Girls Must Love Them? – [GOT7’s Girls Girls Girls MV Review]

Before anything else, Hi there GOTCHAs! Yep! They already have their official fandom name. JYP’s fast. I know.


Let’s take a look at that MV immediately! If you still have not seen the MV, which is very unlikely, but just in case as always, please play it now. It is probably poster after the next sentence or after a smiley. Thank You! =)

The first thing that will grab your attention for this music video is their Wheelman. What is a Wheelman? Well, they are the crossbreed of a skateboard and a motorcycle, a crossboard but it is of a different company and you get to place your feet through the wheels. Yep. To make it simple and more obvious, they are the ones that the boys are riding at the start of the video. I think JYP is now accumulating more unusual thing too.


Let’s go back to the main point of this review.

Truthfully, the beat of this song sounds oddly familiar. I think I have heard it from some other song earlier (what’s with this similar familiar beat thing this year KPop?!) which turn me off a bit when I played it because we all know how capable JYP is on mixing melodies and sounds and most of the time when he does that, it results in a very relatable and hit tracks. And to answer your question if this single is composed by THE JYP himself, the answer would be YES, he composed Girls Girls Girls and I also do not know where the JYP whisper went. I kind of miss it now too. (Who ever thought that we will all be missing it eventually? Haha!) The lyrics or the rap lines are quite surprising for a JYP song though. Bragging? I never saw them this brag-y. Maybe it is part of their strategy to hook the younger audiences and yes, most of rap these days are self-centered. Ehem.


The group somehow pulled the “braggy and confident” image though. They were really exuding self-confidence there but you can still see a hint of shyness and self-doubt, just a bit. The shyness added up to the cuteness. I think that they are routing for the rough badass rule-breaking high school-er or whatever “manly” means but sorry guys, they are still cute for now. Check out on me again after a couple of years and I’ll re-evaluate…. And, and, and they are still really young.

The story line of this music video does not have that much aside from the opening scene where they portrayed to be in high school with a kind of rule breaking-kind of cool atmosphere. It was a fine story thing and the girl at the beginning I think will be the next Sohee. The hidden youngsters club is cool but a little flawed considering that the whole place was a hole in the wall and I wonder if the neighboring establishments never wondered where all the noise was coming from. The earing drop thing and the urge to return it back and being Pandora about it is a nice twist to reveal the youngsters club. It all started with an earring ei?

GOT7Jackson Earring

I am having mixed opinions about the choreography though. I don’t know if I actually hate it or it is just okay. I know that we are all in awe about their air flying thing and how easy they can do handstands but where are not just looking out for highlights, we also have to consider the whole routine. The steps are really quite simple and it is not really that complicated, well, besides the slow-mo cartwheel and the flying things of course. The omona part was, okay, cute and besides those things, I am not really sure if their routine for this is really memorable. I expected more for their dance really. This is JYP by the way and iconic dances are their forte, honestly speaking. I bet if you heard “Again and Again”, you’ll do the thumbs-up-thread mill dance and if I say “I Can’t Breathe” you’ll probably do the fainting dance. See how they stick to your mind and how addicting JYP dances are? Not to mention “Nobody” and how ground breaking it is. Well, we can probably remember Girls Girls Girls routine by the flying thing but we cannot imitate it just as easy as we imitate other JYP routine which is a bit sad of a reality but a bit great also. I guess their dance is okay. I still haven’t pointed out that their choreography will be better if they were all dancing to it in synch but then again, I guess they are also concentrating on their flying routine. That’s really dangerous and if I were them, I’ll be really concerned and focused on that too. As I think of it now, maybe it is a good routine that they can all improve to be the best routine and, yeah, I really don’t like them to pause while one or two of them flies. I am not saying that for the benefit of this group only. I don’t like dead air pauses even for other groups who does flying things. (Yes, this paragraph also deserves a title, let’s all call it => The Flying Paragraph. Ugh! I used “Flying” a lot)


I just hope that for their comeback, they are more in synch and whatever JYP has come out with by then, it will be more ground breaking and mind blowing which I think they are actually concocting now (… or not. They are still going to debut other groups this year.)

To argue with my own self, I think that this group is really bankable. Considering how many fans they have managed to have for such a short period of time. I think they have the charisma to pull people. I think JYP should focus on that.

Grafitti in Korea

Honestly, when JYP announced that they will be launching a “Hip Hop Group”, I was a bit doubtful by what he wanted Hip Hop would be. JYP was doing great with retro, pop and ballad. That’s the agency’s forte anyways and supplying KPop with Hip Hop groups is another agency’s agenda, you know what I mean right? I am not saying that 2PM’s 10 out of 10 that debuted the group seven years ago do not sound anything like Hip Hop. It was hip hop but it was waaaaayyy more generic pop than Hip Hop but the beastly but cute part did the trick. I mean, who would not want beastly cute-looking guys to rank your looks and deliberately say that you’re 10 out of 10? 2PM was market as, like what I have said, “BEASTLY” idols with six packs and all and they were doing tumbling and back flips and all. They were really doing acrobatics, and that’s where JYP’s trademark of flying artists came from. It was really cool seeing a shift from the cheesiness of things back then.

These days are a different story. The agency just straight-forwardly said that Hey! We are launching a Hip Hop Group and well, that’s it. No beastly, no cute, no Hey! They are going to be handsome. The looks of them are just well, up to us. No appearance adjective suggestions. The only characterization they all told us are; one, they are going to do Hip Hop. Two, they are going to still do back flips but instead of landing immediately, they will momentarily fly in the air (Yes, that’s what I think “martial arts” tricking is). Three, from our own observations, they are all younger than most of us who have probably went into liking KPop during the Second Generation Era.

But what intrigued us more, probably, is that we all have seen them once and they did good rap in that one time and we all thought that maybe THE JYP is taking Hip Hop seriously these days. Well, I will not say that he was joking with the whole thing either. He looks like he is going to make this thing work (oh well, it already worked! It did clicked to most of us) and I think he did well this time.


GOT IT Mini-album, Mini-Review Time!

–   Hello was the track that made me realize that JYP is really serious about his Hip Hop nowadays. The chorus is a bit outlying in terms of the vanished beat when it plays but it somehow managed to blend well with the lyrics.

–   I Like You is trying to hypnotize you with that repeating voice. Believe Me! On my normal note, I like the sudden transition towards the chorus. This song is meant to flatter you despite your imperfections just like how many girls like it. I guess it worked huh?

–   Follow Me is the opening beat for the Girls Girls Girls MV just in case you were wondering and I think that this should be track 1 in this mini-album.

–   Like Oh is not that striking and a bit out of place.

–   Playground proved to all of us that GOT7 does not only rap, they also sing! This is actually the most out of place track in this album but maybe they are trying to show us variety. Who am I even kidding here? This is JYP. You should sing first before you can enter, right? This is a nice track. If you haven’t heard this yet, well, go ahead play it now!

If you are looking for an album to play over and over again with cohesiveness to it, this is not it BUT if you are looking for an album which can prove to you that rookies these days can kill, PLAY THIS! It gives you a bit of variety, a bit of doubt and a bit of awe that YES! JYP is really venturing on the genre that you all thought they lack at.

This debut proved to us that JYP was not really venturing on being dormant last year, they are planning for this year last year. They are having brain wrecking activities that includes plans of making a comeback to all of that happened. They are resurfacing guys, to other labels out there: Watch out!
credits: jypentertainment

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GOT7 Drops Girls Girls Girls MV

JYP’s new boy group released their debut MV today entitled “Girls Girls Girls”. You can watch it below.

GOT7’s debut showcase will be today and their mini-album will be out on the 20th.


credits: jypentertainment channel on YouTube

OMO: One Spring Day (Our hearts were ripped out of our chests) – 2AM’s One Spring Day MV Review

So, dear readers, how many of us have their hearts broken after a veeeeerrryyyy long relationship? It’s not so nice right? If I could just spare the conscience and concern trying to figure out if it was us or them. (Don’t worry, it’s both party’s fault, don’t ever blame yourselves people).

2am great lighting

Before this post turns into a Love Advice segment, let us talk about the MV in question, okay?

heart wrenching mv2

First question: who in the entire world would leave Lim Seulong? (Like, What the Hell Girl! What were you thinking?!). Off to a more serious note…

I think this is a great song to welcome White Day or just a great way to get over V-day. Have you ever noticed the cycle of themes that some variety shows does before, during and after Valentines? It is like they were all (1) getting-to-know, honey moon like stage. Then for some unknown reason they are (2) Already together. They jumped from the unknown to something really touchy and such. Then (3) Things got sour and finally, (4) They just decided to get over it. (It was just a piece of cake that you can throw like nothing) What do we know? At this very moment the theme is: GET OVER IT. People just leave you out of the blue (because, yah, love sucks people! and I am such a bitter person!)

2am ladder

The MV’s storyline started from a very lovely couple having the time of their lives together and after sometime (the lyrics actually says three years, yes, that’s a very long time) the relationship grew sour. The girl decided to leave him and at this very moment, he is reminiscing moments of that lovely relationship and he is still concern about her (what a nice guy, isn’t it? where could I find such? If you happen to know one you can contact me at….. er. joke! hehehe!)

2am piano

The MV decided to go a very light ambience (Like what the title said: ‘Spring day’) which is somehow opposite the theme that the song is trying to portray – leaving and being left alone. But then again, that is the point of the whole Spring theme: ‘cold but with a bright sunshine’ it is like ‘alone but I still somehow care’. I like the idea of each door having a certain moment in a memory. It’s not all good memories but (reality check people) that what makes you relate to it. Life is not just about good memories. There’s one glitch though, what’s up with the wood carving? It doesn’t look like her (REALLY!) but I like it that the MV is really relaxed. (A timeout for all of the dance themed MVs that have come and will surely come). Thank God for ballad groups!

I really, really love the song. The lyrics makes you want to go with it and laugh and cry with the (‘laugh and cry’) line. It makes you reminisce too then it will make you wonder if there are still such men. (Oh God, Media you made me lost all my faith in humanity.)It is very touching and relatable and like what I have said on my intro paragraph: there are people somewhere out there that did went through this kind of stuff.

The members of 2AM really look neat and handsome for this particular MV and it adds to the appeal of the MV. The one thing that’s very remarkable about this group is that they have voices that can snatch your heart to the point that they can make you feel the heartbreak that they want you to feel. I remember ‘Confession to a Friend’ and I freaking wanted to throw stuff on that imaginary ‘friend’ (whoever she is) and want to say straight to her face that: “Hey! He wants you! Can’t you FREAKING see it?!” Their songs leaves you affected which I think is good.

This is the kind of song that you want to play on a rainy day and you just want to remember things (bad & good) that had happened and you are glad they did happen while snuggling with a pillow holding a warm coffee (or a hot chocolate). Snuggle weather song it is

2am group shot

P.S (For all of the people who are confused)

  • Why is this music video posted on Big Hit Entertainment’s channel instead of JYP’s?
    -Big Hit is a subsidiary of JYP. Therefore, this is STILL JYP (I was a bt confused too at frirst)


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credits: Big Hit’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/ibighit)

Random Thoughts: Chansung’s Acting, Wonder Girls (Indirect Disbandment), Purplay’s Name and Choreography, Shinee’s Comeback and Things (that passed my mind this week)

A week ago Chansung’s (2PM) first acting project, 7th Grade Civil Servant was aired and he stars alongside with Joo Won (from Baker King) and Choi Kang Hee (from Protect the Boss). (Because my mom is an avid Kdrama follower) I had the chance to see how he did on the debut episodes of the show. I guess he did well for a Kdrama starter and he does look good in a suit and in a military uniform (always). He plays a role of an ex-military officer whom fought in a war and he has this kind of trauma that involves a young girl shooting people in a camp. I could go on for spoilers here but I won’t do that and I would just suggest that you should check out the drama because I heard that it is on top of the rating’s chart on its designated timeslot.


Yes, Sunye got married almost two weeks ago and (another), yes, JYP announced that the other members would do solo activities but why did not just made it direct or something? Is this an indirect disbandment? Would Sunye comeback? I guess the company has nothing tangible to hold on to and they too do not know where this thing will go. They did a (maybe) final performance (wait for it) “before Sunye moves to Canada”. <= That quoted phrase puts me in a lot of frustration, really! So, JYP, did they just disbanded (without us knowing)? Can the Wonder Girls just disappear like that? I mean, they did went under a lot of things: Nobody was a definite hit, they did the US thing and they put a lot of effort in studying the foreign language, they went through a lot of jet lags, did a Nick series, and they danced Like This. I guess, JYP did the best decision ever when he let Sunye get married and he is the best CEO ever for that but what about the rest of the members?


They are hinting that the Wonder Girls will get dissolved and the individual members will go on solo. Again, the effort of building the ‘Wonder Girls’ brand… (*sigh*) (Can’t we just get or appoint another person as the leader?) I am happy because this company is putting the artists’ happiness first before anything else but it really leaves me confused and frustrated; we can’t extract something or anything analyzing this, right?! At this point, I just wish the other remaining members Good Luck and I am (with all honesty) Happy for Sunye. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

What’s with the name Purplay? What the hell is a ‘purplay’? I think the group name is a result of lack of creativity (as well as the choreography). They deserve a thinking time for this. Seriously. To the company that manages them, I get the point that these things are also considered as publicity but copying something out of the blue is not a thing to be proud about. They can dance well though (as seen on their teaser).

Purplay Members

Shinee’s Back (a la Minho style). They will drop the album on the 19th and they have already realeased Key’s, Taemin’s and Jonghyun’s teaser photos (Who would’ve thought they will release Key’s pics first, right?) They will comeback with the track Dazzling Girl and I just hope that they will not just a single track this time (remember Sherlock last year?). See, Shinee can give a lot and they deserve a longer time under the spotlight this time (and I don’t want my Shawol friend to be that lonely again). I would just like to remind that: Most of the time teaser photos are not connected in any way (theme-wise) with the specific song, so let us just stop guessing what the theme of the comeback song will be. That sure thing is that I’ll be watching out for the MV and their killer dance moves, until then. This is out of the comeback topic, but have you seen Key’s Sketchers photo lately? Yep. They’ll be endorsing Sketchers too.


Jinwoon and Taecyon will be on We Got Married. So that makes it a total of 3 JYP talents have been featured on the said show. Taecyon will be on the ‘international’ version, meaning he will be paired with another talent that is not Korean and is not in Korea. The rumor has it that his partner will be Gui Gui from Taiwan. Jinwon on the other hand, will be on the regular We Got Married. I and wish them a happy (pseudo)married life! (*cough* remember Lee Joon *cough*) I really hope that it will run smoothly for both of them.


Jay Park had two headliners this week; one about that hand with fingers and the other a surprising career (should we call it?) shift. He truly lives his life YOLO-like (the negative YOLO one) and posted a pic of him doing some dirty hand. I don’t know about you but for me, that kind of gesture should not be uploaded anywhere online. Surprisingly, a day after that incident, it was announced that he will be joining the permanent cast of Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL Korea). I am very positive that the incident is just another publicity stunt. Like, c’mon people! I know he has hosting gigs and such but he is not under the radar for quite a while. He needs some spotlight before announcing big things, right?


As you have read, this post turned out to be mostly about JYP artists. To make it clear, I am not JYP biased or something it’s just they appear on the news quite often this past week .

And before I totally forget: Happy Lunar New Year!
(Enjoy the season of Hanboks and New Year greetings fellow Kpop-loving people.)
새해 복 많이 받으세요. =)