OMO: Oppas Are Growing Up – [D&E’s Growing Pains MV Review]

Who waited for this to come out because they are intrigued?

*raises hand*


Yes. The previews tickled my inquisitive side because Why on Earth are they crying?!!! I was not disappointed on the answer. It is one hell of a storyline. I love it!

First things first; We all know that these Super Junior subunit-slash-duo does not do ‘serious’ and ’emotional’, right? I bet you all have seen both Oppa Oppa and Motorcycle, right? They are funky, playful, bright and groove worthy but they are nowhere near  ballad. And because of those obvious reasons, when they announced that Hey! D&E are going to have a Korean album! I immediately thought Oh wow! This is going to fun and crazy and happy and cheerful and *just throw all adjectives which are similar to ‘joyful” here* heck of an album! But I was wrong. I bet we were all assuming the same thing during that announcement, we are all wrong in some way. It’s alright guys. I think this is way better than what we have expected.

Growing Pains is a 180 turn from what we have used to see from this guys. It is way too emotional from all the funk that they have released in the past few years. It is an acoustic upbeat ballad that will make you question Why did I underestimate them all these time? Honestly, I know that both Eunhyuk and Donghae are two talented people from THE Mega Group Super Junior but they always tend to both come out with the light versions of themselves all the time that I never thought of them touching near this kind of theme and genre. Maybe that is where the ‘Growing’ part of Growing Pains goes in. They both have emerged to be a fresher version of Donghae and Eunhyuk in this song and music video.

I always tend to love a good storyline out of a music video. Because as long as my proper reasoning is concerned, a good crafted story in a music video does go a long way. Besides, it is a video and a senseless and unmotivated crafting most of the time ends up as “that another music video”. And guys…. this is where I should alert you. Yep! SPOILERS AHEAD: Take Caution!

I never have seen an SM MV with this cohesive and feels inducing storyline in my whole (well, somehow still short) KPop-aware existence. Almost all of SM’s music vids are all choreography-based ones which are all filmed in one of their box sets. Now, I should dramatically announce this breakthrough: Rejoice my friends! The storytelling in the company have risen! They are out to get you! And they are going out on that hell of a set too! They have discovered a scenic rooftop. It is a beautiful rooftop (It has a light up floor! It’s a cool rooftop guys! A cool rooftop!). For those things I say, Hallelujah! The creativity in SM has been restored! Thank Heavens!

So back with the storyline that I really want to spoil you with. The story is so ironic,  beautiful and angst I want someone to write a full-lentght fanfic out of it. I mean, who would have thought of that? Who ever thought of the plot is nearing genius! I want to hug the mind behind this plot. The This-One-Wants-To-Remember-Her-And-This-One-Wants-To-Forget-Her thing is mind-blowing and whoever made their teasers are great people. We should meet them and thank them. And oh, by the way, whoever that girl is. Well man! She’s the bomb! Just imagine someone wants to forget you while another one wants to remember you… Two people loves you so freakin’ much, you are worth remembering and forgetting at the same time! You Go Girl!

Donghae and Eunhyuk’s choreography for this song need not to be all complicated at all because the song carries itself already and for that, I like the way that their steps are just light and not too over the top (at least based on what I have seen in the MV). The combination of the rooftop’s light up floor with grills and the mic stands gives a hint of sleekness to the whole setting at that point, it was just well put together. It complements the conflict of the story too, especially with the scene when D&E have somehow met up at that rooftop and the shot was overlooking the traffic below. It makes me feel that Oh, the world is still having its normal phase but look there are two people who are drowning with confusion and thought right now. The continuity of the theme is amazing.

One thing more, this is the one of the more fearless Eunhyuk portrayals I have ever seen. He can be a good actor. He is at par with Donghae in this one. I never thought he can pull one like that.

Overall, I am really glad that D&E have done this song. It shows that they are pushing limits and they can do more than what meets the eye. I am also happy that SM is seemingly going back on track with these past few solo and duo releases. I am glad that they venturing on new things. I hope the company keeps it up.

Super Junior’s Donghae & Eunhyuk + Growing Pains makes a good equation. I see the growth and I am glad that there no pains with their genre switch.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel


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