A/N: First of all, yes this is my first time doing an album review in this blog and I hope I am doing it right. I’m really clueless about this so forgive me if I commit some mistakes along the way. Yes, I think the blog is back with its regular programming and sorry if I the blog just returned after such a long time.


ODD is SHINee’s 4th studio album and unlike their previous albums, SHINee took a break from their usual ‘complextro’ and took on another step towards Pop-Dance this time. ODD is composed of eleven full-length tracks which were composed and written with the likes of Kenzie, The Jam Factory, The Underdogs even SHINee’s very own Kin Jonghyun and many more. So shall we start our track-by-track mini review? 🙂

1. Odd Eye

This opening song did made me think that yes, this album is a tad a lot different from all the techno that SHINee has been known for all these while. It did set the mood for all the new things that will be coming your way. It is a bit RNB-ish, that helped a lot in the introductory purpose of this song.

2. Love Sick

Aaaaaannnnnnd this is where summer begins. Onew’s deep voice in the beginning and then followed by the 2Mins, Key and Jonghyun, need I say more? They all said that this is “Noona nomu yeppo (Replay) Part 2”, well, I can definitely hear that with the melody, beat and all. And as Replay II, this is definitely as addicting. In fact, at first, I was really stuck in the song I do not know how to move on to the next track. Before I forget, whoever that ‘noona’ is, well I am glad that she has SHINee’s heart stuck with her. *wink*

3. View

Now, I have to say, Yes Jonghyun! YEP! You got it in you dude! You’re the man! I now understand why this was chosen as THE title track; that one which will be featured with an MV. This one just brings out the other side of the boys. It is a refreshing break from all the techno that SHINee is associated with all these years. This track is really vibrant, youthful and downright summer-y! If you play this all you can think of are parties, the beach and you having fun on a vacation in an undisclosed location. This just plays and plays in my subconscious right now, I will not be surprised if tomorrow I am just humming it first thing in the morning.

4. Romance

If you only based your judgments on titles well you will mistake this as a ballad. And no, this is way too far to be a ballad. This is experimental alternative we are threading on in this track. I love the fact that I can enjoy this kind of sound now in KPop. Normally this songs just loiter around on YouTube and you will just accidentally stumble on them once in a while. It reminds you with an old-school ringtone on a phone but in a good way! This is really enjoyable and new.

5. Trigger

This is probably the first time I heard SHINee sang this type of cross between RnB and Ballad. Normall this stuff gets thrown to other boygroups in SM and well, this is as hot man! They can also pull off this sexy RnB Ballads guys. This is sexy badassary is working well. Give us more!

SHINee Tracklist

6. Farewell My Love

This is that ballad you will sing to your summer fling when you are on the beach during your last sunset together. It is heartwarming but you can feel that the end is there but you can’t let go. This is just full of feels. Let’s just label this as ‘that song with a lot of feels’  guys. This song is just plain perfect. You need to listen to this! Like really!

7. An Ode To You

If something opens with that lonely violin sound, you what that means right? If the previous song is ‘that song with a lot of feels’, well, this is ‘THAT SONG THAT OVERFLOWS WITH EMOTIONS” it can really be an OST of a melodrama. Seriously! This is worthy to be an OST. And Onew here is just flawless guys and everyone just sings (Minho sang guys!!!) you can’t help but swoon.

8. Alive

If you are finding that song with their signature ‘SHINee’s Back’ this is it! This is the closest they got for their previous sound as techno-pop but the background adlibs reminds you that, yes you are still in Odd but they are just paying homage to their original sound. It is filled with synth and rap but the bridge is easy sounding.

9. Woof woof

For me, this sounds a lot “stage-y” like the one with dance breaks during stage performances. It also reminds me of the 70s with all the clapping. I can imagine tap dancing with this and it just sounds crazily fun! But really this really sounds like Hair Spray. A Musical.

10. Black Hole

This is where summer ends. It is the last blow of that summer humid hot air in the album. It definitely still sounds like pina colladas but this a lot more less crazily sounding and the wrap-up is definitely there. This song will not be on your top 3 but I am still sure that you will enjoy this song no less.

11. An Encore

If you are a Shawol, you are in for a treat! This is for you! And I must say, how lucky are you to be the fan of one of the sweetest boys in the planet. Shawol you are a lucky fan, continue standing with them until whenever. SHINee loves you a lot I am envious and even though I am a Shawol, I can still feel the love in this song.
I have to say that this might be not SHINee’s best album out there but ODD definitely stands out from all the albums SHINee have released so far. Their 4th full-length album ODD showcased how fun the boys are and what other things they can offer. ODD is definitely refreshing, new and fun all in all!

Will I listen to this album over and over? Of course and since summer is hitting us really soon, most of the songs in this album will definitely be landing on my Summer Playlist!

P.S. Why didn’t I included the alternate clown cover?
Well, I am also afraid of clowns. It was really creative though but I am afraid of clowns. Sorry.

credits: ROOF OUT, zuzuxo & K2NBlog on soundcloud


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