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OMO: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb~~~~! DAMN IT WON’T STOP! – [Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb MV Review]

I regret not reviewing Happiness last year so I am not missing this chance ever!

If you are still reading up to this point I can see that you are still not hooked with the title and you haven’t seen the MV yet, so come join the high watch the video below! NOW!

I unknowingly, subconsciously, followed the teasers for this MV and from the earlier snippets of it kind of already gave the vibe that ‘Dumb Dumb’ will alot be more experimental and crazier than any other SM-produced MVs out there. And it did stood up to that reputation.

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OMO: I am High – [BeatBurger’s She’s So High MV Review]

I know all of you are confused. Questions like Is that Goo Hye Sun from BOF?, That’s Changmin form TVXQ right?  to What exactly is a BeatBurger?  and BeatBuger is an SM Ent. music producer right? are currently lingering and boggling your mind right now. So before going to the review let us get that straight first.


Who is/ are BeatBurger?
BeatBurger is a group of people that is consists of Shim Jaewon (DJ and vocals), Hwang Sang Woon (Performance), MQ (Rap), Stephen Ju (Guitar),  Flash Finger (Keyboard), Gu Jong Pil (Sound Director) and Park Kyu Yong (VJ) and according to their YouTube About page they are a Live Performance team and as a KPop genereal knowledge, you might have heard or read about them as choreographers and producers on various SM artists albums although they do not necessarily all present all the time in one project.

Beat Burger Group Pic

To make the confusion more confusing, as a group they fall under the Electronic genre. But since we want to understand what BeatBurger is, think of it as a production unit complete with people who is involved with production but they can also do live performances and they will not be hesitant on making and producing their own material.

And just for the sake of simplification; they are like THE JYP who produces, choreographs and performs his own songs but with a dash of TEDDY of YG for a bit of swag because they also produces for other artist but they fall under EDM and yes, they do grace us with their presence on music festivals.

And for the second most asked question =>  Is that Goo Hye Sun and Changmin?  

Yes. It’s great right? 😀

And for my first reaction for this MV; At last! Somebody in KPop have done Electro House right! And for the case of the repetitive lyrics, most EDM tracks have lyrics that kind of just loops and loops around. The track sounds a bit weird for some who are not really into Electro House, or the whole EDM for that matter, but this is addicting and definitely catchy. And I am not going to lie and yes, at first I also thought about Zedd but then again, not really. I immediately release it, it’s a bit childish to see it that way. C’mon! Falling in the same sub-genre does not make you a copycat., you simply just have the same genre. But maybe “say high, say high” is not really that fitting for EDM vibe but it fits and it works so yeah.

As for the music video, I didn’t have the slightest idea that Electro can suit in light and bright MV until now. I mean, the characters’ movements are a bit harsh and weird but the setting is a bit surprising. Yes, we are used to have computer generated graphics flying all over our screens on EDM MVs or just the plain party scene flashing throughout the entire video but they did a complete 180 turn for this one and maybe that’s what makes this one stand out form the rest. I really like the out of the box thing that they have pulled out for this. I do realize that they have somehow managed to insert a couple of computer graphics with Jaewon in the video but the MV is composed mainly of Goo Hye Sun and Changmin’s part and the song surprisingly fitted in a dainty story telling and the demure music video. It does have the weird interpretative dance thing that makes you cringe but whether you are to accept it or not, it adds to the uniqueness and appeal of the whole thing. This music video is weirdly amazing!

It is.

Although we might have a few arguments on whether I am just plainly crazy on liking the MV and you thinking that this a whole new level of disastrous, I think, we can settle on the fact that this is a refreshing thing for the entire  Korean Music Scene. This is new and it is a bit exciting. At least now we know that yes, we can do EDM properly in a music industry that has been dominated with KPop and there is Korean EDM music scene happening in the midst of pop that has conquered Korea.

To conclude, it is also good to see SM showcasing and giving the chance for their producers to a have a piece of limelight that somehow translates to the company’s  gratefulness that yes these are the people behind our artists and they do have their own talents so let us all step back give them the spotlight.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel, BeatBurger’s YouTube channel & BeatBurger’s official Facebook page

NEWS: EXO Overdose on May 7th!

Mark your calendar guys! This time, it is for real!

EXO Overdosed

After waiting for a long, EXO is finally making their comeback this May 7th! As stated by SM Entertainment on a press release this afternoon: “We thank the fans who have waited for EXO’s mini-album Overdose. EXO’s mini-album Overdose, which release schedule was temporarily delayed upon hearing the news regarding the Sewol Ferry Tragedy to pay respect to the incident, will be released on May 7th. SM Entertainment & EXO will do our best and we hope to be sources of strength and comfort.

So let’s get ready to be Overdosed and anticipate this much awaited comeback of EXO!

…and be sure to also check out the boys’ concert on the 24th and 25th!

NEWS: EXO’s Miracles in December Highlight Medley

EXO is set to have comeback tomorrow at M!Countdown for their special winter album “Miracles in December” which is set to be out on the 9th of the month but for now, let’s have a taste of how the album will sound like.


Here’s EXO’s Miracles in December in both Chinese & Korean. Enjoy!

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

OMO: Everybody(, They Are Back Again!) – [SHINee’s Everybody MV Review]

It’s their third time to return to the stage this year and yes, that’s the most amount of comebacks I’ve seen from a SM Ent. group in my whole stay in KPop and add that this is their fourth time to release an album (I know, this is a “mini”-album but still, it is an album). It looks like it is SHINee’s year this time and SHAWols are none the less happy about it.


Before releasing their MV for their title track, they have teased us with Symptoms which I have to briefly commend because it did showcase how powerful the vocals of this team. Their rappers can sing too. That surprised me.

Everybody is more electro than what I previously thought this is going to be. It is electro with a mix of a lot of dubstep, since the beginning of the song, and everything, thus, they’ve said in a press release that this is “complextro”. It is not as electro as f(x)’s electro nor as electro as Lucifer but they are nearing it again because of the dubstep that is thrown all over the whole track specially the chorus. It is nothing like Dream Girl, which they’ve released earlier this year, this one has the avant-garde concept and this is way stronger as oppose to the light and colorful ensemble they’ve had with Dream Girl. Maybe to add variation to balance what they have released earlier.

We first heard this song at their comeback special which had a live-stream on YouTube (Note: the stream was very lag-y!) and my first impression was quite good and the chorus part together with the synth/ dubstep it has in between it attracts you and you will find singing to it and, yes, even copying synth sounds after you’ve watch the stream (again, it was lag-y. Yes. I can’t get over the fact that it was lagging the whole time even if YouTube had disabled the comment box. It was crazy!).


As to the story-line of the music video; There was masked child at the start who “plugged” them which lead to their “activation” and it looks like the whole world became masked people who look like each other (I really didn’t get why there was an angry scorpion at the start and why was the plug bigger than the child) but then after that I did not know what was the story anymore. Maybe if you are a bit of curious and you really wanted to know the whole truth about the song and music video, you’ve probably researched a little about what the lyrics mean (yes, I did that) but just like what the lazy version of myself whispers to me I wanted a more obvious story just like that mysterious girl they put on to Dream Girl and Alice in Wonderland-like jumping around falling into a dizzying maze house kind of thing which was a concrete story until the end or you can stick with your own version of the storyline, yes, the one you concocted in your head.


You did not doubt them ever for any of their choreographies right? ‘coz, sure! SHInee’s dancing was never a question and I bet that they suit every dance there is. I even think that no matter how awkward the choreography is if you give that choreography to SHINee it will look one thousand times better. The whole dance routine looks really cool I can’t choose my favorite part but I think that part where Minho is kind of reviving the other members and the other members kind of shake when they are “revived” and the air running thing are all cool ideas.


The ever reliable box set is the setting for this MV and yes, we’ve last seen it on SNSD’s Galaxy Supernova and SHINee’s very own Dream Girl MV. The reflective floor never loses its charm and magnificence, isn’t it? I just wish SM could do something else with the setting of their music videos. They’re love for their reflective floor box set is equivalent to YG’s love for their great white set (although YG is venturing on bringing their MVs out on “the real world” now which SM should take consideration of).

I won’t really be surprised of this single does better than Dream Girl because, for my taste, I like this more. Honestly, the whole dark concept suits them. They all look great (Yes, I wish Key will keep the black hair color for the rest of the year and Jong Hyun looks really hot on the teaser images!) but with the surge of comebacks the whole KPop has for this month let’s see how will this SHINee comeback will par with the rest of them.


Mini Album (Mini) Reaction Part:

  • The first thing that I realized upon hearing the whole album was that the tracks are arranged in decreasing order from the song with the strongest vibe to the softest.
  • I did not like Queen of New York upon the first time of hearing it but it kind of grows on you on the second try
  • One Minute has a Hip Hop-ish RNB feel to it
  • I know that it is really weird of me but I like Close the Door best because I think it is pretty unusual for SHINee to have a soft relaxed ballad track and, surprisingly, it actually works!
  • Colorful is your typical pop.
  • Although I like Everybody more than Dream Girl but I think Misconceptions of Me has a more cohesive collection of tracks than Everybody. The songs in this mini album are meant to stand on their own.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube Channel

KPop Releases: EXO’s Here and the Wolves are Out!

Are you an EXO stan? Are you waiting for EXO’s comeback? As it been a year (or more than a year)?

Are you still waiting?
Uhmmm…. where have you been lately?! Were you asleep for the whole day yesterday?

I hate to break it to you but….

They’re actually back! (for reals!).

Yesterday, at about 6:30pm (KST) the official Music Video of WOLF has been realeased! They also performed their comeback stage at M!Countdown and were guessed at Ryeowook’s Sukira Kiss The Radio.

exo chinese version



exo korean version


credits: SM Town’s official YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/SMTOWN)

Random Thoughts: Yesung Enlisting Next Month, The PRE-Sequel of T-ara’s Controversy & Psy’s Gentleman

So yep. Yesung (Super Junior) will be enlisting on May 6th as previously reported by all of the KPop sites that we are all reading.  He is definitely spending his time left with his family these days. We all wish him good luck in his stay in the army!

credits for this photo: as watermarked

credits for this photo: as watermarked

T-ara is coming up with a sub-unit. After their controversy (Hwayoung bullying issue) they seem to be unstoppable on trying to move on but a few days ago, they are being criticized on an Op-Ed  because of ‘not having designated a proper amount of time to contemplate on things that they have done’ due to  the ‘disturbance’ that have caused during the Hwayoung controversy.

I don’t know if I have any T-ara fan (Queen’s) readers but I am not such a fan of this group. I mean, I have danced to Rolly Polly a lot because it is definitely addicting dance music but I think I am not just into their concepts and such and I really don’t know about CCM (Core Contents Media) artists but they seem not to gain any attention from me (or, maybe, the company’s marketing strategy is not working on me). Sure, I know Eunjung, Qri (because she’s the cute one) and Jiyeon but the rest of the girls are a bit blurry in my memory. I didn’t even know Hwayoung until her bullying incident! (Yah, I bit unforgivable, right?)


This ‘Hwayoung issue’ pre-sequel is a bit foreign to me because of the questioned ‘contemplating time’. I don’t know about other country’s customs on sins, contemplating and forgiveness but if we try to recall on things: CCM and T-ara are not even sorry if ever T-ara did or did not bullied their ex-member. (How about that?! They’re a bit s****y on that one) In the end, they actually expelled Hwayoung right?


I don’t know the whole story on this but I will just try to remind you people: No one will progress if they continually step down on other people. (And where the hell did their ‘new member’ Dani went? Remember, Dani? The one that was casted in School 2013? No? Yes? I don’t blame you.)

Let’s have a positive outlook on things! Shall we?

In case you’ve been sent to outer space this weekend: Psy’s New Song has just been released last Friday on 12am (your country’s time, yep, New Zealand got to listen to the song first)and the MV was released, the next day, Saturday. By Sunday morning (we’re talking about KST), it already got 6M views, by lunch it got 10M views and by the end of that day a whooping 20M views was recorded. Whoa! moment, right? The MVs YouTube hits is rising as I write this and it’s rising fast (and I am not doing any macros about the hits anymore, ‘cause it’s not stopping to rise)

I will be doing a review on Gentleman so I’m not going to say a lot about it on this post but yah: “MOTHER FATHER GENTLEMAN!”


UPDATE: EXO’s Comeback Date Taken Down from Their Official Websites

march 31st disappeared

We really can’t say anything about this incident (Change of plans? Something happened? Is there something happening? But WTH! A TYPO!!! Or is it really just a typo?). At the end of the day, NONE (we repeat, NONE) of us knows what’s going on. One thing is for sure, we definitely think that  fans really deserves better (if this is really a typo).

Remember guys: “Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait”.

credits: EXO K & EXO M’s official SMTown websites (http://exo-k.smtown.com/ & http://exo-m.smtown.com/ ) 

Uncategorized: They’ll be back (See?)- EXO’s leaks and Their Official Website Schedule Update

It’s been almost a month since the comeback chaos started but AT LAST! There’s a light in this seemingly dark tunnel of uncertain comeback. See you in April EXOtics!

EXO comeback


Why April you ask? Because, according to their official websites, the comeback (or the showcase) is scheduled at the end of this month (and we usually take a day or two to review MVs), the MV review will be posted (published) sometime around the start of April. Until then! =)

credits: EXO K & EXO M’s official SMTown websites (http://exo-k.smtown.com/ & http://exo-m.smtown.com/ )

OMO: (We all want to be their) Dream Girl (Right?) – [SHINee’s Dream Girl MV Review]

It’s becoming a cliché by the minute but YES! SHINee’s Back and they are back with a strong vengeance.


Let’s be honest about it, SM is the master of teasers and they will always succeed in making you giddy and will always push you to the edge of your seat, which is (1) great and (2) really annoying but either way you will always end up being intrigued and enthusiastic about the main thing. (Great marketing there SM!)

There’s one thing I wanted to point out, I was a bit confused with ‘DREAM Girl’ and ‘DAZZLING Girl’ at first. What’s up with describing ‘Girls’? Tagging the previous blogs for SHINee’s comeback was a bit confusing because the browser continue to suggest ‘DAZZLING’ and not ‘DREAM’. (Holla there GURL!)

shinee THE dream girl

As you have already known (and in case, you don’t) they released both the dance version & the regular version (yep. we’ve decided to go for ‘regular version’ instead of calling it ‘plain’) at the same time. We don’t really know if there’s still a practice version of this but without the practice version these available versions can stand up for themselves. It did us (the audience) a great favor and it did benefit the company because we do demand for a dance version every time. (And when we say every time, we mean EVERY SINGLE TIME)

THE MV version

dance version

The song is has a hint of 80s with a synth (that made it to sound like a dance music ready for clubbing) therefore this can pass as a club music. (yey! this thing is really hard to describe guys.) I really have to agree with Electro Acid Funk this time (but we prefer to call this ‘Synth-ing Acid Funk’). It really sounds like a psychedelic synth disco track. However you describe this, it sure makes you want to dance.

Have you seen that mic stand stand move? (yes, two stands in the last sentence) It is really awesome!!! I am not really sure if Jonghyun and Taemin are both light weight or something but that thing is really ill dude! It’s great! So using mic stands for a dance routine is not always used in Kpop (aside from Nobody where the stands just stands on the stage). Who would have thought that you can manipulate them like a mop? That (children) is a very nice idea. They stand on the mic stand, toss the mic stand, and posed with the mic stand. (Damn! I wish I was the mic stand) SHINee will always be known for their innovative dance steps and this one is not an exemption.

shinee image3138

The MV – how do I start this? (Okay, there are 2 music videos and we will not MV review the dance one because it is just dance and it falls on the dance review paragraph above. I hope you all understand) So, the MV is full of falling and being caught on a bed. That’s pretty cool though (because this talks about ‘dreams’ right?) and it is not just full of waking up and falling again to sleep (but those kind of scenes still exists in this vid). The trampoline-wormhole thing is black and white (and not so astigmatic friendly because, yah, I have one) but the scene when Minho didn’t know if he’ll stand up or slide down did played my mind off. It disoriented me if the thing really rotates or not. Aside from being black and white, this video is also colorful and playful. Taemin is sitting on a ladder beside a humongous painting wearing cute stuff with a cap while Key is sitting on the floor looking cute in pink. They look really kid-like while Key is pulling the red cloth off the frame. Then Onew is acting cute before (and we couldn’t snip that scene, we’ve literally played and pause the vid for nth times and no we can’t freeze the scene) the mic stand scene. Jonghyun did the mic stand stand first it was pretty really cool. Key is with his megaphone again (First Kiss perf, yes?) and Minho is being pulled by another Minho using a red string. Isn’t that Alice in Wonderland-ish? Sort of. The tilted room is sort of fantastic too.

shinee the tilted patio thingy

It is really, indeed, refreshing to see SHINee again. We all missed them. Powerful dance moves is never the same without SHINee right? KPop feels really kind of empty without these energic young men right? I really have to point out how Taemin grew so much from the last MV. He is indeed now as a man. He was once a skinny young lad but, look at him now, isn’t he a dreamy young man? He is. (Then flash backs from a variety show starts) Do you remember that scene from a variety show (I can’t really remember which one) where he was faced with Minho’s height and he told him that he is still young and he will surely grow up still. I don’t know if he is already taller than Minho but still is not a kid anymore (Although he is still the maknae)

shinee taemin falling

Here goes my minor rants) First, I really don’t like those ‘almost static’ screens that they used as transitions for the scenes in this MV. They kind of disturb my viewing. Why do they have to ‘flower-fy’ the face of the girl? (To protect her? err.) Viewers like me always wanted to see the beauty of the leading ladies in all MVs or maybe she was only just a dream and they can’t remember her face? Maybe.

I know that most of Shawols are a bit frustrated by the Sherlock thing that happened last year where the group only got to promote one track and (poof!) they were catapulted to Japan. People, Shawols waited for SHINee for one and a half year and you will only give them one song?! That’s very cruel of you there SM! (You’re bad…hmp!) I really hope that this time, SHINee will be around longer IN KOREA. (Have you heard about the PV though?) It’s not that I hate them being in Japan or such. No offense to Japan and the Japanese fans but I hope they promote more in their home country this time. They deserve to reclaim their limelight in KPop where they are greatly missed. (I remember how happy are we when we saw them perform Sherlock during MAMA.)

Overall, this MV is great and the song is good. This is not their best song out of the entire album (my mini album review will be in the P.S. section). But whatever, I am just really happy that they are around (again, finally!).

cute leader photo

P.S. [Album Thoughts]

I have decided to listen to the full album so here it goes (my opinions about some songs)

  • I like Hitchhiking & Runaway the most (they are on repeat on my phone’s music player) and I think they should’ve made Runaway their carrier single but yah, I think Dreamgirl made through well.
  • Punch Drunk Love really sounds like a Jackson 5 song.
  • Aside can actually make it as a Kdrama OST.
  • Beautiful seems out of place (or something, it somehow sounds like it didn’t fit in the album)
  • Finally, Dynamite is definitely a club music

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/SMTOWN)