OMO: Ain’t Nobody’s Crazier Than This Girl – [HA:TFELT’s (Yenny) Ain’t Nobody MV Review]

I just happen to notice that I do not really review JYP music videos that much, so here is one and I happen to admire this MV so much.

Whether you admit it or not, you miss the Wonder Girls but the group is on an indefinite hiatus so for now, let’s enjoy their solo activities just like this one; HA:TFELT from Yenny.

I love how JYP has different approaches with MVs for their solo artists, for example, Sunmi. I like how they all got dark concepts and Yenny’s Ain’t Nobody is one of those. The “almost crazy” girlfriend concept is working. I mean, although I will definitely call the police upon seeing a woman suddenly rolling her dramatic self on the street, the music video works just fine. The “What Was He Doing?” sign above the taxi is really clever and the sudden interpretative dance on the chorus do really grab your attention.

She looked really paranoid, lost and a bit on the verge of craziness almost throughout the MV. You can definite grasp the tension and the emotion that Yenny is emitting and because of that, yes, she is a great actress.

Although I am not really sure if I like the song that much but nonetheless, it’s Yenny and Yenny has a freat voice. The music video makes up for it though as your eyes will get. pasted on your screen for the whole duration of the MV.

There are no dull moments in the music video and that’s really great considering that this is a ballad and most ballad MVs out there will leave you bored and senseless, this music video is really well crafted. The story of the MV is concrete and easy to understand and most likely relatable to some extent and yes, I am just really glad that JYP will be promoting the rest of Wonder Girls while waiting for the group’s definite return as a whole.

Why don’t I have any gifs? Well, the MV is really good. I want you to watch it! So go play it now if you still did not click on that play button.

credits: jypentertainment’s YouTube channel


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