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OMO: One Fine Day All Tears Fell – [Jung Yong Hwa’s One Fine Day MV Review]

WARNING: If you have been dumped and you are currently experiencing a heart-wrenching break-up, please do not listen to this song. I don’t want you to be tormenting over it, all over again. Just please… Yeah, I’ll be trying to review a much lighter KPop MV later. Please… spare your self. Thank You.


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NEWS: Winners From MAMA 2014!

It is the third year that the Mnet Asian Music Awards was held in Hong Kong and we must say, this year did not disappoint. With attendance from the biggest KPop idols to Korea’s most popular actors and actresses. You cannot expect less.

MAMA 2014

This year’s awards ceremony was full of amazing collaborations which started with a stunning number from Girl’s Day and Ailee which proseeded to an absolute epic stage from Epik High, John Legend belting out his famous song Green Light and All of Me, a Live Performance of Sokgyeokdong from IU and Seo Taiji, a stunner performance and comeback announcement from EXO  and  a very great performance from G-Dragon and Taeyang, you cannot help but adore this year’s awards show.

But as a requirement for all award shows, you need the awards and the winners.

So without further blabbering, here’s the list of this year’s MAMA 2014 winners!

Grand Prize
Artist of the Year – EXO
Song of the Year – Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang)
Album of the Year – Overdose (EXO)

Singer Awards
Best New Artist – WINNER
Best Male Artist – Taeyang
Best Female Artist – IU
Best Male Group – EXO
Best Female Group – SISTAR

Genre Awards
Best Dance Performance Male Group – INFINITE
Best Dance Performance Female Group – Girl’s Day
Best Dance Performance Solo – Sunmi (Full Moon)
Best Collaboration – SoYou x JungGigo (Some)
Best Vocal Performance Male – Taeyang
Best Vocal Performance Female – Ailee
Best Band Performance – CNBlue
Best Rap Performance – Epik High

Special Prizes
Best Music Video – 2PM (Go Crazy)
Best OST – LYn (My Destiny – You Who Came From the Stars)
Most Popular Vocalist – IU

Best Asian Style (voted via Twitter during the Red Carpet Event) – EXO
New Style in Music – Jun Joon Young
Favorite International Artist – John Legend
Favorite Music in China – Chopstick Brothers
KPop Fans’ Choice Male Award – INFINITE
KPop Fans’ Choice Female Award – TTS
For an award ceremony that everyone expects at the end of each and every year, MAMA is still one of the biggest and most anticipated and yes, I know we all had fun!

The ceremonies was held at Hong Kong’s Asia World Arena on December 3rd and it is hosted by actor Song Seung Hoon.



The boys from CNBLUE released their new mini-album, Can’t Stop, last February 24, a day early from the announced date of release. It has been a year since Yong hwa, Jung Shin, Min Hyuk and Jong Hyun released RE:BLUE (their fourth mini-album) and with this new material, you are in for a surprise. Can you guess what it is?

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OMO: They Can’t Stop Making Your Heart Pop – [CNBlue’s Can’t Stop MV Review]


I know, I know they are a bunch of ever so cute and charming bunch of gentlemen who, by the way, can sing. They can sweep you off your feet just like that and they are confessing that they, apparently “Can’t Stop”.

Let me tell you a story first. The storyline deals with alternate worlds which are in contact with each other by a mirror, clever idea. Yes. I like how things transcend from Yong Hwa’s world to the world of the lady. First, paper planes to flowers until Yong Hwa could actually literally see and feel the sadness and longing of the lady by a literal hanging rain cloud that just hovers over him and he did open an umbrella for it. Weird but cool. They actually went for dates despite the actual mirror barrier in between them, don’t ask me how they do it because I really do not know either. A cool metaphor on how to different people seem to compensate on things that they differ in when they are in love but then again, they somehow grow apart specially if they found a new (mirror) person. In this case literally ‘cause they are, again, in two alternate worlds and as you have watched, Yong Hwa broke the mirror slash barrier that separates them apart. (aaaawwww….. how sweeeeettt….)

Here’s my problem though; this MV lacks Jung Shin, Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk. Yep, I did see them during the band parts and don’t get me started with that “because Yong Hwa is the frontman” excuse. They should have tried to incorporate the other members too just like what they have done to the other CNBlue music videos in the past. There are actually excessive beauty shots on this one too. I believe that this MV needs more of the whole band than more of the leading lady; the band is what we are here for in the first place. On other thing, what’s with Can’t Stop written and shadowed all over the place, I think once is enough too.


The song started as ballad which made me think that the whole thing will be ballad but then I remembered their teaser in which they were all jumping, so yeah, I thought naaahh…. maybe not. Lo-and-behold, It is not ballad all throughout which is a bit, well, unusual. We have to agree that there’s a bit of mash-up thing that had happen with this track right? A bit of a hidden disjointed thing (remember “disjointed”? The hit trend last year?) is happening here. But unlike the songs last year, this managed to connect the beginning and the starting point of both melodies better. We could say that it is almost like a smooth but sudden jump which is uplifting to the mood of the song but a bit confusing to the listener too but your ears will eventually adjust to the change right away and you can hint that, yes, this is still that song that I was listening to a while ago. But I am not really a big of fan of those jumps.


For me, personally, from what CNBlue has offered to us last year with I Love You, this is a bit of a downgrade rather than an upgrade from the plateau that they are trying to put up. It’s like from what they have managed to showcase last year, this is a step back. They were a lot edgier last year than this. It is still a good song to listen too but I’d rather see them tackling much more edgier concepts (maybe venturing to the rock genre? I don’t know… something like that) than putting up with jumps and hidden disjointedness. I’ll be looking forward to their next comeback.


credits: CNBlue’s channel on YouTube

28th Golden Disk Awards + List of Winners

Golden Disk Awards 2014 happened on January 16 at Grand Peace Palace, Kyunghee University in Seoul. Among the artists that graced the occassion were EXO, PSY, 2NE1, INFINITE and many others. The event was hosted by Choi Minho, Jung Yonghwa, Yoon Doo-joon, Oh Sang-jin and SNSD’s Tiffany and Taeyeon.

GDA logo

The list of awards and winners are as follows:

Ceci Asia Icon Award – SHINee & SISTAR
Goodwill Star Awards – 

Popularity Award
Girl’s Generation
Roy Kim

Newcomer Award
Roy Kim
Lim Kim
Crayon Pop

Disk Bonsang
Cho Yong Pil
Girl’s Generation

Digital Bonsang
A Pink
Lee Seung Chul

Digital Daesang – Grand Prize
PSY – Gentleman

Disk Daesang – Grand Prize


Congratulations to this year’s winners!

OMO: (WAAAAHHHH!!! I Can’t Even…Oh) I’m Sorry, (They’re so handsome I might never be able to control myself)-[CNBlue’s I’m Sorry Review]

Did anyone miss the teaser? Yes? Yes? Okay then, you should definitely watch them now. Here, here, here and here. It will add  to your excitement before watching the MV, I promise! (Now I definitely sound like a fangirl).

They did release the teaser and (Oh My Gawd!) wasn’t that the most fabulous set of teasers ever? The disappointed face, hot crooked smile, the boastfulness and the tears are just simply moving and you could easily grasp the emotion that each member is portraying. I guess their experience acting on series (Kdramas) helped with these teasers.


The MV’s almost black and white quality did help with the overall theme of the song. It did add a certain aura of anger, grief and loss to the song. The rooftop setting is not new to certain band themes for an MV but it worked and the clouds’ almost-rainy condition add some kind of coldness to the music video. The overall quality of the MV is very good.

At first (when I haven’t watched the teasers yet), I thought that the song is about a guy telling a girl that he is, well, sorry or sort of like that. To my surprise, they managed to have my prediction in reverse which is quite cool. The thing is, at least from where I came from, a girl doing the cheating (or hurting the relationship) is not common. You don’t see or hear that every day. The uniqueness of idea for a song is established by that and it adds a lot of plus points for the song. It wants you to know that not only boys do the bad things, we are all humans, so yah, girls also get boys hurt. Hurt is inflicted to another person by both genders.

Since I ended the last statement with equality of genders, here’s a glitch: There was a scene where Jung Shin actually hit the girl with a bouquet of roses. I do not like that part. I think it suggests violence against women. No, you just can’t hurt anybody. Not a girl, not a guy, NO ONE! No one is permitted to do that to any living human being. Second, the pronunciation of the word “crazy” kind of fades at the end and last, I did not get the scene where Jong Hyun was being drag by two men in suit. That was kind of out the whole story flow, I think.

Overall, the song was great as expected from a CNBlue song and I just wish this track (and Boices) Goodluck (as it battles against Jae Jong’s solo song and the Cassies).

Credits: CNBlue’s YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/cnblue)