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ToBeRS: Amber’s Shake That Brass Teaser MV

Do you want something quirky and funny?!

In Amber’s latest solo teaser, she does look like she wants you to shake some and wiggle some… in a laundromat?!

And since you sure did had a lot of fun with, don’t forget to watch out for the release of Amber’s first solo mini-album ‘Beautiful’ on February 13 (on-line) & February 16 (off line) .

And don’t forget watch out for Shake That Brass MV!

Speaking of MVs…. Amber has pre-released the Lyric Video for her single ‘Beautiful’ last night and you can check the beautiful song and its lyrics by clicking ‘here

Now, go on, replay that and Shake that Brass!

credits: SMTown YouTube channel


ToBeRS: SHINEE’s Jonghyun To Make a Solo Debut

SM is opening 2015 with a delightful suprise!


Today, SHINee’s Jonghyun has announced his solo debut through a music video teaser and image teaser on SMTown’s website and official YouTube Channel.

Witihin a mysterious tagline: “There are reasons to be attracted to Danger” Jonghyun will be releasing his solo mini album on January 12th entitled “BASE”. So make sure to watch out for more teasers!

credits: & SMTown’s YouTube channel

YG’s WINNER is About To Debut!

ToBeRS: f(x)’s Red Light MV Teaser

We hope you got their warning.

Here is f(x)’s Music Video Teaser

f(x)’s 3rd full-length album – Red Light will be officially be released on July 7 and Red Light’s MV release and f(x)’s comeback stage will be happening on July 3!

So stay excited!

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel

NEWS: f(x) 4th Set of Teaser Photos + Info about Song Previews!

It seem the moon will be shining its Red Light, Luna’s teasers are rolling in today!








SM announced today that they are going to preview 2 songs from f(x)’s Red Light! The first one will be previewed today on f(x)’s official website followed by another tomorrow. f(x) is set to comeback with a electrohouse track with full intensity and melody. f(x)’s comeback stage will be on M!Countdown on July 3.

On the other hand, f(x)’s 3rd full-length album Red Light will be released on July 7!

So who’s excited?!
(I know we are!)


AND as always, please stay tuned for more of Luna’s teaser photos that are coming in every single hour!














credits: f(x)’s official website & XSportsNews

ToBeRS: AOA’s Short Hair MV Teaser

Yes! the AOA girls will be having a comeback this month guys!


AOA is set to release their very first mini-album with the same title (Short Hair) and the girls are set to be coming back on the 19th! So anticipate that a lot!

Meanwhile, please play the video above for AOA’s Short Hair Highlight MV teaser!

credits: AOA’s YouTube channel

ToBeRS: AKMU to Cover Taeyang’s Eyes, Lips, Nose

YG, as posted on their official website, announced that their sibling-duo Akdong Musician will be covering Taeyang’s current hit – Eyes, Lips, Nose as part of their Cover Project.


The cover video will be released on the 16th at 9:00pm KST.

So please anticipate and make sure to check that out!


NEWS: UKiss’ Mono Scandal

Joining the June comeback is no other than…. UKiss!

UKiss Mono Scandal

For their 6th year after their debut they are going for the “unprecedented” lane and here they are releasing their mini-album entitled Mono Scandal.

If the title of the mini-album didn’t overwhelm you that much, well, here’s their 19+ Rated teaser MV!

So please watch out for their Mono Scandal mini-album on June 2nd!

credits: UKiss YouTube channel

UPDATE: EXO-K & EXO-M’s 2nd Mini-Album Highlight Medley!

EXO’s Comeback Show will be tomorrow, the Music Video for Overdose will be released tomorrow BUT before all of that happens; EXO wants you to take this moment to hear the snippets of the tracks in EXO-K & EXO-M’s 2nd mini-album.

Please play the following videos for the highlight medley:



…and as we have mentioned earlier, “EXO Comeback Show” will be tomorrow, April 15 at Jamsil Stadium & it is sponsored by Samsung Music which means, yes, subscribers of Samsung Music gets the chance to livestream the event online!

Let’s all anticipate EXO’s 2nd mini-album & this entire comeback!

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel