NEWS: EXO’s Luhan & Baekhyun Casted!

With all these rumors flying around regarding Luhan & Baekhyun vying for roles, finally, SM has confirmed both!

Luhan & Baekhyun

Luhan is casted for the Chinese remake of the Korean movie “Miss Granny” which has the title “Back to 20” and he is said to portray the role of the grandson of the lead role. Back to 20 is said to start filming on May 20.

On the other hand, Baekhyun has been casted as the lead role, Don Lockwood for the Korean production of the musical “Singing in the Rain”. He has been casted alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun & SHINee’s Onew. Singing in the Rain will be playing starting June 5 up until August 4 at Chungmoo Arts Hall.

Congratulations & Good Luck to both Luhan & Baekhyun!


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