OMO: I Think I Am In Love With… – [Juniel’s I Think I’m In Love MV Review]

Let’s all bury all the stress that KPop has given us this week by appreciating something fairly light, shall we?

Although Spring has long been gone, it is never too late to feel fluffy inside as seen in this MV by Juniel!

Honestly, it’s a bit sweet for my liking but what’s not to love about young puppy love?! Don’t tell me you did not like flutters and sparks because I swear, everyone loves that and we were all there once upon a time. The time when you still believe that cute boys are your shining armor and you are the troubled princess  and for the sweetness level, the boy in this MV gets all the brownie points. And believe it or not all of the guys you knew were just like him in a tale as old as time but then reality hit and poof! They were all gone, At least the magic stayed in this MV isn’t it?

Just like most of Junie’s songs, this is light and sweet but unlike other cute songs that are readily available for you, you won’t get tired of listening to this song even if it is on repeat. It could qualify for a cafe song on a lazy afternoon but this song unlike other cafe songs would probably inject some dose of brightness and energy into your system. The fall will make your mood fall with it but this song is just really timely to brighten up the gloomy weather. It is just your right dose of brightness and I like it.

The outdoorsy-campy-shooting star-gazebo place is the perfect set that gathered the whole music video together, it is the right touch that made the whole thing sweeter and made the whole story of puppy love believable but maybe we can also attribute those things to Juniel and that cute guy who player her boyfriend. They are a cute and the couple clicked together. Ahhh….. young love! Who would not want to go back?!

Yeah, I think that this is a good song and a good music video, you will enjoy listening to this and you can even recommend this song for those who are just still starting with KPop and they are looking for something cute but not necessarily performed by an idol group. This will definitely work for them or if you are just down and you are just looking for a slight dose of that cutesy love, play this. It won’t hurt. Also, add the fact that this is really a refreshing break with all the EDM and the Hip Hop dace 60’s big band fusion that has been going on in KPop for at least the entire year.

I hope Juniel would still give us something like this for a couple of years more and I hope that her company would not force her to pursue a “mature” concept yet. This concept works good for her and for us.

So, this OMO did not came with screen shots. Why? Well, you need to really play that MV above! Go do that! You’ll never regret it!

credits: Juniel’s YouTube channel


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