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AKMU’s Cover of Eyes, Lips, Nose

I know you are waiting so, here it is!

Akdong Musician’s cover of Taeyang’s hit track – Eyes, Lips, Nose!


credits: Akdong Musician’s YouTube channel


ToBeRS: AKMU to Cover Taeyang’s Eyes, Lips, Nose

YG, as posted on their official website, announced that their sibling-duo Akdong Musician will be covering Taeyang’s current hit – Eyes, Lips, Nose as part of their Cover Project.


The cover video will be released on the 16th at 9:00pm KST.

So please anticipate and make sure to check that out!

credits: yg-life.com

Akdong Musician’s Melted MV!

Check out this other side of story telling for a music video by YG & Akdong Musician!

“Melted” is the 2nd title track of Akdong Musician (AKMU) for their very first full-length album – PLAY.

credits: Akdong Musician’s YouTube channel

NEWS: Akdong Musician’s Melted MV Counter + 3rd Title Track!

AKMU Melted MV Countdown

As if their uniqueness has not amazed you yet, YG is put up a countdown timer on their website for the release of Akdong Musician’s Melted MV. Melted is their 2nd title track from their current full-length album PLAY. The Music Video will be released today, April 14 at 6:00pm KST!

AKMU Give Love.jpg
……and it does not end there! Just last night, YG has announced that this sibling duo will be having a THIRD title track and it will be (drum roll please!) their fun track – Give Love! So watch out for that!

credits: yg-life.com

UPDATE: This is What NONA9ON is About

Speculations were all around onwhat NONA9ON is… Guess what?

Today, we now know what NONA9ON is really all about!

So, NONA9ON (Nonagon) is a collaborative brand of both YG & Samsung Everland which focuses on Street fashion and Hip Hop and why “Nonagon” you ask? It has something to do on the the launching date which will be on September 9!

Check out the brand’s badass teaser above!

credits: yg-life.com & YGEntertainment channel on YouTube

OMO: If 100% is Good Then What is 200%? – [Akdong Musician’s 200% MV Review]

Okay, at first when the news about Akdong Musician singing with YG Ent. broke out I was not really sure how to react on it. The styles of Akdong and YGEnt. is just complete different from each other like the opposite poles different. So did my perception of that changed after a year?Akdong1

Let’s discover that together!
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NEWS: Akdong Musician’s Debut Stage on KPop Star 3

Paying homage to where they have started, the witty sibling duo of Akdong Musician (AKMU) had their debut stage at KPop Star 3!

Before officially releasing their MVs for their two title tracks 200% and Melted, they already gave us how they actually will showcase this two title tracks on stage.

Please play the videos below for their performances!

Did you enjoy the fun & laid-back stage of 200% and the emotional stage for Melted?

Then make sure to watch out tonight as AKMU releases the official Music Video for 200%!

credits: Akdong Musician’s channel on YouTube

UPDATE: Akdong Musician’s 200% MV Teaser

After their live listening session yesterday, I am sure that a lot of us are really excited as to what Akdong Musician’s debut & 1st full-lentgth album sounds like.

This very promising sibling duo had just released their teaser MV and let’s go listen to the snippet of 200%!

Make sure to look out for the official release of 200%’s MV tomorrow, April 7 at 12am KST and check their stage on KPop Star 3 which will be aired tonight.

credits: Akdong Musician’s YouTube channel


YG is back on their mysterious mode as they release an announcement on their official website regarding NONA9ON.


As I go around, it seems that nobody as really a clue on what NONA9ON is at the moment and nobody knows what the two dates are all about but who’s not excited about this kind of mysterious projects that YG has been pitching us every now & then, right?

Please stay in touch as we all put ourselves into detective mode for YG’s NONA9ON.

credits: yg-life.com

NEWS: Akdong Musician’s Debut

KPop Star 2’s winner, Akdong Musician will officially debut on April 7 with their album “Play”. YG Entertainment released a statement yesterday stating that the sibling duo will be having 11 tracks & double title tracks for their debut album entitled ‘Melted’ & ‘200%’.

Their MV for the song 200% will also be released on the 7th while Melted’s MV will be out by April 14.

They are also going to have a debut stage on KPop Star 3 on April 6.

Watch out for this sibling’s much anticipated debut!

credits: YGEntertainment on YouTube & yg-life.com