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UPDATE: Baekhyun & Chen’s Teaser Photos

…and to complete this set of EXO teaser photos, here is two-thirds of the beagle line – Chen & Baekhyun.

As oppose to what everyone is expecting, Baekhyun also has that “reflectionless” teaser photo as Chen stares through the camera with all his charm.

Baekhyun & Chen

Please stay in touch with us as we all wait for further information & teasers for this EXO-K & EXO-M comeback!

EXO-K & EXO-M will be having their comeback showcase for their 2nd mini-album on April 15 at Jamsil Stadium entitled “EXO Comeback Show” sponsored by Samsung Music and you can watch the live stream of the said event on Samsung Music’s website.


UPDATE: Suho & Xiumin’s Teaser Photos

Do you still want to build a snowman? Because the water & frost came together today!

Looks like EXO is living up to the saying three is the charm when it comes to “reflectionless” teaser images of the members as they gave us Xiumin’s reflectionless teaser together with the seemingly “swag”  leader Suho!

Suho & Xiumin
Again, save the date; April 15 at Jamsil Stadium. EXO’s comeback showcase is sponsored by Samsung Music and it will be streamed live on Samsung Music’s website!

Still, we are all looking forward to Baekhyun’s & Chen’s teaser photos for tomorrow, aren’t we? So please stay tuned for that!

UPDATE: Chanyeol & Kris’ Teaser Photos

By now we all know that EXO will be having a comeback showcase at Jamsil Stadium on the 15th, right? And as we are waiting for more information about EXO-K & EXO-M’s 2nd mini-album. SM is not failing us on the boys’ teaser photos.

Today is the day of the main rappers slash “EXO’s twin towers” – Chanyeol & Kris!

As we look at it now, it seems like Lay is not alone on the lack of that shadow thing. Hmmmm…… This is getting more & more intriguing, isn’t it?

So please stay tuned as they unveil more & more of these boys’ concept for their 2nd mini-album!

UPDATE: D.O & Lay’s Teaser Photos

Further details are still yet to come for the 2nd mini-album of both EXO-K & EXO-M but what boggles our minds today is how different Lay’s teaser photo came out to be.


D.O’s has that same vibe as to Kai & Tao’s teaser photos but Lay’s has that same theme as the group teaser picture. I guess we still have to wait for further teaser & infos about EXO’s newest mini-album. So please stay tuned.

But we have one that is very sure, their comeback showcase! It will be happening on the 15h at Jamsil Stadium!

UPDATE: Sehun & Tao’s Teaser Photos

It’s the Maknaes’ Day today!

As their comeback draws nearer, EXO seem to get us more intrigue by their mysterious concept. Continue to standby as they unveil the rest of the boys’ teaser photos.


And let us all anticipate EXO-K’s & EXO-M’s comeback showcase on April 15 at Jamsil Stadium sponsored by Samsung Music.

UPDATE: Kai & Luhan’s Teaser Photos

As we patiently wait & countdown days to EXO-K’s & EXO-M’s comeack. SM seems not to fail in surprising us by releasing highly intriguing and highly “addicting” teaser images of the EXO boys.

Luhan & Kai

And from the looks of it, it’s the visuals day today in the teaser universe.

EXO-K’s & EXO-M’s comeback showcase will be on the 15th at Jamsil Stadium!

credits: EXO-K & EXO-M‘s official website

NEWS: EXO’s Comeback Showcase Announcement + Unit Promotions

EXO Comeback Show Announcement

Yes! You have read that right! Yes you are seeing things right! Yes they are coming back!

EXO is coming back this month and this time, they will be out with a mini-album which means, unit promotions time! EXO K & EXO M will promote this their upcoming mini-album simultaneously & separately, both in Korea & China respectively.

EXO-K Comeback Teaser

Their comeback showcase, entitled “EXO Comeback Show” will be held on April 15 at Jamsil Stadium. This large scale EXO showcase event is sponsored by Samsung Music and it can be streamed live on the said date on Samsung Music.

Stay tuned as we all look out for more EXO K & EXO M teasers!