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SM Entertainment announced Girls’ Generation’s album name last February 10, 2014.  SONEs became more hyped as it has been a year since “I GOT A BOY” and four years since their last EP/Mini-album, “HOOT“. Finally, after such unfortunate events, the album was digitally released on the 24th of February for both Korean and overseas music sites while the physical album was released on the 27th.

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OMO: Hey Mr.Mr.! Let’s Get You Into Surge-Surgery! – [SNSD’s Mr.Mr. MV Review]


I waited for this to be released on YouTube. So yeah, I waited with the rest of you because it’s 20 to 30 minutes late on YouTube and no, I can’t watch on Melon too. Yup! It was released on time on Melon and it was leaked on YouKu. Yeah… International fan problems on the rise! Wee~! But we all know that the drama did not started from there, have heard of the Corrupted File Armageddon that this MV has to go through? *me nodding* I know… I know… But it is here and yes, let’s go and talk about it!

Electronic Synth Pop is a SNSD’s thing for this comeback and I can’t help but to remember their sister group f(x). It’s not that I’m comparing them but, you know? Electro is f(x)’s style. Did Electro work with their big sisters though? I think it did. It actually gave another layer of flavor to what SNSD has been offering us for the past 7 years. SNSD tried to have a little bit of twist to this kind of electro with an edgier click with synth and it did sound really sexy in a different light but upbeat for the rest of the song….And Thank God! That disjointed song era was over! See how at ease our ears with just a straightforward song? Of course, it will never be SNSD with the week-long LSS on the highlight line of their song. I’ve been unconsciously muttering “Mista Mista” during random activities. It’s a weird thing and I am sure that I am not the only one who goes through it every time.


The MV is a way different story. It looks hazy. I think that they are going with a hey-I-am-high-post-operative-anesthesia thing because yeah, this has that surgery slash medical theme to it although I don’t think medical associations would never any surgeries happening in that pink operating room. Like c’mon! Bedazzled heart transplant in a bell jar? And candles for sterilization? You’ve got to be kidding me! Whatever happened to aseptic anything?! (Yep! One licensed medical-allied professional here…hehe!) But that Hospira Calcium Chloride is as legit as it gets! (Wait, does that mean that the girls are now unofficial Hospira endorsers? Eh? Do we even need endorsers for that?! *Actual headdesk-ing, due to stupidity, happening now*)

I think this MV lacks a bit of cohesiveness in terms of plot; going  with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. See, if you compare this to their previous MV, IGAB, I think IGAB has a more tangible and more put together storyline and it was about being shy over having a boyfriend. While this in this MV, I really don’t know if they are actually killing Mr.Mr. or they are actually saving him. You see Yoona dragging Mr.Mr.’s hand in the beginning before having him unconscious for the next frame but maybe that’s part of the plan to have his heart be transplanted for the bedazzled one. The other thing that annoys the hell out of me for this particular MV is the excessive use of presets/ video editing software effects in the entire duration of the MV. I know that this should look like a hallucination waiting to end but man! That was a lot to handle. It nearly looked like they have used all the presets. I wish they could have planned where the hallucination would be on the entire thing rather than just putting it there like “hell whatever!”…and what’s the bedazzled apple for again? Then add the nonsense shots on random things (that’s not an SNSD member) Whatever happened to the direction of the camera?


Although I think that they should have just stick with the dark bad girl concept, this glamorous mad doctor concept is totally working on them too. The girls on suits doing a cool dance break is totally mind blowing, considering how many girl groups out there are baring it all completely lately. You can be hot and cool without losing all your clothes, see SNSD! They are doing a boy group-worthy dance break and you still think that they are sexy. I think that’s ten points for SNSD! I tell you, that dance break is Dae to the Bak! Even though, I wish to see more of the whole choreography, I will be leaving that for their comeback stage on Thursday and my reaction on our TCbS (The Comeback Stage Reaction) post.


So, what do I think of this Girls’ Generation comeback you say? I think SM should have gone all out for these girls. I think they have estimated it wrong and it should have been a full blown full-length album considering that they have only released ONE album last year without any repackages. I think everybody would appreciate it more if the company went a step forward with all the production for this comeback. The missing data Armageddon and the iTunes leak didn’t do anything good too. I actually think that we all miss the highlight medley part right? This is SM, highlight medleys are a thing. I kind of feel that these girls deserve more, considering that they are like way up there at the moment, and they have really worked hard all these 7 years and I genuinely think all of us, fans or not, are really  looking forward for a full-length one even at the first announcement of GG’s comeback, right?


The song and MV are really not their best and not their strongest comeback ever. If you ask me, I am still going with “The Boys” and “I Got a Boy” is better than this. It’s an okay song and like what I have said paragraphs back, this added flavor. I kind of expected more and they have fell short on that. I also wish that they do a full-length in the middle of the year and I am always looking forward to these girls’ comeback.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel