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Random Thoughts: We Are 2 Years Old!


It’s January 2 and we just turned 2!

Honestly, I do not have any clue on how to thank all the people who are still reading this blog and I can’t express how thankful enough I am to all the people who are writing for Try A Little KPop. So my solution is whenever the blog hit a 1000th milestone on its views I always and will never seize to post a Thank You message on twitter. And I know that is not enough.

So far, we have 44,600+ views and I don’t even know how have we manage to have that many views but that number is huge! So Thank You! Thank You for taking time and reading our blog. Thank You to all those who talk to us here on our blog and on twitter. Thank you for appreciating what we write and letting us voice out our opinions on anything KPop. Thank you for fangirling and fanboying with us. Thank you for loving KPop with us. Just like what we have said on our Christmas greetings, I hope I can wrap up your bias and give them as a gift but that’s literally impossible, so I hope you can just accept virtual hugs as a alternative (っ⌒‿⌒)っ~!

Next, I want to thank Aui, our album ninja, who writes amazing KPop album reviews. “The Key”, who always manages to volunteer to write for me whenever I never manage to write or publish on time and to sehooonah who writes for this blog, Thank you guys! I cannot imagine how this blog will ever survive without all of you!

Thank You So Much!

I am hoping and looking forward to a lot of awesome KPop times with you guys!

Here’s to KPop-ing for years and more!



-seanne shoewalker