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SM Entertainment announced Girls’ Generation’s album name last February 10, 2014.  SONEs became more hyped as it has been a year since “I GOT A BOY” and four years since their last EP/Mini-album, “HOOT“. Finally, after such unfortunate events, the album was digitally released on the 24th of February for both Korean and overseas music sites while the physical album was released on the 27th.

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OMO: Hey Mr.Mr.! Let’s Get You Into Surge-Surgery! – [SNSD’s Mr.Mr. MV Review]


I waited for this to be released on YouTube. So yeah, I waited with the rest of you because it’s 20 to 30 minutes late on YouTube and no, I can’t watch on Melon too. Yup! It was released on time on Melon and it was leaked on YouKu. Yeah… International fan problems on the rise! Wee~! But we all know that the drama did not started from there, have heard of the Corrupted File Armageddon that this MV has to go through? *me nodding* I know… I know… But it is here and yes, let’s go and talk about it!

Electronic Synth Pop is a SNSD’s thing for this comeback and I can’t help but to remember their sister group f(x). It’s not that I’m comparing them but, you know? Electro is f(x)’s style. Did Electro work with their big sisters though? I think it did. It actually gave another layer of flavor to what SNSD has been offering us for the past 7 years. SNSD tried to have a little bit of twist to this kind of electro with an edgier click with synth and it did sound really sexy in a different light but upbeat for the rest of the song….And Thank God! That disjointed song era was over! See how at ease our ears with just a straightforward song? Of course, it will never be SNSD with the week-long LSS on the highlight line of their song. I’ve been unconsciously muttering “Mista Mista” during random activities. It’s a weird thing and I am sure that I am not the only one who goes through it every time.


The MV is a way different story. It looks hazy. I think that they are going with a hey-I-am-high-post-operative-anesthesia thing because yeah, this has that surgery slash medical theme to it although I don’t think medical associations would never any surgeries happening in that pink operating room. Like c’mon! Bedazzled heart transplant in a bell jar? And candles for sterilization? You’ve got to be kidding me! Whatever happened to aseptic anything?! (Yep! One licensed medical-allied professional here…hehe!) But that Hospira Calcium Chloride is as legit as it gets! (Wait, does that mean that the girls are now unofficial Hospira endorsers? Eh? Do we even need endorsers for that?! *Actual headdesk-ing, due to stupidity, happening now*)

I think this MV lacks a bit of cohesiveness in terms of plot; going  with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. See, if you compare this to their previous MV, IGAB, I think IGAB has a more tangible and more put together storyline and it was about being shy over having a boyfriend. While this in this MV, I really don’t know if they are actually killing Mr.Mr. or they are actually saving him. You see Yoona dragging Mr.Mr.’s hand in the beginning before having him unconscious for the next frame but maybe that’s part of the plan to have his heart be transplanted for the bedazzled one. The other thing that annoys the hell out of me for this particular MV is the excessive use of presets/ video editing software effects in the entire duration of the MV. I know that this should look like a hallucination waiting to end but man! That was a lot to handle. It nearly looked like they have used all the presets. I wish they could have planned where the hallucination would be on the entire thing rather than just putting it there like “hell whatever!”…and what’s the bedazzled apple for again? Then add the nonsense shots on random things (that’s not an SNSD member) Whatever happened to the direction of the camera?


Although I think that they should have just stick with the dark bad girl concept, this glamorous mad doctor concept is totally working on them too. The girls on suits doing a cool dance break is totally mind blowing, considering how many girl groups out there are baring it all completely lately. You can be hot and cool without losing all your clothes, see SNSD! They are doing a boy group-worthy dance break and you still think that they are sexy. I think that’s ten points for SNSD! I tell you, that dance break is Dae to the Bak! Even though, I wish to see more of the whole choreography, I will be leaving that for their comeback stage on Thursday and my reaction on our TCbS (The Comeback Stage Reaction) post.


So, what do I think of this Girls’ Generation comeback you say? I think SM should have gone all out for these girls. I think they have estimated it wrong and it should have been a full blown full-length album considering that they have only released ONE album last year without any repackages. I think everybody would appreciate it more if the company went a step forward with all the production for this comeback. The missing data Armageddon and the iTunes leak didn’t do anything good too. I actually think that we all miss the highlight medley part right? This is SM, highlight medleys are a thing. I kind of feel that these girls deserve more, considering that they are like way up there at the moment, and they have really worked hard all these 7 years and I genuinely think all of us, fans or not, are really  looking forward for a full-length one even at the first announcement of GG’s comeback, right?


The song and MV are really not their best and not their strongest comeback ever. If you ask me, I am still going with “The Boys” and “I Got a Boy” is better than this. It’s an okay song and like what I have said paragraphs back, this added flavor. I kind of expected more and they have fell short on that. I also wish that they do a full-length in the middle of the year and I am always looking forward to these girls’ comeback.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel



I was tasked (I volunteered, actually) to make an album review for SM the Ballad’s “BREATH”. I got very excited and today, I am much honored to be the second ‘guest author’ in this blog (Yes, I am a guest author). So, I will save the introduction for later :)) .


Breath Album Cover



So, last February 13, 2014, SM Entertainment released the most awaited album, entitled “BREATH”. With the gathering of the new line- up of artists to sing for the album, it surely is interesting to see another concept that defies love in an instance. It consists of 10 tracks, including three versions (Korean, Japanese and Chinese) of the songs ‘Breath’ and ‘Blind’.

The day I watched the teaser for the full album, I concluded that it is a compilation of BREAK- UP songs.  The album is a story that is being unfolded at each of the tracks, and it created a very successful portrayal of “Heart Break”. Cheers to SM! Anyway, let’s get right through the tracks, shall we?

Note: The following plot is made from the writer’s weird imagination. Some parts of the plot came from the lyrics, others are just for internet humor.


Breath Plot

**A melody starts off. The clouds are not in good terms with the reader’s feelings. There goes thunder and rain, a story is about to be seen, DEAR**


1. DEAR…

This one is a good starting point before hearing the full album itself. I consider this one- minute audio as the ‘mood setter’. With the sound of the rainfall, to the slow piano melody and to the mixing of orchestral sadness, this gradually made my very jolly day into a very sad one. A very effective start for the upcoming BREAK- UP songs.


** Both people are holding their phones and they are waiting for each other’s calls. Both are reminiscing good memories and keep letting out a sigh while tears fall to their faces. Each of them shows that they regret their parting to each other, and that they still both love each other the same way as before. They both want to achieve one thing, which is to at least hear each other’s BREATH (Award- Winning Plotline Level:  SM)**




2. BREATH (sung by Taeyeon (SNSD) and Jonghyun (SHINee) in Korean, f (Krystal) and Changmin/Max (TVXQ!) in Japanese and Chen (EXO) and Zhang Li Yin in Chinese)

This is the best BREAK- UP song I have heard so far. This is the ballad that continues the melody of the first track ‘Dear…’ For what I have seen, it is has a very lonely tune that has a feeling of ‘REGRET’ to it.  The lyrics of the song jive to the feeling of the melody itself, making it my frequently played song on this album.  Also, even when you watch the music video of this song, it creates the most intense gloom. A complete package for a BREAK- UP song. Since it has three versions, the version which struck me the most? I’ll leave it up to you people. (Those three versions are freaking good I can’t even choose which is better!)


** In the aftermath, a man had a great loss for his love. He blamed himself for being too into her that it made her tired. The crucial time where he realized that ‘love’ is already gone, ‘greed’ came on a rise instead. He was too BLIND to see it at first. The man tries to forget the past but finds it very hard to do for his love still remains for her.**


3. BLIND (sung by Yesung (Super Junior) in Korean and Japanese, and Zhoumi (Super Junior-M) in Chinese)

This song is the best representation of how can love gets to a point that it is too CRAZY to continue. In the lyrics it literally described HEART- BREAK as VERY CRAZY THAT IT LEFT A VERY CRAZY DEEP SCAR (soo crazy). This song created a good feeling that the listeners can relate and follow through until the end of the song. It taught me a great lesson: BEWARE, OVERFLOWING LOVE KILLS. LOVE MODERATELY. I can say it is a hell of a good story. (fan-fic worthy, everyone!)


**The boy thinks it’s too easy for her to forget their love, but it was the same instance for her. She tries to put those good memories on a blur but it gets clearer after. She kept on shedding tears. Therefore she shouted…**




4. SET ME FREE (sung by Taeyeon of SNSD)

                I love this song as well. I think it is the girl version of the song Blind, looking like it is the response of the girl to what the man is feeling right now. For what I have experienced, the lyrics are so remarkable that everyone can follow through unlike other songs that do not repeat the same lines.
Looking at the plot, you can feel the way the woman tries so hard to forget those past memories of them, resembled to the song as her precious stones to him. The heartfelt melody gradually puts you into sadness that the song should give. Nice Job Taeyeon.

**After some time, the man has moved on, and he disregards what his love would be thinking on what he does before. He is now thinking only for himself. But he still remembers those good days, feeling like he already had no reason for his doings to be hated nor loved. (The writer stops his too heartfelt plot and goes on shopping. He sees Chen of EXO, got excited for some time. Being an EXO-stan, he gets back to typing his album review and tries not to be too biased about his review for “A DAY WITHOUT YOU”)**





5. A DAY WITHOUT YOU (sung by Jonghyun of SHINee Chen of EXO)

(I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I SO. LOVE. IT!! CHEAN IS SINGING THEN.. oops, sorry XD) *coughs. Let’s get straight to the point.
The slow beat in this song slightly gets rid of all the sadness in the earlier songs, since it changes from very sad to moderately-sad-to-happy state. It’s simply exceptional to see how the flow of the tracks in this album gradually changes your mood. (When I hear this song I feel like shopping, which is my unique compliment.) In the song, it was described that he feels free after his break- up with his love, but he is still longing for her.
It’s a good duet by Jonghyun and Chen. I also like the part where they said, “I can’t believe, yes it’s true…” in English. Their extraordinary vocal ranges always give me goosebumps, a good blend of singers in a nice song.
**Both stated: “WHEN I WAS with you, WHEN YOU WERE with me, we used to have those good times. I keep on recalling them. But today, I think it’s time to really let go of that feeling. Like what they say, there will come a time where we will change. I hope you will be happy. Goodbye.” And thus ended their wonderful love to each other… *END**


6. WHEN I WAS… WHEN U WERE…(sung by f (Krystal) and Chen of EXO)

This song is so meaningful it made my mind appreciate love and acceptance. Each line of the lyrics is closely related to each other, signifying love and its deep connection to the seasons. It’s also fun to read in the lines of the song in which it recalls the good things that happened with his/her love, and they look at it positively than before. As what the song says, ‘seasons endlessly change’, and therefore the same as through with love: it endlessly changes until we find the right kind of meaning to it, with the right one at your side.


A scene from ‘Flower Boy Next Door’

The melody of the guitar and more feels like it came from Flower Boy Next Door OST. It fits in the part where they look afar from each other through their glass walls and windows. It’s a good HEART BREAK song that keeps its melody moderately up. The part where the long ‘ooohs’ occur gives me a relaxing feeling. It’s a nice song, my favorite song in the album as well.


                All in all I liked all the songs in the Album ‘BREATH’ . A nice way to see SM Entertainment do some artist collaborations to keep making and developing wonderful voices, as to what is present, showcasing their balladeers. Even though I used the word ‘HEART BREAK’ six times and made a plot for this album, I hope to see another volume of SM the Ballad that did a great job this year. Congratulations SME!


By the way, thank you very much to Try A Little Kpop for this opportunity.


SM the Ballad’s Breath? We got this Pen Sealed! (My blog: http://pensealed.wordpress.com/ )

-The Key









NEWS: SNSD’s Mr. Mr. Album Cover

We all know what happened last night, right?

Fret no more, the girls officially released their album cover today.


In line with this, SM also announced that SNSD’s 4th Mini-Album – Mr. Mr. will  (finally) OFFICIALLY be released today at 5pm KST.

The Girls ARE BACK!

After Bringing the Boys out and finally Getting THE BOY and after more than a year of absence, Girls Generation is finally coming back with a much daring and bedazzling concept in “Mr. Mr.” (Mister Mister)

Yes, SOnes, ladies and gentlemen! These girls are in for another round of surprises so stay tune as we monitor how these teasers will go ’cause that psychedelic hospital concept is tingling our imaginations too.

According to SMTown’s official YouTube channel, Mr. Mr. will be released on February 19 and the album will be out on February 27!

and please check out the cool intro of SNSD’s SMTown site: http://girlsgeneration.smtown.com/Intro

credits: SMTown YouTube channel

28th Golden Disk Awards + List of Winners

Golden Disk Awards 2014 happened on January 16 at Grand Peace Palace, Kyunghee University in Seoul. Among the artists that graced the occassion were EXO, PSY, 2NE1, INFINITE and many others. The event was hosted by Choi Minho, Jung Yonghwa, Yoon Doo-joon, Oh Sang-jin and SNSD’s Tiffany and Taeyeon.

GDA logo

The list of awards and winners are as follows:

Ceci Asia Icon Award – SHINee & SISTAR
Goodwill Star Awards – 

Popularity Award
Girl’s Generation
Roy Kim

Newcomer Award
Roy Kim
Lim Kim
Crayon Pop

Disk Bonsang
Cho Yong Pil
Girl’s Generation

Digital Bonsang
A Pink
Lee Seung Chul

Digital Daesang – Grand Prize
PSY – Gentleman

Disk Daesang – Grand Prize


Congratulations to this year’s winners!

News: SNSD Won at YouTube Music Awards

After weeks of voting by sharing your favorite nominees’ videos on Facebook, Twitter and (hmmm…) Google+ on November 3rd, YouTube finally announced the winners of their YouTube Music Awards. The event was held at Pier 36, New York City with countdown shows from different parts of the world which started in Seoul last night.


(…and because KPoppers are awesome)

Girls’ Generation won Video of the Year for “I Got A Boy”!

SNSD’s Tiffany, as earlier reported, graced the event in behalf of the group which, according to Tiffany herself, are half-way around the world (in Japan) working.

The winners received a red play button as their award and here is the complete list of this years’ winners for YTMA:

Video of the Year: I Got A Boy – Girls’ Generation

Artist of the Year: Eminem

Response of the Year: Lindsey Stirling & Pentatonix – Radioactive

YouTube Phenomenon: Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

YouTube Breakthrough: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Innovation of the Year: DeStorm – See Me Standing

Again, Congratulations to SNSD & the other winners!

News: SNSD & Psy Nominated on YouTube Music Awards

By being one of the most watched and shared videos on YouTube for twelve straight months, Girls’ Generation together with Psy are going head on against Lady Gaga, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Epic Battles of History for YouTube Music Awards’ Video of The Year Title.


Besides his nomination mentioned above, Psy once again proves to us that he is a YouTube superstar by being nominated for other categories like Artist of the Year for Gentleman and YouTube Phenomenon for Gangnam Style.

To vote, just share the videos above on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. The winners for the first ever YouTube Music Awards will be announced on November 3.

So GO! Let’s all Vote!

Uncategorized: SM’s Dancing Machines Heated Up The Stage On Mnet’s Dancing9!!

The most awaited special collaboration stage of the dancing machines of Girls’ Generation and EXO finally happened last night on the September 28 broadcast of Mnet’s Dancing9.

Dancing machines

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon had revealed a few times before that she wants to collaborate with EXO‘s Kai in the future, for he is her ideal dancing partner. Well, dreams do come true, right? 🙂

The dancing machines, Hyoyeon, Kai and Lay, showed off their amazing dancing skills last night on Mnet’s ‘Dancing9’ stage! Though there was a little technical glitch for about 12 seconds, they showed their professionalism by still dancing along without the beat of music. They nailed it! It was perfect!

They were really having fun dancing on stage, you can see it very well on their faces. I’m pretty sure that the fans loved it and of course, no one can deny the awesomeness of this performance.

Check out their performance below!

KPop Releases: List of Announced Comebacks – [MBLAQ, NU’EST, KARA, Seungri, Girls’ Generation & After School]

After making you sing and making your head to stick with “Smokey girl… smokey girl… smokey girl” hundreds of times, they are coming back with a fresh and bright image with the release of their follow-up track and repackaged album: Love Beat. The track is set to be out tonight so check that out.


‘wazzup V.I.P’s?! Seugri is set to release a mini album containing 7 tracks called “Let Talk About Me You Love” (yes, we love those scratch marks so we tried to imitate them… hehehe!). The album is set to be available online on the 19th and you can physically buy the actual physical album on the 22nd. I know… I know… we all miss the whole of Big Bang but let’s just wait. At least we have Sengri this time, right? I’ve just noticed that YG is a bit about the word “Love” this year huh?!


I am still having a hard time typing L.O. Λ. E but hey! I am having and you sure are all will have fun ‘cause the boys are coming back on the 22nd! They’ve released a teaser for their Melon Showcase and they will be coming back with “Sleep Talking” and their agency (Pledis) told that this song will introduce us to a new genre called “mystic fantasy”.

We’ve got a shortage of KARA’s content lately (we have to at least admit this) and yes, don’t make those Japanese releases as an excuse ‘cause we are talking about KPop here but lo-and-behold, they’ve actually released image teasers today! YEY! This time, they’re looking a bit masculine, strong and fierce. Let’s all look forward to this comeback, shall we?


Speaking of Japanese releases…. Sorry SOnes, this is not a Korean Comeback but it is still somehow a Girls’ Generation comeback of some sort and I am sure Japanese SOnes are ecstatic about this. The girls are set to release a Japanese single on September 19 (this is like a month and 6 days away from this day but they’ve announced it already, so yeah… they’re included in this article) and it is called “Galaxy Supernova”. The single will be released along with the Live DVD of Girls’ Generations’ 2nd Japanese tour and it will also contain another track called “Do The Catwalk”.


Another Japanese release; After School is set to have a Japanese comeback on October 2nd (yes this is like 2 months away, but yeah, they’ve announced it) with the single “Heaven” and “Crazy Driver”. It will also include a 36-page photobook! So this is a thing to look forward to.

after school