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ToBeRS: Amber’s Shake That Brass Teaser MV

Do you want something quirky and funny?!

In Amber’s latest solo teaser, she does look like she wants you to shake some and wiggle some… in a laundromat?!

And since you sure did had a lot of fun with, don’t forget to watch out for the release of Amber’s first solo mini-album ‘Beautiful’ on February 13 (on-line) & February 16 (off line) .

And don’t forget watch out for Shake That Brass MV!

Speaking of MVs…. Amber has pre-released the Lyric Video for her single ‘Beautiful’ last night and you can check the beautiful song and its lyrics by clicking ‘here

Now, go on, replay that and Shake that Brass!

credits: SMTown YouTube channel


[EARGASM] “RED LIGHT” by f(x) album review


It has been almost a year since f(x)’s second full length album, “Pink Tape”. Now, they’re back with RED LIGHT and ready to blow your minds once again. Even Billboard named them as a group who “solidifies brand of quirky…” and “hipster pop…” and I couldn’t agree more.

To be honest, I was expecting a whole lot from this album since PINK TAPE really blew my mind with its splendid colors! And after a number of plays, here’s what I have to say:

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NEWS: f(x) 5th Set of Teaser Photos + MILK Preview + Group Teaser Photo & WARNING

I know you are intrigued, so here comes Amber!




Last night, f(x) released a preview for their single “MILK”, an urban r&B track,  which is included in their upcoming album Red Light. Another preview is set to be released  for their single entitlted “All Night”.



AND of course! Here are the rest of Amber’s teaser photos!























Just when you thought that that is the end of their teaser…. uhmmm… NO!
Here’s f(x)’s Group Teaser Photo!


and in case you haven’t heard their warning…

f(x) warning


credits: f(x)’s official website & SM IDOL’s YouTube channel 

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