ToBeRS: SHINEE’s Jonghyun To Make a Solo Debut

SM is opening 2015 with a delightful suprise!


Today, SHINee’s Jonghyun has announced his solo debut through a music video teaser and image teaser on SMTown’s website and official YouTube Channel.

Witihin a mysterious tagline: “There are reasons to be attracted to Danger” Jonghyun will be releasing his solo mini album on January 12th entitled “BASE”. So make sure to watch out for more teasers!

credits: & SMTown’s YouTube channel


NEWS: Winners From MAMA 2014!

It is the third year that the Mnet Asian Music Awards was held in Hong Kong and we must say, this year did not disappoint. With attendance from the biggest KPop idols to Korea’s most popular actors and actresses. You cannot expect less.

MAMA 2014

This year’s awards ceremony was full of amazing collaborations which started with a stunning number from Girl’s Day and Ailee which proseeded to an absolute epic stage from Epik High, John Legend belting out his famous song Green Light and All of Me, a Live Performance of Sokgyeokdong from IU and Seo Taiji, a stunner performance and comeback announcement from EXO  and  a very great performance from G-Dragon and Taeyang, you cannot help but adore this year’s awards show.

But as a requirement for all award shows, you need the awards and the winners.

So without further blabbering, here’s the list of this year’s MAMA 2014 winners!

Grand Prize
Artist of the Year – EXO
Song of the Year – Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang)
Album of the Year – Overdose (EXO)

Singer Awards
Best New Artist – WINNER
Best Male Artist – Taeyang
Best Female Artist – IU
Best Male Group – EXO
Best Female Group – SISTAR

Genre Awards
Best Dance Performance Male Group – INFINITE
Best Dance Performance Female Group – Girl’s Day
Best Dance Performance Solo – Sunmi (Full Moon)
Best Collaboration – SoYou x JungGigo (Some)
Best Vocal Performance Male – Taeyang
Best Vocal Performance Female – Ailee
Best Band Performance – CNBlue
Best Rap Performance – Epik High

Special Prizes
Best Music Video – 2PM (Go Crazy)
Best OST – LYn (My Destiny – You Who Came From the Stars)
Most Popular Vocalist – IU

Best Asian Style (voted via Twitter during the Red Carpet Event) – EXO
New Style in Music – Jun Joon Young
Favorite International Artist – John Legend
Favorite Music in China – Chopstick Brothers
KPop Fans’ Choice Male Award – INFINITE
KPop Fans’ Choice Female Award – TTS
For an award ceremony that everyone expects at the end of each and every year, MAMA is still one of the biggest and most anticipated and yes, I know we all had fun!

The ceremonies was held at Hong Kong’s Asia World Arena on December 3rd and it is hosted by actor Song Seung Hoon.

OMO: Candy, Spies and Jellybeans and Gummy Bears and Everything Nice! – [Lovelyz’ Candy Jelly Love MV Review]

Note: Hi! This post will cover a little about Goodnight Like Yesterday and my over-all reaction to Lovelyz debut too! And Yep! Sorry if I haven’t posted and OMO for a very long time… Forgive me…

Lovelyz group

I am sure you have heard of Lovelyz but if you still have not, well, let’s do some quick introduction here. Lovelyz is the flagship girl group form the company that brought us INFINITE – Woolim! And yeah, it is safe to say that they are INFINITE’s little sister and I am sure being dubbed as “INFINITE’s little sister” comes with a lot of expectations for Lovelyz, so without further blabbering out of my main topic, let’s go to my review! Whoooosssh~!

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NEWS: Melon Music Awards 2014 WINNERS!

It’s already November and when you are in KPop, I know that you know what that means. The awards season is once again unfolding and the hardships of both the fans and the idols are once again reciprocated. So to start the KPop Awards Season, here rolls the Melon Music Awards 2014!


Melon Music Awards takes to account the winners based on both digital sales and online votes.

MMA 2014 also featured live performances from Girl’s Day, SISTAR, IU, AKMU, WINNER and Taeyang and a very special tribute to the Korean rock legend Shin Hae Chul and a special award was awarded to Ladies’ Code.

And this year’s winners are:

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[EARGASM] Epik High’s “Shoebox”; a (somehow) detailed album review

OMO: Take Me With You Sogyeokdong! – [Seo Taiji x IU’s SOGYEOKDONG MV Review]

Five words; Effervescent, Nostalgic, Magical, Breathtaking,  AMAZING!


KPop is into electro these past months and sometimes it does not easily work with your ears. We all have the impression that KPop is a bit of a mile away from your normal electropop and if KPop does release electro-related stuff, they  soften it a bit to suit the general KPop taste and this one is somehow on the soft side and I think Sogyeodong being on the synthpop side of the range is definitely helping the song to mold into the general KPop taste and that’s a good thing. Not all people will easily say that they like this electro track or that electro track. Electro is very specific when it comes into choosing its own audience but Sokgyeokdong being the synth it is, is not really that hard to love and get obssesed with.

The song really sounds breathtaking and you cannot help but be poetic on how you describe the song, so here I go. Here is my take on Sogyeokdong. The song reminds me of breeze washing over me while standing on a rooftop or a cliff. It somehow feels like freedom and peace and calmness but it fragile and it will easily be gone but you cannot get over it. That for me, what this song feels like. It’s refreshing too. For me, it is that song that I will play if I am just alone, laying lazily across my bed, reminiscing things from the past at three in the morning. It is that rejuvenating song after a day of crazy things.

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OMO: I Think I Am In Love With… – [Juniel’s I Think I’m In Love MV Review]

Let’s all bury all the stress that KPop has given us this week by appreciating something fairly light, shall we?

Although Spring has long been gone, it is never too late to feel fluffy inside as seen in this MV by Juniel!

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OMO: I am High – [BeatBurger’s She’s So High MV Review]

I know all of you are confused. Questions like Is that Goo Hye Sun from BOF?, That’s Changmin form TVXQ right?  to What exactly is a BeatBurger?  and BeatBuger is an SM Ent. music producer right? are currently lingering and boggling your mind right now. So before going to the review let us get that straight first.


Who is/ are BeatBurger?
BeatBurger is a group of people that is consists of Shim Jaewon (DJ and vocals), Hwang Sang Woon (Performance), MQ (Rap), Stephen Ju (Guitar),  Flash Finger (Keyboard), Gu Jong Pil (Sound Director) and Park Kyu Yong (VJ) and according to their YouTube About page they are a Live Performance team and as a KPop genereal knowledge, you might have heard or read about them as choreographers and producers on various SM artists albums although they do not necessarily all present all the time in one project.

Beat Burger Group Pic

To make the confusion more confusing, as a group they fall under the Electronic genre. But since we want to understand what BeatBurger is, think of it as a production unit complete with people who is involved with production but they can also do live performances and they will not be hesitant on making and producing their own material.

And just for the sake of simplification; they are like THE JYP who produces, choreographs and performs his own songs but with a dash of TEDDY of YG for a bit of swag because they also produces for other artist but they fall under EDM and yes, they do grace us with their presence on music festivals.

And for the second most asked question =>  Is that Goo Hye Sun and Changmin?  

Yes. It’s great right? 😀

And for my first reaction for this MV; At last! Somebody in KPop have done Electro House right! And for the case of the repetitive lyrics, most EDM tracks have lyrics that kind of just loops and loops around. The track sounds a bit weird for some who are not really into Electro House, or the whole EDM for that matter, but this is addicting and definitely catchy. And I am not going to lie and yes, at first I also thought about Zedd but then again, not really. I immediately release it, it’s a bit childish to see it that way. C’mon! Falling in the same sub-genre does not make you a copycat., you simply just have the same genre. But maybe “say high, say high” is not really that fitting for EDM vibe but it fits and it works so yeah.

As for the music video, I didn’t have the slightest idea that Electro can suit in light and bright MV until now. I mean, the characters’ movements are a bit harsh and weird but the setting is a bit surprising. Yes, we are used to have computer generated graphics flying all over our screens on EDM MVs or just the plain party scene flashing throughout the entire video but they did a complete 180 turn for this one and maybe that’s what makes this one stand out form the rest. I really like the out of the box thing that they have pulled out for this. I do realize that they have somehow managed to insert a couple of computer graphics with Jaewon in the video but the MV is composed mainly of Goo Hye Sun and Changmin’s part and the song surprisingly fitted in a dainty story telling and the demure music video. It does have the weird interpretative dance thing that makes you cringe but whether you are to accept it or not, it adds to the uniqueness and appeal of the whole thing. This music video is weirdly amazing!

It is.

Although we might have a few arguments on whether I am just plainly crazy on liking the MV and you thinking that this a whole new level of disastrous, I think, we can settle on the fact that this is a refreshing thing for the entire  Korean Music Scene. This is new and it is a bit exciting. At least now we know that yes, we can do EDM properly in a music industry that has been dominated with KPop and there is Korean EDM music scene happening in the midst of pop that has conquered Korea.

To conclude, it is also good to see SM showcasing and giving the chance for their producers to a have a piece of limelight that somehow translates to the company’s  gratefulness that yes these are the people behind our artists and they do have their own talents so let us all step back give them the spotlight.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel, BeatBurger’s YouTube channel & BeatBurger’s official Facebook page

AUGUST KPOP WRAP- UP! (Which of them stood out the most?)

This August  the comebacks of many K-Pop artists arrived to compete for the crown, which is kind of interesting and exciting since they all targeted for the same month. Some of which even had the same name. It also marked the rise of new K-Pop groups that, surprisingly, got the most attention in their debut song. But there are some downfalls to some groups that were involved in some issues that may affect their careers.  In chronological order (not really), we list the things which, for us, stood up the most this August!


This August had the most amazing debuts I have seen thus far for their huge popularity on their first song!

KWrUp 1st segment pic 1


The two newly debuted groups, Red Velvet (SMEnt) and Winner (YG), showed their unique and charismatic styles that really swept the charts. Red Velvet’s surprising debut of “Happiness” showcased the colors and quirkiness that will surely make us happy for. They also showcased their singing that will completely amaze us all. And in terms of the MV, it’s a perfect one to meet all our expectations, even surpassing them. It’s a nice strategy for SM Entertainment to surprise us with a new girl group that has a big potential, especially to the K-Pop scene.

Next is the awaited debut of WINNER with their two songs “Color Ring” and “EMPTY”. One thing that made them stood amongst other K-Pop groups is the vibe they set for their album. And their gloomy-slash-heartbroken feels to their music is a ‘perfecto’.

KWrUp 1st segment pic 2

Both showed their amazing skill in the scene that will surely set another standard.


Speaking of standards, other K-Pop groups are also in line with others for their new releases that will make their fans go spazzin’.

KWrUp 2nd segment pic 1

Starting off with Orange Caramel’s “My Copycat”.  The melody was kind of weird for me at first, and as it builds up, the cuteness adds up to the vibe of the song. And their interactive MV made me pause the video to see what is missing from both sides. Undeniably, K-Pop girl groups are not complete without their sexiness. (But seriously, I STILL  CAN’T FIND THEM FROM A LARGE CROWD OF PEOPLE DANCING!)

Talking about sexiness, let the sexiness begin with Hyuna’s “Red”, and Sistar’s “I Swear”.

Hyuna’s “Red” never failed to describe “sexy” with the twerking and the melody that is a- maze. Beauty and passion is a plus for her too. Another will make you feel good about summer like never before with Sistar’s “I Swear”.

KWrUp 2nd segment pic 2

Did someone say SUMMER? For Sistar perfected the elements of summer with the song “I Swear”! Swimming? Check. Swimming Outfits? Check. Parties? Check! The video is a blast! And the song is upbeat, yet it hadn’t lost its sexy and summer factor that surely satisfies us all. “I Swear” is a good follow- up from last month’s “Touch My Body”, not missing all the fun and excitement while summer hasn’t ended yet. Sistar is a sweet danger this month.

KWrUp 2nd Segment pic 3


Speaking of danger (hell yea I love segues!), this month is the battle of “DANGER” by Taemin and BTS. Taemin went for a Michael Jackson type bad boy and danced smoothly as what we all can expect. Meanwhile, BTS also had theirs, but down the subway, with the crashing and punching and some cool dance moves as well. I won’t talk about this for long, either way; they both had their amazing performances (Let’s love everyone!).

Last but not the least, Super Junior went ‘ayaya!’ for their new song “MAMACITA”. The rhythm and the lyrics are not really that hard, that’s why it’s a plus for them so they can make people go ‘ayaya!’ as well. Cheers to everyone who worked very hard for August! (A review by the head writer will discuss this further)


We all know the things Dispatch has been releasing around the internet, and it’s SM that, we think, is the main target of the buzzes this month. Starting off with Sulli-Choiza issue.

The dating rumors have ended when SME, together with Amoeba Culture, confirmed about each other’s mutual feelings for each other! Both parties said that they started with a hoobae- sunbae relationship then developed to what they are now. Meanwhile some rumors about Sulli leaving her group f(x) are still left unanswered by her entertainment agency.

Buzzing, you say? For a rookie group member Kemy from A.KOR buzzed the whole world released a diss track talking about Bom of 2NE1 and the rumors about her using prescription drugs for medication. DOO Republic, the said rookie’s entertainment agency spoke up about this controversy and explained that “it was only a submission for a rap competition”.


Now let’s go see some positivity from last month!

KWrUp last segment

EXOTICS? EXO- Stan? EXO- Global? IT’S EXO- L! Coming from the middle of the letter K (EXO- K) and M (EXO- M), EXO- L stands for “EXO- LOVE” and will be used by EXO fans all around the world. After the announcement of the fandom name was the release of the site where you can register as a fan! EXO- L, come check it out before it ends!

More from EXO is their new show, EXO 90:2014 where they gather to interview some of the groups that were famous from 90’s K-Pop scene. Each member are tasked for a music video for a certain group. SM Rookies also show their potential by dancing some of the 90’s hits in Korea. Can’t wait for the next debut!

Lastly, the new show Apink Showtime! Apink emerged greatly on the -Pop scene that we are also about to experience how it feels like to be them on their reality show where they show their true characters each day. On the coming days are some other episodes that will make us feel all things! Fighting Apink!

But truly, K-Pop will never run out of surprises and colors as they continue to shine all over the world, making their music globally competitive. Who wants to see more of them?! I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO, YES PLEASE!!!!


**To catch up from last month’s affairs at K-Pop I decided to make something like this Wrap- Up. I hope you enjoyed last month as well!**

KPop Releases: SM’s BeatBurger Project

SM through their official YouTube channel has just announced their artists’ collaborative project with BeatBurger and first to be up is none other than *drumroll please*, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk!

The collaboration resulted in a almost jazzy urban Hip hop track matched with an equally sleek Eunhyuk dance moves.

So click the play button below to check it out.


And be sure to be on the look out for the next collaborating artist.

credits: SMTown’s YouTube channel