OMO: You and All The Things He Has Been Through – [G.Soul’s You MV Review]

It is quite a debut explosion these year so yes, we are with the second review for a debut this year and don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am actually having fun. This is really refreshing. It is nice.

There is one thing that I really really really wanted to tell the whole of KPop this whole time. And it is the fact that if you are looking for great voices, you should definitely turn to JYP’s direction. Their talents have amazing vocalization and they have quite amazing ranges. If there is an agency that takes vocal training seriously, I think it is JYP. Although the agency has been flying quite beneath other giants last year, I think they are plotting something and G. Soul is the start of their revenge.

I mean, if you trained for fifteen years and if you went through all the things that he had went through. Well, those experiences will definitely shape up quite a talent.

I know that G.Soul’s genre is the same Hip Hop/R&B mix that you will get from all over but there’s something that will make you stop as he draws your attention in. I have never heard a R&B singer who sings this clear. His voice stands out through the background music. I even think that he can go acapella and it will still have the same effect on you. If there is a personification of whispering into your heart, G.Soul is exactly what that is.

G.Soul’s sound is something that can survive international charts and I think they should ship this and make the whole world hear this song. This will do well outside Korea’s shores. I am still confused why this is not dong well in its local charts at this very moment. I can even make my non-KPop believer friends to listen to this and convert them to become one of us. Seriously. I am not joking, really.

All those things aside, I think the attracting factor that G.Soul has is about his heart. You can hear how he pours out his heart through the lyrics. I really means what he is singing and we can also feel that and I think JYP got that that he made You’s MV this simple.

There is really something about simplicity that will definitely draws you in. I mean, G.Soul does not need anything more to make this whole MV fabulous. It is as gorgeous as it is already. I love how the MV only consisted of just him, his voice and the camera. It’s quite dark and airy and simple. It’s the best just the way this is.

Although people might label him as JYP’s Taeyang. There are differences guys and for now, let’s allow him to share to us the talent and the songs he wanted to let the world see and listen to for a long 15 years.

I really wish he continue with this flow and he will definitely be at the top in no time.

And let me say this just this time,

G.Soul~ Fighting~!

credits: jypentertainment on YouTube


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