OMO: Glass Beads and The Return of Cute – [GFriend’s Glass Bead MV Review]

First, let me greet you a Happy New Year!

And speaking of new… A new generation of KPop groups is on the rise following the successive debut of new girl and boy bands amongst all the labels and, thus, I have decided to talk about a new girl group this time. So, let us all meet GFriend – the first girl group to debut this year.

GFriend is the newest group of Source Music. The group is consist of 6 members; UmJi, YuJoo, YeRin, SoWon, EunHa and maybe you have already notice that ShinB is a Jessica look-a-like, making that fact their point of entry towards your curiosity.


Concept wise, they are aiming for the more subtle, bright and slightly cute theme for their debut which I have noticed has already become a trend with girl group debut these days. Although I prefer this type of debut more than the provocative and uber sexy theme, I hope GFriend will somehow discover a wise variation of themes in the future.

GFriend’s Glass Bead has been compared with SNSD’s Into The New World at the very moment they released its teaser. So I decided to look unto it and this is what I have found out. GFriend’s Glass Bead is a more of an upbeat pop and almost anime-theme song while Into the New World is a slight pop rock. Although Glass Bead is on the “encouraging song” themed song too, the thought of Glass Bead is more of “sure you can lean on me” while SNSD’s Into The New World’s message is “you can do it! Go!”. I think the similarities can be drawn with the beginning of both MVs which both have a epiphany-ish sort of sound and the both intros having a piano beat. And of course, you cannot forget the mini-skirt costumes and that high kick. Let us consider that as a homage, shall we?


If you try to compare both MVs though, they are totally different. GFriend went with a typical high school girl story and SNSD going with courage through difficulties plot. But that does not end GFriend’s comparison with other groups. This is where, the newly debuted, Lovelyz comes into the picture. Yes, Candy Jelly Love is also being compared with Glass Bead. Yes they are both light and almost airy in texture but c’mon guys! Candy Jelly Love is an explosion of colors and Glass Bead has a very subtle hint of color. They are just both light and both have a very easy to follow choreography and that’s it.

I like Glass Bead in a way that they have managed to round up every single aspect of a debut without going too overboard. The theme is light-weight and not really shocking and that I think is the thing that some of the other debuts managed to miss. It is cute yeah, but not in the most pink-puking kind of way. You are not overwhelmed and you have noticed them. I think that is a good thing to have in the midst of companies trying to have a over flamboyant way of debuts nowadays.

Although I know that we all know that they aiming for a SNSD kid of route, I hope they find their own style in the future. The group had the looks, the voice and the talent. I hope they shine like what they hope a Glass Bead would shine like.

credits: kt music on YouTube



  1. Ren Ellis

    The song and styling definitely remind me of “Into the New World,” but I mean that in a good way. Even if this isn’t a new concept, I like “Glass Bead” as a song and I feel like GFriend pulled off a very solid debut. I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

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