OMO: Re-e-e-e-ed Light! – [f(x)’s Red Light Review]

I anticipated a lot for this f(x) comeback after I realized that they were treated really underrated last year because I felt Pink Tape deserved more than what they have got from last year. So when their ghostly-anime-fugitive-party-girl teasers came out. That expectation just shot up somewhere outside our visible universe. Then the previews happened and that group pic with “WARNING! Five cats will have a surprise attack at 00:00AM” happened and the highlight medley happened and I just can’t help but to expect for the best. So July 3, 2014 finally happened and I played f(x)’s Red Light MV.




So when the phone rang and the beat started then Krystal sang that “Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Wait A Minute!” and Sulli followed after, The song got my attention but when the drop of beat was made, I knew that there was something wrong and it was just like IGAB once again. I was like “NOOOOOOOOO!!! SM you just didn’t do that again! Not to f(x)! Damn it!”



I really like the dark concept. They seem to be promoting with really bright concepts for the past years and this is a new flavor to their electro genre. I really like the transformation that some of the girls went through and I like Amber’s singing but the song just don’t seem to appeal to me at first. Well, it’s growing in me now that I have listened to it for about seven hundred times already. It’s actually on repeat on my player because I want to get it but like the other songs that needs to grow into you, I don’t want it just to “grow in me” for me to like it. That’s really what you want for a first impression. You don’t want a “Okay, let us give this song another chance and let’s think if we like it on second play. Okay Play!”. You don’t want that. You want a song to hit you immediately, just in one go.

Well, there are people out there who does not have the patience to play one song over and over again and you might just have missed the chance to convert that person into our cult of awesomeness. Okay, okay. I get it if you say that that person may not be deserving to be called as a “fan” but you don’t know that. So yeah, it has just been a missed opportunity for both parties and it is not amazing.




It’s a good change for SM  for trying different locations for MVs nowadays especially for f(x) which has been filming on an identical box set for two years. I know you have noticed that, c’mon! The whole fugitive vibe is present from the MV designs and that’s good. The lyrics though… uhmmmm… It’s a bit confusing. It sounds like that it has a deeper meaning to it that you have to decipher but the rhythm and the beat might have salvage it although on the first play, the song really sounds disjointed. Admit it. You have noticed that too. Although I know that most of you will argue that electro-house is not for everybody’s ears and not for everybody’s taste, well, that applies for all of the music genres out there right? So maybe let’s just skip that argument.

The dance is not really showcased on the MV so I have decided to cheat on that and see the performances and it was okay. Nothing really complicated. So yeah. It is an okay dance.

The music video is really some sort of badass with the goth theme and the half make up thing they have going on. I also thought that the laser projecting on them was cool and the exploding flowers and the different colored cat eyes and the burning book are really good ideas and I like the MV a lot. It is conversational and really interesting. The only real problem is the song. Just the freakin’ song.




But again, it grows in you and I kind of like it now. Sure, this is not f(x)’s best title songs ever but yeah, they are trying on a different flavor now so I’ll just let them pass this time but just for the effort and I really think that the MV is great but I hope they choose a great title song next time.

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 credits: SMTOWN’s YouTube channel



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