Random Thoughts: Nice Body But Terrible Lyrics

This was supposed to be an OMO but then again, I have more rants for it and this actually talks about standards and whatnot, so, it became a full-blown Random Thoughts.

Here’s my take on the song-slash-issue on beauty standards.

(Please play the following video for you to fully understand what on Earth am I talking about. Click play please…. Thank You!)


It’s actually nice to see T-ARA doing individual promotions and their company is actually doing great on doing it. The preparation of the company is evidently far from crappy BUT this particular song is not the kind of song that you expect from the company and from Brave Brothers. They are all better than this.

Although I have failed to publish my review on Jiyeon’s MV, I think that it was really brilliant and artistic. So naturally, if you already give me good stuff, I will continue on looking forward to a lot more good stuff from you but just like what everybody says about expectations; it will soon fail you. This is no different.

I think the beat and the rhythm is really good and Hyomin’s vocals are really suited for these types of songs. Okay, I have to admit, they hit that one right but aside from those things. The whole thing is just plainly a mess. Okay, maybe I have to give in with the bright and cute setting but other than that, nope. I can’t say anything positive with the rest of it.

First and foremost, Body Shaming, Insecurities, Eating Disorders and How Media Manipulates the society’s standards of beauty is already a thing. You don’t need to sing about it anymore. Victims are already as concrete and as real and as accessible as you or my family so no. Portraying it on a song is definitely violating and no, don’t go on telling me that this “might be a satire” because if this is actually satire the effect would not be like this. If they are aiming for women finding strength in a song, they would have gone with something like Pretty Hurts.

The lyrics is actually all about women, trying their hardest to lose weight to attract men. As if men would only fall for those kind of women and it also talked about men thinking about sex because of her perfect figure. That, ladies and gentlemen, is misogyny and nope. Misogyny is not okay. Objectifying women and trying to be like a real life Barbie is really degrading to our humanity. Don’t you think? Being nothing but superficial is nothing but crap and to be human, you need more than looks and weight actually. Well, News Flash! You also need to have sense to be human and feelings and you need to help alleviate human pain and help the world to be a more human friendly place to live in. It’s more than you and yourself and attracting human partners. Being human is more than you looking good and procreating.

What infuriates me most is that, on the status of them being KPop idols, shouldn’t they be more aware that they should impart more positive attitudes to the youth and deliver more useful inspiring messages than “you should be thin to have boys swarming over you”.

I fully know that this whole maddening crazy moniker of lyrics they have is all just for catching our attention and, yeah, they have won us over that. They got my full attention and they got yours too but they don’t get my love which the song begs for => “Give Me Love, Give Love”.

So do I hate Hyomin now?

So do I hate Tara now?

No. Behind every song is a group of staff and people who made the song possible and nope, hating Tara is a bit too much. At least for now.

So do I hate the Brave Bothers?

No. They are great producers and composers.

But if they dare to make another one with these kind of theme. I think I have to reconsider.



credits: (video) LoveKpopSubs15 on YouTube, (Hangul Lyrics) Daum, (Romanization) thelapan & (English Translations) kashigasa


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