OMO: Obsession (Over A Blown Up Girl) – Boyfriend’s Obsession MV Review

Boyfriend Obsession


Shall we call this as “The Month They All Abandoned Cute Concepts”?! Okay here’s the trend, you shed all the traces of cuteness in you and you go for the dark bad boy range concept. This is the hype. I don’t even know if I should like it or not.

I witnessed how cute and bright Boyfriend was when they were rookies and now that they have decided to be somewhat manly and bad boy-ish let’s see how I think about it.



It’s no secret that they are SISTAR’s little brothers and there seems to be no problem with concept shifts in Starship. I mean SISTAR ranges from cute (Shady Girl) to cabaret (Give It To Me) so I thought maybe they can pull off an equivalent stint like that for Boyfriend. Sadly, like what happened to Janus uhmmm… they kind of fall short on parts and they still exude that cute image they used to have. I don’t know if it is because of their looks or because we are totally used to Boyfriend being cute but this cuts really short. But I think maybe this has to do with the lack of angst on Boyfriend’s attitude in the whole MV or maybe this is about that bookshelf.




They lack the What’s-up-man-I-am-Thug attitude that I am not really convinced that they are indeed bad boys. They still have not absorbed it completely but that takes time, I think. But I kind of wish they are as thug as they were on that teaser that they have released.

The song is a bit different from all the material that have previously released. This the first time they are releasing Dance Hip Hop and this do catch you at some point especially the opening rhythm because rap. AAAANNNDD Rap and Boyfriend does not really equate with each other but unlike other Dance Hip Hop songs, Obsession can also loses you at some points. It is not that memorable and this kind of just blends with all other songs out there. I wish they have released a song that would stand out from the rest to match up with the boys’ transformation

With all honesty, choreography-wise, I think the dance was pretty good but I also wanted a standing ovation worthy dance for them too just like what the company does for SISTAR. Like c’mon! We probably know the dance to every SISTAR song out there and they should do that too with Boyfriend, don’t you think so?

…..aaaaand the plot. Please don’t kill me with my next paragraph.


What on Earth was that?! I am so frustrated by how illogical that one scene was that my brain is ranting a lot of things and I can’t keep up with it. It started at 2:11 then a dance break and a fluffy scene later, the girl ended up being held “hostage” by an unknown green suit wearing man, so they went on to saving the girl and they made a bomb. Lo-and-behold! They miraculously have found the girl but the man in suit appears again shoving the bomb they made in the hands of the girl and for some freakin’ unknown reason she just holds unto it and no one really saved her until she blew up! THE GIRL FREAKIN’ BLEW UP! The gore was not portrayed, thankfully! BUT SHE FREAKIN’ BLEW UP! Why do she have to blow upppppppp?! WHHHHYYYYYYYY????!!!!(please wait a moment since the writer is whining on the floor almost like a five year old on a tantrum. Okay… she’s recovering now, we think… okay… uhmm… yeah, wait a little longer… okay! Back to regular programming…)



I appreciate the transformation. Hell! They look all good. Have you noticed the twins and Minwoo? Man! The manly thing is on girl! But I wished they also did well with the MV because I was really expecting a lot! They could have just dropped the bright scenes and they don’t really need the girl in MV. They could have made the scenes more dark or they could have just stick with the “gang hang-out place” and ditched the whole cool hexagon bookcase (yep! Just donate that bookshelf to me please… =D ).

It’s really nice seeing Boyfriend try out different genres and I just wish that next time, the plot would be well thought of and the “darkness and manliness” are more coherent.

credits: 1theK


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