OMO: If 100% is Good Then What is 200%? – [Akdong Musician’s 200% MV Review]

Okay, at first when the news about Akdong Musician singing with YG Ent. broke out I was not really sure how to react on it. The styles of Akdong and YGEnt. is just complete different from each other like the opposite poles different. So did my perception of that changed after a year?Akdong1

Let’s discover that together!

If you still haven’t heard of Akdong Musician yet. Well, let me enlighten you on your predicament. Akdong Musician is a sibling duo who won KPop Star 2 last year. They have composed songs which they performed on the said competition that charted on various music sites even before the show was over. Yep. They are that talented! So we all went nuts when the show was over and it was their time to decide on which agency they sign under.


But before my rumblings on that let’s talk about the song and MV first!

What I really like about this MV & the song is that all the aspects are fulfilled completely.

The song is still Akdong Musician. When you have really watched them on KPop Star 2 you’ll be as glad as I am right now that their dynamics of being fun and youthful in terms of composing songs haven’t changed at all. Have you ever heard a song that relates well with your feelings for your very first crush? You haven’t heard of any right? Well this, this might be that song now. The song is refreshing and should we say, timely? It’s Spring-y! It’s laid back, breez-y and just Spring-y! I imagine Spring like that and this is definitely climbing that Spring playlist every time you play it! This is the official Spring Song! I mean it! I really love this song. It gives a contagious light and happy vibe that can make you feel that it’s okay to loosen up and just dance in your living room crazily even though you don’t know how to dance. It lifts up stress and I really love this song. It’s so playful and fun, just play it!

The storyline is relatable and cute. This is a first concrete easy to understand storyline YG has ever made ever. See, the agency actually learned that sometimes simplicity is actually beautiful! Maybe it’s a bit cliché but who cares?! See, there’s this girl who has a huge crush on this boy and she actually stalked her. The MV went on picturing them being together but there’s a surprising twist towards the ending that will make you go: “Gah! I knew it!”. It’s a twist that you have to discover by yourseld and I am not going to spill anything on it. C’mon now, you want to know what happened? Go play the video above. It’s worth it! I promise. It’s so relatable, this must have been your story with regards to your high school crush. Really, I am not joking. Ugh! High School memories….


The outdoor setting adds up to the refreshing vibe of the whole thing. It’s complete with an actual high school field, a gym, street corner and actual ride on a moving bus. It has origami going on too! There are only minimal parts that were shot in a studio but they whole thing is really outdoorsy.

It’s really nice to see these siblings loosen up and just have pure fun all throughout the whole MV. I have never seen Chan Hyuk (the brother) this comical during KPop Star, maybe because it was a competition? There are times he played funny but this, this is a whole new level of energetic and funny for him. I’m happy that Chan Hyuk’s rap actually became much cleaner too and of course, Soo Hyun’s really cute and her voice translates well through the song.


I am really glad that YG kept Akdong Musician just the way they are. Maybe he had input some improvements but I am glad he decided to keep the original dynamics of this duo. They are an original anyway and yes, they are gold! That’s why most of us are a bit watchful on which agency they will choose a year ago. We all thought that they will be better off with an indie company because yes, they fall in that genre. Their sound is definitely not the mainstream overly used KPop that you hear. Akdong Musician is alternative and fun and laid back and playful and youthful and fresh and refreshing all at once. They are unique in the most golden way possible and I am really jumpy glad that YG realized that this will be a win-win situation if he just let these siblings do their thing and look that now!

I never had thought YG would look this Spring-y and cute and upbeat and outdoorsy at all! So good job on that YG! It’s really nice to see you produce this bright MV!

This song will definitely go up the charts. If this does not make it there, I’m sure there’s something wrong on your palate for music. So go! Fans of AKMU! Vote for this! Make this climb charts!

C’mon play that song and let’s jam to it together and be all cheery today!


credits: Akdong Musician’s channel on YouTube



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