OMO: I Think She is Really Great Without (whoever) ‘YOU’ (is) – [Lee Michelle’s Without You MV Review]

I get it, fine. Color, Race and Religion are all sensitive topics and it can get into dangerous and deadly grounds but there are certainly times that well, we just have to talk about it. It is a problem that every culture in the face of the Earth needs to understand and accept. Why am I saying these things all of a sudden?


Well, play this!

For those who do not know who Lee Michelle is and for the sake of those who are new to KPop; Lee Michelle was a contestant of the first installment of Kpop Star, and just for further reference purposes, yes she’s batch mates with Lee Hi for that said contest. She was signed under YG Entertainment later but not long ago, her contract was nullified. She is now signed under the affiliate agency of Dong-Ah Institute of Media Arts, DIMA Entertainment. Yes, she is half Korean and she is born and raised in South Korea.

It’s not every day that you come across this kind of music video which talks about deep personal emotions directly coming from the artist who is interpreting the song. The pain and the story telling is just so raw, you can take it as it is.


The lyrics is really moving, not to mention, powerful. The line “I’m beautiful without you, I’m meaningful without you” can hit anyone out there and together with Lee Michelle’s powerful vocals and the visuals of the MV, it gives a lot more emotion and weight to whatever she really wants to say. The lyrics together with all the emotion invested in this song is just soaked with a lot of honesty, realization of self-worth and confidence, you can’t help but imagine how much courage it has to take to be able to share these sensitive things to all of us.

It’s a really beautiful and meaningful song that speaks to a lot of us whether or not your dilemma is about love, friendship, or similar to what she is going through. Because at some point we were all rejected for who we are and that stuff really hurts a lot and it’s not like you can undo what you already are.



However we try to mask it, you can’t deny that this particular unique music video talks about color. Lee Michelle even said it in the lyrics “Don’t look at me with those eyes, Don’t even kid yourself” Even if you try to shy away from reality, this single’s cover is literally colorful. It is scolding you to accept the truth that yes, this single is about color and you have to fully accept it. In fact, the storyline started with a cute little girl finding a graffiti of people with different skin color and realizing where she falls in with those people illustrated in the graffiti she runs away, fall down and run away again from an invisible monster that has been stalking her since the start of the music video. She then locks herself away in a room to lash out her emotions on a wall and even tried to put on minks and even tried to white wash herself but in the end, she eventually got tired off it, she just decided to get over it and just splash her colors through a very beautiful painting that she is.


This video has many social implications that it presents itself to be. Sure, you can say it is about YG or stuff involving Lee Michelle’s career choices but what you do not know is how harsh it is to be living her whole life in a society that is not very accepting of people of color. I am not saying that all of Korea is like that though. But by now, I think you know how beauty standards and acceptance standards differ from one society to another and that’s how the current world goes, but I hope that it will improve itself in the years to come.

But as the song implies, there will be people who will hate you but definitely there are also people who will like you and accept you. The world cannot be that saturated with people who hates you. I mean, that would really be terrible and yes, you can live your life not caring about people who will never accept you as you are. You can definitely just shut them off your life and well, be the bright and happy person that you are and continue to let your talent be known. There will people who will appreciate you.


I appreciate Lee Michelle’s boldness to just go out as she is and just blatantly tell her story as it is through her beautiful & powerful voice. It’s a pretty sensitive topic especially in Korea but I agree that we should just appreciate a beautiful song and beauty in general as it is, without edits, without cuts and be more accepting of a human being as a human being should. You just don’t appreciate people as how they look, you have to get to know that person first and just be grateful of the things they can offer the world no matter what ethnicity or color they are from. We are all people and we all should respect everyone as we want ourselves to be respected.


You know what? I think whatever our conclusions on what Lee Michelle went through after all these time, those things just added up to the respect that we give her now. She has a very beautiful voice and I am glad that she has found people who will support her no matter what.

This is a very brave move to open eyes. I hope this music video is not the last of its kind, especially in KPop.

credits: 1theK YouTube channel


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