OMO: They are Finally Home! – [2NE1’s Come Back Home MV Review]

After falling short last year, I think they are back to their own and original element and they are now out with vengeance! 2NE1’s comeback last year, taking into consideration CL’s Gizibe, their summer comeback singles & their ballad last December comes out really lacking on some aspects and now I think I know why.


Come Back Home has two versions in 2NE1’s CRUSH album; the regular one (with synth and everything) and the unplugged version (the more acoustic one). Honestly, I like the unplugged version more. It is more true to the element of the meaning of the song. The emotions are more contained in the unplugged version rather than the party atmosphere that the original version is suggesting. The unplugged version is more laid back with tinge reggae and you do get that vibe of travelling (“going back home”) is there.

The idea of mashing up the two versions for the MV is the most brilliant thing YG has come up with so far. The shift from party and acoustic is masked strategically with each scene of the MV shifting from digital graphic induced scenes for the original version and going back to the unplugged version during emotional ones.

The “delay due to digital graphic problems” did not disappoint us. I guess when they said that they are having a hard time due to the graphics; they actually meant that they are going all out on it.

According to THE YG himself, the storyline of the MV revolves around humanity in the not-so-distant future having lost all the sense of a genuine human interaction due to technology holding humanity captive in its obsessive power. I actually have a different interpretation of the storyline.



So here’s my version of the storyline of the MV: 2NE1 is having a revolution against the system, the system being somehow like virus that infected all of the citizens of this future earth and 2NE1 are the part of the ones who are not infected with the “virus” yet. Thus, the scene where Bom & Minzy look like they are formulating a “cure” for this spreading “virus” and they are initially trying to save Dara’s boyfriend (at least in the MV) but it was too late so Dara had to pull out the plug from her boyfriend to prevent more suffering in the boyfriend’s part and that death of her boyfriend ignited that full-blown revolution that the uninfected ones have been planning for a long time.



The scenes towards the end where CL spray painted & threw flames towards stoic people who are having a banquet& Dara flipped a table in that same banquet, actually, the scenes where the girls literally ruined a boring party is the start of the said revolution that will save the humanity from this virus (which makes people like white and eat in large banquets which serves grapes in beads or something like that). And people of the internet, that’s my interpretation of the MV.

Seriously, I don’t know if it’s just the result of me drawn into dystopian movies & novels but this MV shouts “Rebellion Against The Popular System” to me. You be the judge about that, we all have different interpretation anyways but whatever your interpretation will be, it’s actually good to know that there are actually meaningful stories in KPop MVs these days which the fans can have intelligent conversations about.


Overall, this MV is the current epitome of a well-prepared & well thought of comeback as of this day. The song, the graphics, the story and even the costumes and emotions are well executed. This is the thing to beat for the upcoming comebacks and I don’t even know if they will be able to beat this MV or this comeback, ‘cause this comeback is the bomb – The bomb that will meet your expectations and make them shatter into great pieces because you just have been mind-blown. That’s how great this comeback is.

The play towards the top of the charts for this song is really up to the hands of the ever loyal fans, so please do well on that. Whatever awards this track, album, comeback of 2NE1 will ever receive on the year-end awards, they deserve it. They really truly deserve it. The album is great, the MV is superb.


This only proves one thing actually; you can always outdo yourself a hundred times and comeback with a wild vengeance!

Congratulations to 2NE1 and to the Blackjacks out there: GO VOTE!!! FIGHTING! Goodluck Blackjacks!

And for more 2NE1, Check out our CRUSH Album review here.

credits: 2NE1’s YouTube channel


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