OMO: Happy (Shalalala!) – [2NE1’s Happy MV Review]

Writer’s Note: This is the first part of a two-part OMO for 2NE1 since they have released two music vids and because I have decided to review both MVs! Yey! =)


This is probably the brightest among 2NE1’s music videos in the past 4 years and I am not complaining. It is very refreshing to see them walking on the sunny streets of LA. It’s a cool diversion from their usual dark but flashy box sets. I think YG is investing on shooting their vids outdoors (across another country) now which is really good. The other thing that you can immediately notice from the video is the playful words popping out everywhere throughout the video which is designed by none other than, the “professional doodler”, MINA KWON. It adds a lot of fun and color to the whole video, not that LA graffiti and sidewalks lack color that can already stand on its own, but the “doodles” adds that pop that made the whole video stand out. Although colors are actually splashing all throughout the entire MV, it looks pretty tame and still not overly decorated. It is actually cute with a slight pinch of swag which is really ironic in a very cool way.

Decora, Gyaru and some Goth are evident in Jeremy Scott’s choices in the girls’ outfits in this particular MV which made them appear more animated and lively. I have also learned that the cute car featured in this one is a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Convertible and we all now want one, don’t we? I know I want one! =)

If you consider this lines from the lyrics: “If I was too much of a burden, If was too much of a load for you to carry, I should’ve left you earlier, I’m sorry. Was it hard for you because of me? Were you comfortable? Like a fool, I didn’t even notice those things…. Without you, I am not happy but I hope you are happy” Kind lines from a broken heart ei?  This song is almost a song about an unrequited love and we all know how painful that is. Well, at least for the most part and thanks to those lines above and to those other heart wrenching songs about this unreciprocated love but lo-and-behold, 2NE1’s Happy is a total 360 from all of those tear jerking mess ‘cause yeah, it’s almost sarcastic and as if it wants to bother the conscience of the non-reciprocating party. Just when you thought that this video was all happy huh?


I like the badass girl attitude this song has.  “Oh No I didn’t cry, cry, cry…. I thought we had it together but… well” is the most honest thing as it gets. The song’s lyrics is a bit on the fairytale side but at least it also acknowledges the reality that, yes, there are relationships that does not really click.

If you are looking for a break-up song that will stir up te conscience of your previous significant other with a consolation that will make him or her sure that you are actually alright with it, this is that song! And if you are looking for a sad song but not really, there are time like you like songs that just in between being sad and happy but you want it to be bright, this is that song! This song is really unique. It’s a song that is in the middle; Hurt but not really, sad but not really, happy but not quite and most of all bright on the outside but it needs to be deciphered to be understood fully.

Honestly, this is my second favorite song from CRUSH and I am really happy that the MV turns out to be this fun and light. Although it is revealed that this was shot 2 years ago, it’s still IN the trend. It’s an explosion of bright colors when you really need one. I hope YG would continue to release more this kind of stuff in the future. This is light but the badass-ary of it being a “middle song” is really cool.


credits: 2NE1’s YouTube channel


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