FOUR, the number of years BLACKJACKS have waited for 2NE1 to release their second album.

FINALLY, on February 27, CRUSH was digitally released while the physical album was released later (7th of March).

2NE1 is known for being fierce and unique, did this album prove that they still have it, or did it crush your expectations?

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Let’s dissect this album, shall we?

It is very important for an album to have an inviting intro song to catch the interest of its audience and CRUSH is a good example. It is a very pumped up song. It has the elements of Dance/Hip Hop that’ll make the listeners curious of what’s more in the album. This track has that “I AM THE BEST” feel because Bom, CL, Dara and Minzy flaunted their capabilities, not just with their vocals, but with each of their respective verses (and the flow was kinda similar with IATB, don’t you think?). The lyrics (esp the refrain) was really catchy. It’ll make you feel like you are a part of 2NE1’s crew, empowered to be the best that you can be, and flaunt it to the world. I love the last part of this song because they included the participation of fans especially for their live shows. (fanchant moment)

COME BACK HOME is (one of) their title track/s for this album. The (glass bead) piano as the intro was such a good touch; it gives you a hint of what emotion this track holds. Come Back Home garnered lots of interest (since it has the same title with Seotaiji and Boys’ track and…) since it is a mash up of two very diverse genres, HIP HOP and REGGAE. It never sounded like two songs were mashed together (which it isn’t); it was well-crafted. You can also hear other elements or instruments/effects which made the song extra special and interesting. The hook would get you and you’ll find it hard to forget for weeks. The MV was great and well-thought-out as well, and I admire that! But, I think it’s (MV) not just my cup of tea… you know…

GOTTA BE YOU is an upbeat/club song with sad (and desperate sounding) lyrics. There are bits and pieces of western elements that make this song “pop” off the album. The lyrics is about someone who can’t really get over her ex lover. She still thinks and believes that there’s still an “us” in their relationship since, there wasn’t any “official” notice or agreement that it’s over. I have described the lyrics as “drowning yourself in the past” and it is because of the addictive pain caused by love. By the way, Bom’s voice/range was beautiful here. Knowing that she has powerful vocals, her falsetto was a rare ear candy that you will never get tired of. She should do that more often, of course in the appropriate songs/performances.

These next songs are similar (slow tracks) yet so different (vibe/genre).

IF I WERE YOU is one of my favorite songs off the album because of the amount of emotion it contains and the showcase of the girls’ vocal abilities. It also has Waltz elements that gives emphasis on the song’s feeling. It is about loving someone who doesn’t love you back as much as you do. No matter how much effort you put into everything for him, he doesn’t really care (at least that’s how you feel about it). All this guy knows is that he shows his affection to you by giving you all these fancy things, but all you ever needed was just a moment of sincerity and love; nothing more, nothing less. Honestly, I was confused with lots of meanings for this song (like, it can also be about a man and a woman in a relationship but doesn’t really have the LOVE as their foundation or fixed marriage or the guy loves the woman but the woman doesn’t feel the same way that she chooses to finally let go after realizing that she can’t really learn to love him… etc). It was so sad that the story was kind of vague (or maybe I was overanalyzing it), and that definition right there is my surest definition/story for this song. (and I also pictured a good MV for this. YG, if you are willing to know, contact me! haha!)

This next song, GOOD TO YOU, is literally the response of the GOOD GIRL to BIGBANG’s Bad Boy. It was an R&B track that will make you empathize with the protagonist. I love how lonely 2NE1 sounded here. They really interpreted the lyrics well; they showed that women are vulnerable and fragile, that no matter how strong you may look, you still have a soft side especially when it comes to love. This kind of song is not really a mainstream type of song, which is good. The more experimental it sounds, the better, because it gives lots of interest on the artist and the material he/she creates.

Now, here’s a song that will blow your mind. MTBD, CL’s solo track, is a (hardcore) hip hop based track with lots of sass and fierceness written all over it. It has lots of bass thumping that will make you go crazy about the song. When I first heard this song, I just got my MIND BLOWN. I never thought that CL would top The Baddest Female, with this one, I guess she did! The song’s lyrics is full of swag that you can’t really mess with THE baddest female.

I know that there were issues with this track. It is a good song, and I loved it so much but we can’t really blame those who got offended by it. Also, people must not talk negatively towards the artist or even the ones who were a part of the creative process of the song. It is not right in any way. Let’s respect each other. Both parties (probably) made a mistake, but that doesn’t give anyone, from the fans and to the ones who were offended, the permission to bash each other. I salute YG Entertainment for taking action on this matter and I also respect the Muslim community for speaking out. Remember, be respectful guys… 🙂


HAPPY is a fun pop song that (also) has sad (and revenge-filled like) lyrics. It displays the art of letting go also making the one that got away feel that he made you so unhappy that there is a need for him to know that.

When I got to listen to the album for the first time, I found this song really catchy and good but it was one of my least favorite tracks. Maybe because it was different from what we heard from the first songs off this album. What made me fall (deeply) in love with this song was the MV. It was so artsy, vibrant and fun that I found myself singing the song for days! Now, I do appreciate this kind of color of 2NE1 (more). This could actually be a good summer song; something you can add to your playlist for a long drive to the beach or wherever.

Who would have thought that a song released years before, would actually make it in this album? SCREAM was that track. It was originally released in Japanese (for their Japanese Album, Collection) and made the cut for Crush. This is an electropop track that’ll make you go dancing on the dance floor and just let the music flow to your veins (and not care of any stress you had for the day). At first I doubted the song’s compatibility with the album (when the tracklist was revealed). After listening to Crush, I believed that this song belonged here because it added (more) flare and made the album whole. 

These last two songs, BABY I MISS YOU and the unplugged version of COME BACK HOME were the perfect songs to conclude the album. Baby I Miss You is also an R&B track that talks about a night after meeting someone for the first time; a love at first sight. I like how subtle this sounds and I also love how passionate and convincing they all sounded too. With Come Back Home, you just have to listen to it. All I have to say is, PURE TALENT. Their voices were showcased really well. I love how stripped down this sounds; I just love all of their unplugged versions for their songs. This version holds the emotion more and I am really speechless with the beauty of this. (I mean, I love both versions!)

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

♦ All I have to say is, with CRUSH, 2NE1 proved that they are back; stronger than ever! They have showcased their growth as artists and their fearlessness in creating music. They tried various things with this album; incorporated western elements, written heartwarming lyrics (Well done CL!), wonderful vocals (Dara’s voice was amazing; sweet yet has that indescribable impact that’ll put you in awe, Minzy’s was as smooth as milk and honey, CL’s was very flexible and exciting, and Bom has that powerful and gentle voice all at the same time, I love her control; I swear, these girls are very VERY talented) and they connected with the listeners really well. They have redeemed themselves with this album. Let’s admit that I LOVE YOU, FALLING IN LOVE and DO YOU LOVE ME (I loved Missing You, so yeah), were not their strongest tracks, but with CRUSH, they just proved that the fire is still in them. I honestly get goosebumps everytime I listen to this album, it just has that feeling where you discovered something amazing that you can’t believe it. I am certain that this album did not have a particular story, but it just unfolded the artistry and maturity of 2NE1.

They CRUSHED the walls of fear for artists and aspiring artists alike; an inspiration for the masses.

CRUSH will be a timeless album, I am certain of that.

Let’s look forward to 2NE1’s future projects (and solo songs, please…)! Let’s hope that there are more to come! Blackjacks, NOLZA!


Favorite Lyrics:


"They love me coz I'm hot
They love me coz I'm cold
They love me coz I'm real
They love me coz I kill"


"My longing for you tortures me more than my loneliness"


"Even if your love destroys me and hurts me, you're the only one for me
My love starts and ends with you..."
"... a reality without you is cruel"


"I wish we could be together just for a day so I can let you go without regrets"
"I want to wash down my pain with alcohol, my sadness with laughter. But I don't"


"Maybe I was too good for you
seriously there is no need in living your life as a good girl"


"A random dance that will grab the world by its neck
My hidden eyes can tell apart the fakers"


"Since you need to be without me to be happy
"You need to be happy at least for a HAPPY ENDING
I'm not being funny, I want you to know this is the truth"


"I like this feeling of freedom"


"I want to walk this path with you
Someday I want to look you in the eyes
and say that I love you
I want to say that I trust you"

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Credits to: 2NE1’s FB page (photos), YG-life (photos and other info), 2NE1’s YouTube page (videos), BigBang’s YouTube page (MV for Bad Boy)




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