SM Entertainment announced Girls’ Generation’s album name last February 10, 2014.  SONEs became more hyped as it has been a year since “I GOT A BOY” and four years since their last EP/Mini-album, “HOOT“. Finally, after such unfortunate events, the album was digitally released on the 24th of February for both Korean and overseas music sites while the physical album was released on the 27th.


01. Mr. Mr.
02. Goodbye
03. 유로파 (Europa)
04. Wait A Minute
05. 백허그 (Back Hug)
06. Soul


MR. MR., the title/first track off the mini-album, has a dance-electro vibe; and it’s an addiction (catchy) on its own. The distortion effect as the intro was interesting; it is a good opening song for the whole mini-album. This reminded me of Run Devil Run, with the feel and the aggressiveness of their voices;  they sounded strong and poise. I liked the build up from the dance break to the bridge of the song, and how they raised two bars as the song was about to end. It could be something that you can hear at a club, and just bop your head to the beat. The next thing you know is that you are strutting your way to the dance floor! Although, I would not consider it as the highlight song at the club; it is the song that’ll heat or start up a party. That’s how it feels… at least for me.


Goodbye‘s story is pretty much obvious with the title; a woman breaking up with her man whom he once loved. She decided to end the relationship because of his uninspiring aura and tiring excuses lately. The woman steps up and ends the relationship.

This song is a mixture of retro R&B, Soul, Blues and Jazz. The bass line caught my attention; it’s the one that makes it extra catchy. I have to commend Tiffany here. Her voice at the beginning will make the man pee in his pants (due to fear). It was strong and it definitely represented the voice of women who are tired of being tricked around by some men’s silly antics.

The third track off the EP, Europa (the fourth largest moon/satellite of Jupiter), sounds psychedelic. It’s very disco/swing and galactic all at the same time. I think that this is a song about finding yourself all over a guy because of his mere presence, hence the title (A planet’s satellite, rotating around it). I also felt like this song is suitable for a scene where a girl, who is in for a girls’ night out, found herself starstruck by a guy across the room… but sadly, she somehow feels that whatever she does, he won’t even get a hint and that they will never be together… GOSH! Now this tells me that it could be an anthem for fangirls/fanboys too! Anyways, this is by far one of my favorite tracks from the mini-album because it sounds so vibrant. I liked how they finally got into this kind of track, and I believe that they should do more of this.

Wait A Minute is one of my favorites as well because of its” doo wop” feel and I have to tell y’all that the intro showcases the sweet harmony that only SNSD can do. It was very good that you can listen to it, the intro alone, repeatedly. I don’t know why but this song sounded like a track from a Musical film, like a scene from Hairspray! The song is about having a huge crush (or love) on someone and he just sweeps you off your feet, and you got it real bad; you just do things that you normally wouldn’t do, you become clumsy in front of him and the like. It’s very cute, nostalgic to some; makes you feel like a memory from your younger years has been rekindled… at least that’s how I felt about it. While Back Hug also starts off with their beautiful vocal harmonies, matched with the subtle strums of guitar, hint of other string instruments, bass and snapping of fingers (although I find this intro quite long). This is my (last) favorite song, because it gives a very nice feeling; the feeling of finally having someone who makes you feel warm, happy and most of all, loved. I love how sweet and cheesy this sounds. My thoughts were literally flying towards the land of lovers, dreaming that one day this would happen to me too. This song could literally be a lullaby that will bring you sweet SWEET dreams.

Lastly, SOUL for me had quite a long intro (too). I know that a rocket’s take-off starts from ten down to one, but, it was not really necessary. ALSO! This sounded like EXO’s History. I know that it’s not right to compare, but it really does! The tempo, beat and some of the instruments/elements used, there are similarities. This gives an impression of girls’ taking over relationships; strong as ever. And again, maybe it’s just me but the lyrics sounded a bit sensual to me (I am pretty sure they did not intend to). Honestly, I am not a big fan of their rap part/s (here) please don’t kill me guys. I also think that this was not a good ending song for the mini-album. Back Hug could have been it. With SOUL, they just raised the momentum again; waiting for another song to re-end the mini-album.

♥ This mini-album has been anticipated by many since it’ll be coming from THE Girls’ Generation. I have to say that this material was good but it lacked something. I honestly got into this album after listening for numerous times. There are tracks that will make you go, “Oh, this is good“, but there are also tracks that’ll make you think twice about it before saying anything. What I liked about Mr. Mr. is that, it showcased the maturity of SNSD in terms of harmony and control. I admire how they had given emphasis on their vocals and I am sure that Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun, Yoona, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Yuri are proud of themselves. I just really wish that there was MORE to this album. The concept and the album cover was interesting but it was not carried out or elaborated that well. Although, I love the fact that they went back to their roots (with all the harmonizing, dance breaks etc) and I also loved how it gave a story for the whole album, it just didn’t get me like their past mini-albums. This mini-album was not bad and not excellent either. Overall, I think that this would (still) appeal to the audience since the songs are marketable and catchy. I sure hope (and believe) that the girls would innovate their sound even more (like what they did with Europa), it suits them well.

Favorite Lyrics:

1. Mr. Mr.

“Why can’t you believe it yet?

I’ll tell you the real secret of why you are a special Mr.

2. Goodbye

“…or did I expect too much? I don’t know

(I might have expected too much)”

3. Europa

Dream, please come to me so I can live in you”

4. Wait a Minute

“…my world is filled with YOU…”

“I’m already lost in your sweet eye smile, lost in your love”

5. Back Hug

“The low voice in my ears is sweetly melting me

Should I turn around right now? My heart is pounding so much, I can’t look at you”

6. Soul

“I’ll make your heart race again, I’ll take you far away…”

Let’s look forward to their future projects and music! And boys, you better watch out because the GIRLS are back!



Make sure to purchase the mini-album and let us hear your thoughts about it! :) (click the thumbnail) 
•Credits to Girls' Generation's FB page (for the photos) and SM Entertainment's YT page (videos)
•Have you seen the MV for Mr. Mr? If you haven't: click me!
•And make sure to read our MV review here.

Thank you!


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