The boys from CNBLUE released their new mini-album, Can’t Stop, last February 24, a day early from the announced date of release. It has been a year since Yong hwa, Jung Shin, Min Hyuk and Jong Hyun released RE:BLUE (their fourth mini-album) and with this new material, you are in for a surprise. Can you guess what it is?


1. Can`t Stop (Lyrics by: Jung Yong Hwa . Heaven Light / Composed by: Jung Yong Hwa / Arranged by: Heaven Light)

2. Diamond Girl (Lyrics by: Jung Yong Hwa  / Composed by: Jung Yong Hwa / Arranged by: Jung Yong Hwa . Heaven Light)

3. 독한 사랑 (Cold Love) (Lyrics by: Jung Yong Hwa / Composed by: Jung Yong Hwa / Arranged by: Heaven Light)

4. 잠 못 드는 밤 (Sleepless Night) (Lyrics by: Lee Jonghyun . Heaven Light / Composed by: Lee Jonghyun . Heaven Light / Arranged by: Lee Jongyun . Heaven Light)

5. Love Is… (Lyrics by: Jung Yong Hwa . Heaven Light / Composed by: Jung Yong Hwa . Heaven Light / Arranged by: Heaven Light)

6. 아이의 노래 (Like A Child) (Lyrics by: Jung Yong Hwa  / Composed by: Jung Yong Hwa / Arranged by: Jung Yong Hwa . Heaven Light


First off, this album contains less of those upbeat tunes, regardless of the song’s story, that we used to hear from CNBLUE. The album claims that they were inspired by Brit-rock, but I somehow don’t see that. It has a different flavor from their past works, but I won’t consider this as something inspired by that genre. However, if you would listen to this album, very carefully, you can actually capture the change that they did with their sound. It was still very CNBLUE, but you can totally feel their vulnerability as men, when it comes to their lyrics, and their artistry, when it comes to the experimental elements that they used for their work.

Can’t Stop, being the title and the first track of the mini-album starts off as a trance; somehow the first notes of the piano and the first lyrics sang by Yong Hwa will make you think twice if this is really a CNBLUE track. And that’s the point! It was very gripping and heartwarming to think that they can actually deliver a semi ballad pop rock song without being overreacting. The way the lyrics were delivered was very enchanting. You can totally feel each word by listening earnestly. It is the song that’ll make you stop doing the things you are doing at the moment and just listen. I have to tell y’all that I am not actually a fan of the MV. I wish it was artistic without trying too hard. Also, I can’t really ignore the fact that choosing this as their single was a bit of a set back. I don’t know, it doesn’t really have that much of an impact for me. Yes, it was executed well and it was crafted wonderfully, just the timing of the release actually. It was, untimely.

Diamond Girl and Cold Love, are my personal favorites from this mini-album. Diamond Girl is actually the only upbeat song from Can’t Stop. It talks about, well, a girl whom a guy finds to be very rare, beautiful… basically perfect in his eyes. What I love about this was the incorporation of some woodwind instruments, which makes it interesting and jazzy. It makes you feel good inside. I also love how Yong Hwa sings this playfully. His falsetto gets me. How I wish there was a bass solo here though. With Cold Love, I love the guitar leaks in this piece. I don’t know why but I felt a bit of the 80s rock vibe in this track. I think this song could’ve been the single. I know it’s sad, and strong at some points (especially the chorus), but I think that this would really differ from all the songs released by other artists at the moment, and this would definitely stand out. I would like to think that this is a good alternative rock song.

Sleepless Night, Love is…, and Like A Child have similar sounds. They all have this light and calming elements (maybe because each was embraced by acoustic/orchestral vibes). Sleepless Night is written by Jong Hyun and the way he sang his parts was very inviting. His voice suits this kind of songs. I admire how every song was written as if a story was being told, and with this one, I love the flow of the lyrics. It was written as if it was really dedicated to someone.

The lyrics for Love Is… is really something. It was the first point that stood out for me. They were pointing out that no matter how much pain we feel when we love, how stupid we look and think when we love, we still choose LOVE. It emphasizes the magic of LOVE for it is the only feeling that would make you cry, laugh and smile all at the same time. This is probably one of my favorite CNBLUE tracks ever created.

Like A Child incorporates the innocence of a child with love. It elaborates how you feel when you finally have love by your side, how innocent your intent should be, how simple things would be no matter how love gets you into complicated situations in life, and how love can be as simple as a child’s joy. This has a hint of an orchestra playing in the background. It was enchanting indeed.


OVERALL, this album is an exact representation of CNBLUE’s sensitivity as men in love and as artists. They took a risk just by releasing a non-aggressive album, way different from their past materials. As for my personal opinion, I guess it was released too late for the vibe of the mini-album. Maybe they were not thinking of competition or anything. Maybe they were just focused on getting their music out to prove that they have grown as artists and that they are not afraid to try new stuff. It just didn’t have that much of an impact for me, not like Re:Blue and Ear Fun did. I commend their artistry though. The way they write lyrics, and just writing each song is very amazing! I just hope that they included more tracks that would make Can’t Stop more interesting (and a FULL album). (Please don’t kill me Boices! CNBLUE are very talented and artistic lads, and I love them because of that)

HERE’S THE SURPRISE: there weren’t any rap parts/portions for any of the tracks!


Purchase the Mini-Album here

Watch the MV for Can’t Stop here then read our review!

Favorite Lyrics

Cold Love:

“Just once in a day, I remember you, miss you
Just once in a day, I try to forget
This can’t be right, this can’t be right”

Diamond Girl:

“Out of all the countless encounters, why did I find you now? “

Cold Love:

“A sonata of farewells, words I know without even hearing them”

Sleepless Night:

“My heart pounds on this sleepless night, a night where I draw you out, endless night
All night, I’ll let you hear, I’ll tell you about sweet my love”

Love Is… :

“Love is always this cruel
Love is always this sharp
Love is always like fire
Even when we know this, we still love”

Like A Child:

“A child’s bright smile makes your droopy shoulders open wide again
A child’s clear eyes can melt a frozen city”

I look forward to their future masterpieces, and I hope that a full album will be released later this year, that will showcase more of their maturity as unique artists of our time.

Let’s wait and see…

(not a professional music analyst, just a lass who considers music as a big part of her life)


credits: CNBLUE‘s Facebook Page for the photos, CNBLUE‘s YouTube page for the MV


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