NEWS: ToHeart?

Yes boys and girls, IT IS HAPPENING!

What’s Happening?

Woo Hyun + Key is happening! Yes! INFINITE and SHINee decided to have a (baby) subgroup and SM named it “ToHeart”.

We all suspected this happening a month ago, right? Then SM confirmed it and released that they are actually having talks about it and finally, last night, SM surprised us all by suddenly releasing a “Prologue” teaser video for their youngest and upcoming subgroup. As we all know, Woollim and SM Entertainment signed a merger last year and as one of the results we can get a criss-cross, vice versa, get one from here and get one from there subgroups! Yey!

Their official debut date is not yet disclosed . So for the mean time, check out their Prologue above and let’s all anticipate their debut soon.

credits: SMTown on YouTube


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