The anti-love month – February is on! I mean, how many lonely and hateful songs are out there at this moment? Is KPop finally getting on the wagon of the anti-V day movement? We are not really sure about that but here’s SPICA accusing you that apparently, “You Don’t Love Me”.

The loud patterns and edgy cat eye of the 60s must have hit you the moment you have played this MV. No? No that you don’t know that cat eye was from the 60s or no you haven’t seen the MV yet? It’s worth watching, I assure you, here play it!

Yes, this is the buzzing song that THE QUEEN Lee Hyori composed for SPICA. You actually get the hint that this is indeed a Hyori-composed song song from the melody of it. Who writes and sings hate song this upbeat and fun? Only Lee Hyori guys, only her. The jazz and the husky vocals that two of the members possess complements well with the song, this song can actually qualify as an Amy Winehouse song if you think of it. There’s that vibe to it. It’s not just because it’s a cat eye song but this might actually make it up there, at the top of the charts. The song has all the potential to make it to the top of the charts but that depends on the fans (UPDATE: It won #1 on Inkigayo! Way to go SPICA fans!). This song is all the things you can think of, aside from crappy. It is a good jive all you can song.


When every single girl group out there is routing to be straightforwardly sexy for the start of this year, this group somehow managed to pull some sense to their song in their modest but sexy look which looked even more glamorous than the rest of those who are just giving it away. I guess the 60s has that effect. It’s just flirty, sassy & sexy. The setting is very practical in a sense that the 60s are definitely coming back in trend and it is not really that difficult to find pieces to suit for this one but nonetheless, it was stylish and the ladies are really gorgeous. It is as if I my grandparent’s old pictures decided to update themselves and went on to being .gif for a moment.

Looks aside, this is a witty, funny and attention grabbing song and MV. I recommend you to play it again and again for the humor and the fun that this might give you. This song will have you flicking and clicking those fingers, sassing them in the air with your head bobbing while flicking our fingers saying “You Don’t Love Me” to the wind. Yes that happened (to me). Go! Get that attitude girl!


The music video’s storyline is quite crazy that it actually has none, aside for that fact that they crushed and spit out a toy man and they repeatedly wasted food (macaroons, banana and cupcakes included) but it does not matter. The craziness and candidness that they depicted is all there is but it was enough.

I actually think that SPICA is one of the most underrated girl groups out there which we all dismiss and skip every single time that they come out with something. I actually did a retrospective playlist of them somewhere in YouTube and if you look at it from Russian Roulette to this, you can actually observe that they are actually good. They CAN sing and they CAN dance (ehem!). I mean, have you heard the range of their vocals? How can we be so deaf on that fact guys? They have good content. Maybe their timing and marketing is just not right but whatever it is that is preventing them from leveling up, their company has to figure that out immediately because their talent is just too precious to be wasted.

credits: b2ment


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