24hr. KPop-TV Channel David Choi Contest

Before Reading: Please note that this is NOT in any way a “sponsored post” or anything. They just asked for help and here we are, helping.

So, I received an e-mail a while back (sorry, I just read it today) from KPop-TV TV-32-6 (they are broadcasting in San Francisco and Silicon Valley) and to be just straight to the point, they are giving away David Choi Autographed CDs.

…and if you want their David Choi CDs
You have to answer this question: Which K-pop song would you recommend for a confession and why?

…and if you are now ready to answer their question please proceed to this link => ( http://24hrkpop.com/2014/01/with-love-david-choi-giveaway/) for further instructions.

That’s it.

Goodluck Guys! I hope you win those David Choi autographed CDs!

credits: 24hr KPOP-TV & David Choi’s YouTube channel


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