[JUST UP] Jiyoung Will Leave KARA

It was revealed today that KARA’s youngest member, Jiyoung will also not be renewing her contract under DSP Media.


After it was released last year that Nicole will not be renewing in the said agency, speculations on disbandment and the interest on Jiyoung’s contract expiration on April has become a hot topic among the KPop news agencies. It was relayed last year that Jiyoung is still not ceratin if she’s going to persue her studies or will be contunuing as a part of KARA.

Until today, it was revealed via Sports Chosun that Jiyoung’s side via her father has already sent a “letter of non-renewal” to DSP Media last week.

But as DSP Media said last year, KARA will still push through as a group and as for this concern the agency said: “”There is still a lot of time left until April. Our first priority is handling Nicole’s issue at the moment… We will meet with Jiyoung’s side later this month…”



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