JYP Will Debut GOT7 This Week!


JYP will hold a Garage Showcase on the 15th for their latest boy band – GOT7. The entertainment company is set to debut additional two groups (a girl band and a boyband) this year.


GOT7 will be the first Hip Hop group from JYP, adding much hype for their debut. GOT7 is composed of seven members from mixed backgrounds that ranges from fencing to singing and dancing. The boys are also from different parts of the globe, some of them are from Los Angeles, Thailand and Hong Kong. The group’s specialty will be martial arts tricking and b-boying.

GOT7 Profile

GOT7’s mini-album will drop on the 20th and their debut MV “Girls, Girls, Girls” will be out on January 15.

And for more GOT7, please check out their teaser MVs below.


credits: http://got7.jype.com/ & http://www.youtube.com/user/jypentertainment?feature=watch


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