OMO: LA! La-la-la LA! La-la-la! He’s 30 Sexy Baby! – [Rain’s 30Sexy & La Song MV Review]

Who’s in for a Rain-y day?! (I just love using his name as an adjective! Dang! Hahaha!) Yes! After a year from being released from the army; Rain is definitely back! Let’s talk about 30Sexy first! (First out, First to be reviewed basis for 2 or more simultaneously released MVs. Thank You!)


The teaser for 30Sexy brought all the hype. Just look at Rain standing with a black kiss mark on his chin while the floor is changing its color from white to black then abruptly shuts off? The melody and beat of this track is meant to be hypnotizing and look at all of us?! If you are not yet glued on watching it until the last beat, I don’t have any clue on what happened to you. But to be very honest, this is not the most unique thing that Rain has released. I am thinking really hard on where on Earth I heard the beat and melody of this song (please DO comment below) but, unfortunately, my memory circuits are disobeying me that until this very moment, I can’t remember it. I am not telling you that this is a plagiarized track, No ma’am! & No sir! I am just trying to say that the beat and melody are oddly familiar and you might already hear it somewhere. What I am sure of is that the falsetto part (Yup! That “Paaaartiyaaaa” thing in the chorus) sounds really like that song with September on it. (Damn! I don’t know the title again! But it goes like: “Paaaarrrtiyaaaa dancing on September, Paaaartiyaaa… dance the night away…” Yeah, I just sang but I bet you did too. Hehe!) Nonetheless, if Rain intended this one to be sexy and to be club-y; He aced it!

Maybe we were drawn to the MV because of the first few steps. Look! He was doing the hand move attracting your attention while leveling to your eye level and nearing the floor! Naaah, I was just kidding. Seriously, the charm of Rain & JYP (in case you were not aware nor informed, Rain once upon a time was part of JYP and that explains why until to this day, he is still close to the Park Jin Young) is that when it comes to choreography, they can transform simple and trivial moves into one hell of a sexy and iconic ones. Add that to the fluid and abrupt moves that Rain possesses, well there you go! A ground breaking-mind blowing dance routine! Even the hard and bone breaking choreography of other agencies cannot match to that of Rain’s. Ask anybody about a Rain song, they will immediately associate it with the dance. I am not joking with that. It’s almost like Psy but more on a serious note.


The sleekness that the dance routine holds was hyped up by the MV set. It’s just a simple (or maybe not) dark setting with floors switching and playing the colors from black to white to stripes to checkers to shattering pieces to nothing and some watery floors where they danced on. I don’t get the giant shoe at the end but the psychedelic-sleek-black & white number that the MV relays is sexy. It wraps the whole song up.

LA La-la-la-la-la LA La-la-la-la-la! La Song is one hell of crazy! I can’t even figure out if it wants to be Rodeo, Cowboy, Rap, Hip Hop, Hobbo or anything at all. It’s like screaming “Hell to the genre! I am singing and dancing to this no matter what!”

I am not really very in love with this song and I am not sure if I like it (Heck! I sound like a teenager…) but this song is too outrageous to qualify for my taste. Yes it is fun and yes it is in all levels exciting but yeah, it’s all too much for all of those categories in the first place. It kind of sped off the outrageous side of everything and it somehow came out tacky which I think is somewhat intended. I mean, see the hipster outfit in the beginning?

The song is actually (surprise! surprise!) rap and it only has some scattered lines and there’s nothing much there. Rain and rap are not really quite a match.

I don’t know how they have imagined a community inside a warehouse (I guess that’s where the hobo idea popped out from my head) with astonishingly a lot of sand in it. If there’s a reason anybody would think that this MV is racist, well, maybe it is in the fact that most of the people who are depicted in this MV are not the same race as Rain or as us (I just happen to have read comments about race in an article about this MV during my research. So yeah, believe it or not, race is still an issue everywhere in 2014. Yes, in 2014! Ugh!)

Enough with those!

Okay…. Maybe this does not appeal to me as I like 30Sexy more (so much more) but this is MV is really fun, it is VERY fun.

Maybe there’s no stopping Rain from rising and from dancing. I can even imagine him dancing for another ten or twenty years. You really can’t stop Rain from dancing. I mean he danced his way to enter the industry and be known as the Rain we know today and I think he does not have any plans on stopping yet.


Rain is a staple in KPop and yeah, I still see no one who can kick him out in this industry just yet.


credits: LOEN MUSIC Official Channel (by LOEN Enter.)


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